Ark Survival Evolved: How to Get Silica Pearls

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Ark Survival Evolved is generally a game where you build things that do not require electricity or any modern resources. Whether you’re crafting weapons, buildings, edibles, or pretty much most other things, they all could have existed hundreds of years ago too and that’s one of the things that give Ark a unique atmosphere.

However, the game does have electronics and they play a big part in the game later on. And naturally, the electronics need specific resources to be crafted as they’re an entirely different thing from everyday items meant for survival.

One of the most difficult-to-obtain items in the game is the Silica Pearls and they are very important for building electronics. They are generally found very deep into the ocean and it’s still a very vague description to go by since the ocean is quite big in Ark Survival Evolved.

So, we’ve noted down the best spots in which you can find the Silica Pearls so that you don’t have to waste time looking for them yourself. Let’s not waste any time and get right into it!

What are Silica Pearls in Ark: Survival Evolved?

Silica Pearls are crafting components that are used to build electronics. Electronics in the game are used in every item and structure that requires electricity, which includes things like generators, outlets, air conditioners, and even auto-turrets.

These are all important things to have in the game and are particularly useful for high-level players.

How to Get Silica Pearls

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Where to find Silica Pearls in Ark: Survival Evolved

There are a couple of different ways in which you can find and farm Silica Pearls. However, not all of them are equally effective and some of them require more effort to be found than the others. Here are all of the methods known at the moment:

  1. Oysters – You can find and pick Oysters on the Northwest shores and they contain Silica Pearls in pretty good numbers.
  2. Giant Beaver Dams – The dams that are created by beavers have Silica Pearls inside, although the likelihood is inconsistent.
  3. Snow Biomes – You can find pearl nodes in the shallow areas of the shore in Snow Biomes.
  4. At the bottom of most Ocean and Rivers – You can find Silica Pearls deep down within water bodies in the Island map.
  5. Underwater Caves – A very difficult method is to visit Underwater caves and find the Silica Pearls inside them.
  6. Phoenix Poop – The poop of Phoenixes sometimes contains Silica Pearls.
  7. Dead Creatures – Some dead creatures, such as the Trilobites, Leeches, Ammonites, and Eurypterids, have Silica Pearls inside them once looted.

So, what are the best methods out of all of these to farm Silica Pearls? Let’s start off by mentioning which ones are not worth your time.

1. Underwater Caves

The Underwater Caves are not an easy thing to invade. Once you do, you’re in for a surprise and a lot of effort and the number of Silica Pearls that you gain is not very large either.

2. Dead Creatures

Although dead creatures are not impossible to find, relying on this as a method to gain Silica Pearls will most likely waste your time as creatures like Trilobites are not that many in number.

3. Phoenix Poop

This is another inconsistent method that won’t get you too many Silica Pearls.

How to Get Silica Pearls Ark Survival Evolved

Now that we have what not to do, let’s take a look at the neutral methods that will not waste too much of your time but are still not the very best.

  • Snow Biomes
  • At the bottom of most Ocean and Rivers
  • Giant Beaver Dams.
How to Get Silica Pearls Ark Survival Evolved

Finally, let’s take a look at the best method that we recommend for farming Silica Pearls.

4. Oysters

You can go to the Northwest Shores on The Island map and find Oysters. Pick them up and you’ll often find Silica Pearls, which makes this one of the fastest and most consistent methods of obtaining the nodes. The Oysters even glow with a white-blue light at night, which makes them easier to find.

Although this method is very easy, you’ll still need to look out for aggressive animals that might try to kill you. But the dangers here are still few compared to what you’ll have to go through for some of the other methods here.

That being said, the Giant Beaver Dams are still a decent way to farm for Silica Pearls too, they just have a shorter number to be found.

And that’s it for our guide on how to find Silica Pearls in Ark: Survival Evolved. We hope that you found it useful, and make sure to check out some of our other gaming guides too.

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