The Best Minecraft Light Sources (2024)

Light Sources In Minecraft

Lighting is an essential aspect of Minecraft; it keeps your base lit up at night and makes everything in Minecraft visible. Good lighting can help enhance the design and look of your house in the game. Lighting can influence the vibes you get from a location.

A dark background looks menacing, and a well-lit-up one feels happy and wholesome.

So lighting is really an essential aspect of the game. Knowing this, the developers have added a ton of blocks in the game that emits light on different levels! The Minecraft lighting system is pretty straightforward.

There are 16 light levels in the game; the higher the integer, the brighter is the light. Light is emitted from two major sources, the first one being the sky and the second one being the various light-emitting blocks and items in the game.

Once the sun goes down, the world of Minecraft becomes heaven for monsters and other vermin, and there is almost no light except for the moonlight.

Why is lighting needed in Minecraft?

Lighting is needed for an apparent reason; you need light to see in the game. So if you don’t want to get lost at night, better light up your base with some decent amount of torches so that it is visible even from a long distance.

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Lighting is also needed to keep monsters from spawning in your base and its surrounding; a floor without any illumination will basically become a breeding ground for all kinds of creatures in the game.

There are alternate tricks to keep a base monster proof, like placing trapdoors and carpets everywhere, but Lighting up the base is the best idea!

Lighting is also needed to decorate your builds! Apart from the essential torches, we have 50+ blocks/items in the game which emit light to some degree! Now that is a huge number that gives you a lot of options when lighting up your base.

We have multiple torches and lights emitting blocks, so it becomes hard to get the right one on the first try when choosing a light source. You’ll need a light source that matches the theme and the vibe of your base and possibly enhance it.

You won’t put a regular torch in a modern base, so choose carefully what you get.

List Of Light Sources In Minecraft

As there are so many different types of blocks/items that emit light, we thought it would be great to break down the top 10 best light sources that are easy to get, light up the base pretty well, and, most importantly, look excellent!

1. Sea Pickle

Light Sources In Minecraft

The sea pickles served as a great alternative to candles for a long time, and they looked great while doing it. You can control the amount of light these blocks emit by grouping them up. This was the first that we could actually control the lighting of the base.

The only downside to the sea pickles is that they are only available in the original green color, limiting their use.

2. Shroomlight

Light Sources In Minecraft

The shroomlight is an alternative to the glowstone block. Both are found in the nether, but the glowstone is more abundant than the shroomlights, and that is the reason why they’re ranked so low on the list.

But as the shroomlight is farmable, you won’t have to visit the nether every time you need one.

3. Glow Berries

Light Sources In Minecraft

Glow berries were recently added to the game to make the caves look more lively than before. These berries serve multiple purposes, as you can also eat them.

The glow berries are a great way to bring in some natural lighting, as they are berries that glow. You won’t have to spam torches everywhere in the village. Also, they are renewable!

4. Jack O’Lantern

Light Sources In Minecraft

Jack O’Lanterns look really creepy and glow up the base as well. They are a great way to light up your farms and fields and also to make scarecrows.

As they are made from torches and pumpkins, which is a renewable resource in Minecraft, the number of lanterns you can make totally depends upon your ability to farm pumpkins!

5. Sea Lanterns

Light Sources In Minecraft

Sea Lanterns have been a staple of modern build in Minecraft; they’re white in color, so they look really stylish. And if you’ve already raided an ocean monument, getting your hands on these won’t be hard.

The tile-like structure they give when placed next to each other only enhances the beauty of the block.

6. Glowstone

Light Sources In Minecraft

The glowstone is a cheap source of light. Get a pickaxe, go to the nether and get ready to mine! There is an abundance of glowstone in the nether, so it is really cheap. You can even make the Redstone lamp with it.

The glowstone block might not have the best texture in the game, but it is still one of the best lighting blocks!

7. Candles

Light Sources In Minecraft

Candles were recently introduced in Minecraft, and they look fantastic in every setting. People have been using candles to light up their houses for centuries, and now you can use them in Minecraft!

8. Campfire

Light Sources In Minecraft

Campfire is a blocks way to light up your outdoors if you don’t want to spam torches all over your bae. They blend in seamlessly with the Minecraft environment and hence are so high on the list!

9. Torch

Light Sources In Minecraft

The Minecraft Torch is the OG lighting source; it has been in the game since its development days and has not seen many changes. But it is supposed to be the first light source you acquire, so it is pretty easy to get your hands on.

It fits perfectly in the Minecraft world. Basically; it’s a classic, and you can’t go wrong with it.

And if you’re looking for something fancy, there is also the soul torch in the game, which is blue in color!

10. Lantern

Light Sources In Minecraft

Lanterns are one of the most versatile items in the game; they look great, they emit a lot of light, they aren’t that expensive when you build an iron farm. You can even attach them to chains. It is undoubtedly the best light block in Minecraft!

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