The Best Minecraft Music Discs (How to Get Them)

Music Discs in Minecraft and How to Get Them

Music isn’t a word that comes to mind when one tries to recall their favorite Minecraft memories. Surely, there are many sounds in the game, like the sound of placing dirt, killing a bird, creeper blowing up, and so on. But most players like to lower the music down when they’re to the point that there’s no music to be heard.

The music composed for Minecraft by C418 and Lena Raine is a masterpiece; many critics enjoyed and loved the music created for the game. Unfortunately, not many appreciate this masterpiece today. But there’s a way you can listen to every track from the soundtrack series without having to run around to different locations.

The jukebox accepts discs that play songs based on the number of the disc! The soundtracks are splendid; to say the least, they fit the game’s theme elegantly and add more depth to the game.

The music is nostalgic for many as the game is more than a decade old at this point.

From the dark and gritty storytelling in the broken disc to the happy and melodic disc number thirteen, the sound has a lot of variation. The soundtracks make you feel isolated in the world of Minecraft, a feeling which not many games can provide.

Music Disc in Minecraft

Music discs have been a part of Minecraft since the start; the artist who created these background scores had first added previews of many tracks on youtube before the game was officially released to the masses.

When playing music using discs and jukeboxes was first introduced, the fans only had positive thoughts over the gimmick.

As of now, there are 13 different discs in the game, and the Pigstep was added just recently in the Nether Update! So the number of discs might keep going up as the game receives more and more updates.

Top 5 Music Discs in Minecraft and How to Get Them

Acquiring these discs is no easy feat; you’ll have to do a tedious task before you could get your hands on one of these discs. Though getting your hands on these discs is hard at first, the process will become much easier once you get the hang of it and know where to look. Besides that, collecting all the discs will be an achievement and a new goal for you in Minecraft.

You could build a disc museum with all those discs!

1. Chirp

Music Discs in Minecraft and How to Get Them

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The disc is one of the most beloved discs in the entire Minecraft community. There is something special about the way the song is textured and mastered. The gritty noises coming in the background make the track one of the best; the music sounds nostalgic even if you’ve only heard it once in your life.

The track starts with a Bossa Nova sample which does wonders for the track as it progresses. The second half of the song could’ve been better, but the model used in the track is top-notch. The disc can be obtained when a stray or a skeleton kills a creeper.

2. Ward

Music Discs in Minecraft and How to Get Them

Ward is a dark and gloomy track from the album; it starts with a sample and then transitions into a smooth synth lead. The synths used are bold, at times even masking the entire song.

This is the track you should play if you’ve built your base in the nether or a dark place. The sound of the song is one that villains would use when they entered a scene!  The disc can be obtained when a stray or a skeleton kills a creeper.

3. Mall

Music Discs in Minecraft and How to Get Them

The mall is the track, and for the sunny days in Minecraft, you just feel like fishing on the beach. The tranquil and soothing tune of the song will surely lighten your mood and make you happy. The melodies in the track aren’t anything complex or revolutionary, but sometimes even the simplest things leave a lasting impression.

 The disc can be obtained when a stray or a skeleton kills a creeper.

4. Pigstep

Music Discs in Minecraft and How to Get Them

Pigstep somehow managed to fuse the tranquil tone C418 set for the Minecraft soundtracks with dubstep! The Pigstep song is one o the most popular ones right now and possibly one of the best ones. The music is so legendary that they start dancing to it when you play it near a horde of hoglins and piglins!

The song is upbeat, unlike any other song in the Minecraft soundtrack album. It is one of the rarest discs in the game and can only be obtained by traversing the challenging and scary terrains of a piglin Bastian. These Bastian are filled with dangerous mobs, so be ready when you go hunting for the disc.

5. Stal

Music Discs in Minecraft and How to Get Them

Now, this disc is hated by many in the community; it’s not a hidden fact. The recorder that plays in the background can be called silly, but there’s a certain charm to it. And how many other discs have jazz elements to them? NOne!

The stall disc is one of the most loved and one of the most hated, and just any other famous artist or song, stall also is controversial, and hence it is number one on the list.

 The disc can be obtained when a stray or a skeleton kills a creeper.

Acquiring all Minecraft music discs

Here’s how to get every music disc there is in Minecraft.

1. Chest loot

Acquiring these coveted music discs isn’t easy; some are available in the chest in various dungeons and bastions, while some are available only after a creeper is killed. Let’s take a look at which ones we can acquire from the chest!

Minecraft disc locations:

  • Music Disc (Thirteen) – Dungeon/ Woodland mansion (21.89% chance)
  • Music Disc (Cat) – Dungeon/ Woodland mansion (21.89% chance)
  • Music Disc (Pigstep) – Bastian remnant (5.6% chance)
  • Music Disc (Mellohi) – Buried Treasure (18.9% chance) [Bedrock only]
  • Music Disc (Wait) – Buried Treasure (18.9% chance) [Bedrock only]

2. Mob Loot

When a creeper si killed by a skeleton or a stray, it’ll drop any random disc. Excluding the pig step disc, which is only available in Bastian remnants!

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