Mending Books In Minecraft (How to Get Them)

Where to Get Mending Books

Though Minecraft is a great game and the single-player survival mode is the most popular, it sometimes becomes really tedious. Don’t get me wrong, the game is entertaining, but specific tasks are just dull, to say the least, tasks that require repeating actions again and again.

Tasks like going to mine for iron ore are the worst experience in the caves pre-1.18 update. Even in the new and improved caves, mining iron ore will get real dull fast. No one loves to grind for hours and hours to get material for their tools and armor.

In situations like this, enchantment is a lifesaver. If you want your pickaxe to give you more efficiency, you can just enchant it with the efficiency enchantment, and you will be set. The same goes for other pieces of armor and tools; there are a ton of enchantments that make your playthrough easier.

Enchantment makes a tedious, repetitive task easier, giving you more freedom and time to do more enjoyable things in the game, like going on adventures and killing the ender dragon. The building is also an activity people enjoy. 

The point is you need an enchantment that’ll let you use your tools and armor for a long time without you having to worry about going back to the caves to mine iron ore for hours and hours. Fortunately, the game already has an enchantment like this. It is a game-changer and a lifesaver at the same time.

Where to Get Mending Books

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Mending Books In Minecraft

Mending made the game way easier for the payer once they acquire the enchantment. The enchantment will allow you to use your armor or tools for an extended period. If the durability goes down, you can just restore the tool/armor to its previous state in exchange for some EXP points.

Simply put, Mending is an enchantment that’ll repair your armor or tools in exchange for some exp points; that’s it. This simple concept may sound redundant to you at first, but when you use it, you’ll understand how overpowered you become once you get the enchantment.

The working of the enchantment is pretty straightforward. The tool/armor that doesn’t have total durability will get restored when you gain experience points. The conversion rate isn’t cheap, though. Two durability points will be fixed per point experience in the orb.

Suppose multiple items have the mending enchantment on them, and they all are in your inventory. In that case, the game will randomly choose one and start restoring that item. The player can speed up the process by making a mob farm and hold the thing that needs to be fixed while killing the mobs.

If used smartly, the mending enchantment will actually give your complete tools/armor for the rest of your playthrough; you’ll never have to worry about crafting new items and going down to the mines to get more diamonds.

And with the introduction of the new ore type, netherite, it is necessary to have mending enchantment on the items.

Where to Get Mending Books

As mending books are some of the most coveted items in the game, finding them is actually really hard; you’ll have to search far and wide to obtain them as they are a treasured item. In Minecraft, treasure items are those items that are found in chests, raids, fishing, and trading.

Where to Get Mending Books

Method #1

You can find mending books if you simply venture out in the world and start acquiring chest loot. It is a treasured item; you can easily find a mending book if you search long enough.

Regardless, that is easier said than done; you’ll have to walk hundreds of thousands of blocks to find a chest that has a mending book in it. The chances are really minimal, and if this is the only way you’re trying to find a mending book, you’ll waste a lot of time.

For that reason, we won’t recommend the 1st method to any Minecraft player.

Method #2

Where to Get Mending Books

Fishing is another way to acquire a lot of enchanting books and also mending books as well. Fishing is a more straightforward task than venturing out in the world trying to find mending books. Fishing can be done in a river near your base, or you can even make a mini pond in your base.

The best way to get a ton of mending books is by building an AFK fish farm. These farms are great at collecting treasures. Not only mending books, but you’ll also end up getting tons of loot like name tags, leather armor, and fishing rods with powerful enchantments.

Fishing is probably the best way to acquire a lot of mending books in a short amount of time. But we might have a better way.

Method #3

Trading is done with villagers prominently, these villagers ask for something, and you get something in return. So if you have access to something that you won’t be needing for a long time, then trading is also a genuinely great way to acquire many mending books.

There are many villager traders’ farm designs on the internet to optimize it even further, and these trading farms are just efficient. You will never run out of mending books ever again if you get a villager that sells mending books.

Where to Get Mending Books

Method #4

The village and pillage added a new raid mechanic to the game, which is just frightening, to say the least. Raids happen in every village, so if you can beat this raid, you’ll be left with a lot of loot and mending precious books.

But raids are challenging to defeat as many mobs are attacking you at the same time. But there is a farm for this as well. Many smart Minecraft players have created Raid farms that will leave you with unlimited emeralds and other loot once built. This is the best way to acquire a lot of mending books.

Not to mention, the other loot that you’ll end up getting is precious as well.


Mending is an enchantment that’ll make your Minecraft play through the one you enjoyed the most. The enchantment is simple yet so effective that it leaves you with so much free time, which you can use to do other stuff that you genuinely enjoy and would love to do more of.

From the above-given methods, method #4 is the best because once you’ve set up the farm, you’ll have a ton of free loot that you can use to trade with villagers. And if you’re on a server, you can actually sell these items for a significant profit.

With new ores like netherite being introduced that are rarer than the diamond ore, it becomes really crucial to try and save these items because if they break, you’ll have to grind for days to go and get more of the stuff, at times like this a mending enchantment is necessary. 

As the game expands, the number of features will keep on increasing. The game will keep getting harder, and when that happens, then you’ll understand the importance of mending.

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