Minecraft 1.17 Update: Mobs, Caves, Deep Dark (Everything We Know)


The Minecraft 1.17 cave and cliffs update snapshot cycle had officially begun a long time ago.

And since then the Minecraft devs haven’t taken any breaks and have been putting out new features on weekly basis. There are many new features added to the game, in fact, there are so many that it has become impossible to keep a track of them. What is Minecraft SMP?

So today we’ll take a look at all the features that have been added in caves and cliffs so far!


With every new update, we get new mobs, and this update is no different. We already have confirmation on 4 new mobs, out of which 3 are already in the game.

The axolotl, glow squid and the goat have been added to the game and look great. As we get closer and closer to the release we might see even more mobs being introduced.


The update is mainly focused on improving the cave and mountain generation. The update is trying to add new cave types to the game in order to make the underground even harder than before.

Everything from the ore textures to the cave generation has been changed or tweaked. The most notable changes are the introduction of the new cave types viz spaghetti and cheese caves. The names might seem funny but the caves are majestic!

Deep Dark

The deep dark is almost a new dimension in the game, it is only found below y level 0. Yes, the Minecraft team has finally changed the height of the game, now you can go below 0 upto -64 blocks!

The deep dark is a new cave biome that is totally covered in new stone variants, which look amazing. The entire deep dark is a strange place and it will the home to the warden the details about which are still limited.

Mountain Changes and world height increased

The entire Minecraft community was shocked when they saw the new cliffs in the beta version of the game. They are massive, and to accommodate these mountains the world height has now been increased to 256 blocks!

These are really big changes and the Minecraft devs have done a great job at implementing them.

Lush Caves, Dripstone Caves, and Geodes

The lush caves are one of the new biomes added to the caves. Just like the name suggests, the lush caves are filled to the brim with greenery. Many new blocks have been added to get this lush effect including a new glow berry.

Th dripstone caves are another cave biome for which fans are really excited. The biome has dripstones in it and looks great in a dark environment the entirety of the caves has been changed by these two biomes.

Amethyst geodes are naturally generating geodes where amethyst crystals can grow. These crystals have some unique properties which make them valuable.

New Blocks and Items

Minecraft: Heart Of The Sea

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There are a plethora of new items that have been added to the game, if we started explaining each and everyone one of them the article would become really long.

The most important block added to the game is the copper block, a new ore type adds this block. The copper block oxidizes when exposed to water, turning green in the process.

The new deep slate and dark stone blocks are new stone variants that look great. Apart from these blocks, the most important new items are the amethyst crystals, they can be used to create telescopes.

The archelogy feature was supposed to be released in this update but the team has made it clear that they will be adding the feature sometime in the future as they are totally overwhelmed by the number of features they have to add.

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