The Best Black Desert Online Solo PvE Classes (2023)

Best Black Desert Online PvE Classes

While Black Desert Online has a very fun PvP mode, much of the game is played against AI-controlled enemies since the game is filled with a lot of content that features an amazing role-playing action-adventure experience.

Silver is very important in the game and it’s no surprise that the best way to obtain it is to kill everything that you can see in your way.

Not every class is created equal – and some PvE classes are significantly better than the others at the task of killing hordes of endless enemies.

And even if you put aside the clear advantages some of the classes have over the others, some classes simply work better for certain types of playstyles, and that in itself can be very beneficial. It can take a while in trying out many of the game’s different classes and seeing which ones are the best.

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Black Desert Online Best Solo & PvE Classes

These are hand down the best solo PvE class in Black Desert Online today.

1. Hashashin

Hashashin Best Black Desert Online PvE Classes

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I know, the name sounds like an oddly funny way of saying ‘Assassin’, but bear with me. This class might feel a bit underwhelming at first if you haven’t given it a try before.

But if you spend enough time mastering its skills and the difficulty curve that comes with it, you will learn how it’s one of the most rewarding PvE classes in the game and is perfect for long-term grinding.

The character has great mobility, an unconventional yet fun skillset, and is pretty much like a ninja but with a better area of attack. Hashashin is easily one of the best PvE classes to get into and the only downside is the fact that you’ll have to practice a lot.

2. Archer

 Best Black Desert Online PvE Classes Archer

As you will come to notice, most classes have a melee approach to their attacks. For those who like to keep their distance in both PvE and PvP – Archer is a must-play class that covers a good chunk of them both.

The range potential is great, the damage is good enough for a distance-based character, and it’s not difficult to fight larger groups of enemies if you use the right skills and level your character high enough.

3. Striker

Striker Best Black Desert Online PvE Classes

Striker is essentially the brute/tank class of the game that started out as one of the least good classes early on but then got buffed to the top 5 PvE classes.

It’s a very aggressive class that is all about putting pressure on the enemy and unlike the Hashashin, it’s a very easy-to-learn class that does not require too much effort to get better at.

If you’re looking for a class that is good at both PvE and PvP so that you don’t have to learn two different ones, the Striker is a great candidate for that as well since being an aggressive attacker is not a bad thing in any type of gameplay.

4. Lahn

Lahn Best Black Desert Online PvE Classes

If you’re about to face large mobs of enemies, then you need a class that acts as a nuclear explosion.

And that class is Lahn, as it has an incredible melee damage potential and range that is excellent for crowd control and taking out hordes of enemies. Of course, they’re not that strong just to start with and you will need to level your character to the point of them being this powerful.

However, it’s not one of the more difficult classes to learn and level up in Black Desert Online and is, therefore, an excellent choice as a powerhouse for PvE gameplay.

5. Shai

shai Best Black Desert Online PvE Classes

If you’re less into being the frontline brute and more into the idea of playing a class that can both hold out on its own and also proves to be a threat to enemies in PvE – then the Shai class is what you’re looking for.

Assemble a good team and take Shai inside any large-scale battle, you will both be killing tons of enemies on your own and also providing excellent assistance to your teammates.

While being the lone wolf can be very fun in Black Desert Online, Shai is great for those who prefer teamplay in PvE.

6. Sorceress

Sorceress Best Black Desert Online PvE Classes

Every good role-playing video game needs a Sorceress class, and Black Desert Online is in no mood to disappoint! They’re fast and have a great area-of-effect in their strong attacks, so you cover both the damage potential and the crowd-control side of things.

Additionally, the Sorceress class is excellent at teamplay too since their attacks can pull in enemies and then unleash an attack upon them, which can kill and injure several of them at once – and your teammates can then come in and finish the job.

So, it’s an all-rounder PvE class in BDO that everyone should try at least once.

7. Nova

Nova Best Black Desert Online PvE Classes

If you tried the Striker class and didn’t enjoy it much – but still want to try a beginner-friendly class that is great at melee, then Nova is what you’re looking for.

It’s a fairly recent class in Black Desert Online that can be compared to those that cast spells and if that tells you anything, it’s the fact that you can expect a great area-of-effect in their attacks.

The downside to this character is the fact that they’re not very good to start off with and need to be ‘Awakened’ before you truly unlock their potential. If you have the patience for it and get past that point, they become heavily damaging characters that can destroy entire mobs of enemies without much of an issue.

8. Witch

witch Best Black Desert Online PvE Classes

The Witch and Wizard used to be decent classes that were very efficient in PvE, but with the addition of others over time and updates that balanced them out – they’re not as amazing as they once were.

However, the Witch class is still a decent choice for those who are not a fan of everything else on the list thus far as the Witch has her own unique playstyle that you won’t find in the others.

The skills and spells are very good for both solo PvE experiences where you can target a large group of enemies once leveled up to that point – and the Witch class is great for teamwork too as you can assist other players in fighting enemies head-on while you provide magical support.

9. Ranger

Sure, the Archer class in BDO already covers the ‘long-ranged archer’ quota – but there’s something that sets the Ranger apart.

While in the beginning, they’re like a nerfed version of the Archer and players tend to give up on them before they get to the ‘Awakening’. However, those who stick by long enough will be delighted to learn that once ‘Awakened’, the Ranger class unlocks a new weapon that is a sword.

This makes Ranger a unique class that both has a bow and arrow for long-ranged attacks and also a sword for fighting enemies in close-range. This is both useful in solo PvE combat and also teamwork as you can provide two different types of support, switching between what’s needed.

10. Mystic

Best Black Desert Online PvE Classes Mystic

If you tried the Striker class for the tank abilities but did not quite enjoy how things work – the Mystic class might be an alternative that you’d like.

They have great damage potential and act as a tank once leveled up high enough, while they have more of a magical aesthetic rather than something that looks like an obvious brute.

And a bonus that comes with mastering them is that they can regenerate their health – which gives the Mystic class great PvE capabilities and makes them incredibly durable too which is very helpful for fighting difficult areas filled with mobs of enemies.

And that’s it for our guide to the 10 best Black Desert Online PvE classes! We hope that you found the guide helpful and do keep in mind that the game is constantly updated with patches so some of these characters might go up and down in their usefulness later down the line.

While you’re still here, don’t forget to check out some of our other helpful guides too!

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