Best Builds For Pocket Circuit Races in Yakuza 0

Best Builds For Pocket Circuit Races in Yakuza 0

Published by SEGA as the sixth entry for the Yakuza series, Yakuza 0 is a PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 compatible action-adventure game comprising a story set in late 1988 featuring protagonists Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima caught in a turmoil over control of a piece of land known as the ‘Empty lot’.

Apart from the main storyline, what plays a major role in the game’s rise in popularity is the number of mini-games that the franchise has offered players, most popular among which is ‘Pocket Circuit’ where one can engage in strategic races after building customized mini kit cars.

A different setup is required to cross the finish line given that each race has a separate track. 

Pocket Circuit is undoubtedly the most difficult mini-game that you can find in Yakuza 0. The Pocket Circuit stadium found at Shichifuku Street West in Kamurocho allows players to race against one another in their respective lanes and the first one to cross the finish line after eight laps win.

A fair share of winning the game depends upon proper customization of your pocket circuit racing car. Before entering any race, you get the liberty of choosing the gears, tires, and car’s color that seem favorable to you.

Players can also test drive their vehicle whenever they feel like doing so. In case your car is about to flip over, you will be given an option to correct it quickly by tapping on a symbol on your controller.

Before we discuss the top builds for your gameplay, here are the best builds for each multiplayer race in the game, let’s move on to the best builds for races against specific characters that you’ll have to face.

TakumaSoft Tires PlusBalanced Frame PlusHigh Torque Motor 2.0Balanced GearsRegular BatteryHeavy Suspension
HidekiLow Profile Tires PlusBalanced Frame PlusHigh Torque Motor 2.0Balanced GearsRegular BatteryHeavy Suspension
MikaSoft Tires PlusMetal Frame PlusHigh Torque Motor 2.0Godspeed GearsHigh-Capacity BatterySide Stabilizer 2.0
SatoruSuper Soft TiresSuper Rubber FrameHigh Torque Motor 2.0Godspeed Gears PlusHigh-Speed BatteryBumper Plate
SenaSuper Soft TiresExtra Metal FrameHigh Torque Motor 2.0Extra Godspeed GearsHigh-Speed BatteryLight Suspension
HarumiUltra Spiked TiresUltra Rocket FrameGodspeed MotorExtra Balanced GearsHigh-Capacity BatterySide Stabilizer + Medium Suspension
KazuyoshiUltra Slick TiresUltra Metal FrameGodspeed Motor Mark II  Ultra Balanced GearsHigh-Capacity BatterySide Stabilizer + Heavy Suspension
Pocket Circuit FighterUltra Spiked TiresUltra Balanced FrameGodspeed Motor Mark IIUltra Balanced GearsHigh-Speed BatterySide Stabilizer 3.0 + Heavy Suspension + Bumper Plate

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The Best Yakuza 0 Pocket Circuit Race Builds

Here are some must-try Pocket Circuit builds that will improve your racing experiences greatly.

The Best Yakuza 0 Pocket Circuit Race Builds

1. The Intro Race

For the intro race, I would strongly recommend using ‘Soft Tires’ instead of any of the spiked ones. Moreover, you would want to use the ‘Balanced Frame’, ‘Regular Gears’ and the ‘Regular Battery’. Go for the ‘High Torque Motor 2.0’ to excel in this race. 

2. The Rookie’s Race

You might want to use ‘Soft Tires Plus’ and ‘Balanced Frame Plus’ instead of just sticking with the regular Soft Tires and Balanced Frame for the Rookie’s race. The High Torque Motor 2.0 will be enough to secure you a victory in this race too.

Opt for the ‘High Capacity Battery’ and ‘Side Stabilizer 2.0’ to easily make it through the dash. As far as gears are concerned, ‘Balanced Gears Plus’ is what I would recommend. 

3. Little Racer Cup

For this race too, the High Torque Motor 2.0 will be enough to earn you a victory. ‘Low Profile Tires Plus’ are the best tires that you can use for this particular race. Pop in some Regular Gears and a Regular Battery and choose the ‘Balanced Frame Plus’ to get all set to win the Little Racer Cup. 

4. Pro-Am Race

It is this race where you want ‘Extra Spiked Tires’ to make an entry. High Torque Motor 2.0 and a regular Battery are what you would want to use here as well but in order to step up your game and make sure that you are victorious in this race, select ‘Godspeed Gears’. Use the ‘Balanced Frame Plus’, ‘Side Stabilizer 2.0’ and ‘Light Suspension’ for a smooth racing experience. 

5. Expert’s Race

I have found ‘Super Soft Tires’ to work best for this race on top of which I consider Regular Battery  and ‘Medium Suspension’ as the most suitable. Use the ‘Super Metal Frame’ and Godspeed Gears to further enhance  your racing skills. High Torque Motor 2.0 is good enough for this race too.

The Best Yakuza 0 Pocket Circuit Race Builds

6. Champion’s Race

Although it is not the hardest to win, this race will make you start noticing the difficulty levels increasing. To emerge successful in it, you would want to go for ‘Super Low Profile Tires’ combined with the ‘Super Metal Frame’.

The High Torque Motor 2.0 will work just fine yet again but the ‘Bumper Plate’ is an additional asset required to win this race. Medium Suspension and the Regular Battery from the Experts Race do not have to be changed but it will do you good to upgrade the gears from ‘Godspeed Gears’ to ‘Godspeed Gears Plus’ before the Champion’s Race. 

7. King of Speed Cup

The Best Yakuza 0 Pocket Circuit Race Builds

To dominate in this race, you will have to change your car’s tires to ‘Ultra Slim Tires’ and switch to the ‘Ultra Rocket Frame’ as well. Use the Regular Battery but accompany it with heavy suspension.

A Bumper Plate and ‘Super Boost Gears’ will prove enormously helpful and most of all, the ‘Godspeed Motor’ will be required for the first time so that you can truly become the king of the speed cup.

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