Reindog MultiVersus Moves, Abilities, Stats (Guide)

Reindog MultiVersus Moves, Abilities, Stats (Guide)

MultiVersus is a crossover game that uses many of the characters that WB owns and puts them against each other. These characters include household names like Batman, Superman, Finn the Human, Shaggy, Tom & Jerry, and more – which makes it a very exciting game for everyone to play.

However, the developers surprised everyone with an original character made exclusively for the game called Reindog, who is a cute cartoonish mixture of a reindeer and a dog. As the last surviving member of a different world, he is pulled into the chaotic world of MultiVersus with the goal of reviving his people.

He belongs to the Support class, but also has the capabilities of a zoning character. If you’re familiar with fighting games, then you know how useful a zoner can be as they can keep enemies at a distance.

With tons of fun moves and abilities, Reindog is a character that everyone should try out. And we’re here to explain the moves, abilities, and stats of the Reindog in MultiVersus with a thorough guide! So, let’s learn how to play as and against the Reindog.

MultiVersus Reindog’s Best Moveset

Let’s start with Reindog’s basic moves, as that’s what you’ll be moving most of the time.

His Neutral Attack is Fluffy Combo, in which he attacks with several swipes and headbutts. The air version of his neutral is called Ptoo!, in which he charges a spit and then uses it as a powerful projectile that can be aimed both up and down.

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Reindog Side Attack

His Side Attack is Ptoo!, which is the same as the previously mentioned air neutral attack. But the air version of his Side Attack is called Spin-Dog, in which he spins rapidly and hits opponents multiple times. This move can break armor too!

Reindog Up Attack

His Up Attack is Back Bumper, in which he charges and then launches upward, attacking the enemy with his back. The air version of this is Flying Chomp, in which the Reindog bites above himself.

Reindog Dow Attack

His Down Attack is Tail Swipe, using which Reindog charges a powerful tail swipe. The air version of this attack is Tail Swat, in which after charging his tail, he knocks enemies downward.

MultiVersus Reindog’s Abilities (Special Moves)

We’re now familiar with Reindog’s core gameplay, so let’s talk about his special abilities.

Reindog Neutral Special

His Neutral Special is Love Leash, in which he sends out a heart tether projectile that is connected to himself. It repeatedly damages any enemies that come in contact with it, and it can connect to allies to have an increased duration. This tether can be recalled by pressing the Neutral Special button again and the ability has a cooldown as well. The air version of this attack is the same as the ground one.

Reindog Side Special

His Side Special is Flounce Pounce, which has Reindog attack with a forward pounce. The air version of this attack is Fireworks Master, in which Reindog attacks with a spinning forward attack.

Reindog Up Special

His Up Special is Power Crystal, in which he summons and charges a crystal above his head. How high the crystal is above Reindog’s head depends on how much the crystal is charged.

And once it’s ready to go, it sends down a bolt of lightning every few seconds and hits enemies on the ground while also dealing with an electrical debuff. Reindog and nearby allies gain an electrical melee buff too, which deals another electrical debuff when an enemy is attacked.

Reindog Up Special

The air version of his Up Special is Flying Floof, in which Reindog will tumble upward and roll along the ground. Allies can collect Reindog as an item during this move and throw him at enemies to deal a lot of damage.

Reindog Down Special

Finally, his Down Special is Fireball in which he charges and launches a fireball projectile that deals fire debuff to the enemies who are hit by it. Charging the Fireball further increases how far it goes and it leaves a firewall projectile on hit too.

The firewall repeatedly applies fire debuff to enemies and allied projectiles that pass through it will also deal a fire debuff. The air version of this attack is Meteor, which is pretty similar to the ground version, but it shoots downward and without charge.

Reindog’s Stats & Gameplay Tips

It’s time to talk about Reindog’s strengths, weaknesses, and some gameplay tips that will give you a headstart.

Unlike some other characters in MultiVersus, Reindog is very straightforward. There is nothing unpredictable about him, so both playing as him and against him are not complicated in any way once you know basic things about him.

For playing as Reindog:

Reindog is a character that is best used in 2v2 matches. You can still win as him in 1v1 matches, but it’s not recommended since your opponent might be using a top tier character and Reindog is more of a Support option.

When you play as Reindog, your goal is to make use of his zoning abilities while also keeping an eye on your partner. You have to play things safe and try to keep a distance. You can time your projectiles properly and keep enemies at bay most of the time. But you can also do that with his normal moves too since a lot of them include charging at them and then just pulling back after a successful hit.

Using the right debuffs can be very helpful too, which we’ve explained in the Special Moves section. Debuffing your enemy’s electrical and fire capabilities at the right time can be very helpful. And of course, the moves that buff Reindog also buff your ally and then both of you deal increased damage, which can be very helpful for a game like MultiVersus.

So, try to team up Reindog with an offensive character and provide them support while keeping enemies at bay using projectiles and moves that involve rolling around. And perks such as Make It Rain, Dog! And Static Electricity is very helpful too.

Lastly, if you’re playing Reindog in 1v1 matches, your playstyle should be the same as what we’ve suggested for 2v2 but you have to be more offensive than safe since you can’t provide support to any allies.

For playing against Reindog:

Playing against Reindog is fortunately not that difficult. If you’re against him in 1v1, just go for an offensive character and keep pressuring him into not having a distance from you. Since his main capabilities are structured around distance and support, he’s not that great in 1v1 situations.

If you’re playing against Reindog in a 2v2 match, that’s when you have to start worrying a little bit. He will constantly interrupt your battle with the other character and potentially debuff you as well. What you have to do here is to make sure that you target him a lot or ask your partner to do it for you.

As long as Reindog is pressured, he won’t be able to debuff you too much or spam projectiles at you. It’s not that easy, but there is no magical way to counter him. Simply be aggressive and make sure that you and your partner strike the right balance between who you attack. He’s not a game-changing enemy like, say, the Iron Giant – so just remain focused and you’ll win in no time!

We hope that this guide was useful to you! As always, make sure to remember that this guide is based on our personal experiences, opinions, and what we have observed within the community. A character we consider low tier might suit your playstyle far more than someone we consider better. 

Experimentation is key, so try out every character and see what works for you best. Our goal is to point you in the right direction and save your time, and this guide should do a good job at that.

While you’re still here, make sure to check out some of our other helpful MultiVersus guides too, such as a tier list for all of the characters and the Iron Giant moves, abilities, & stats guide!

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