Splitgate Ranks, Featured Playlists, Ranked Rewards (2023)

Splitgate Ranked Playlists, Ranks, Points, Rewards

Over the course of 2021 and into 2022, Splitgate has managed to cement itself as one of the top contenders for the best first-person shooter experiences with features like Splitgate ranks, the point system, ranked playlists, and other excellent rewards.

The game is a wonderful mix of everyone’s favorite Halo shooting mechanics, combined with Valve’s popular Portal games and their portal traversing mechanics. This makes for a game equally dependent on aim, movement, and also strategy.

Much like any conventional multiplayer-based FPS Game, Splitgate has a vast variety of game modes for players to indulge in.

The casual playlist is filled with a plethora of fun, action-packed and entertaining game modes that can help you relax and get that thrill of excitement that has been missing in FPS games for a while.

However, if you’re looking for a more competitive experience, then Splitgate will also provide you with its fantastic Ranked Playlists. If you’re still confused about why Splitgate’s ranks and ranking systems are so overwhelming, we’re here to explain everything.

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Splitgate’s Ranked Playlists

Now, unlike most games such as Rainbow Six Siege and Call of Duty, Splitgate has its very own dedicated rank system placed into each playlist. The three ranked playlists available in the game offer their own leaderboards, ranked ladders, and rewards at the end of each season.

The three ranked playlists are as follows: 

Ranked 4v4

The most basic and most competitive ranked playlist is the Ranked 4v4 Playlist. In this playlist, there will be three prominent game modes featured. Team Deathmatch, Domination, and King of the Hill. These modes are designed to be played with and against a team of four, and in a ranked 4v4 playlist they offer a ton of intense competition and clutch moments.  

Ranked 3v3 

Ranked 3v3 offers a singular game mode known as the Ranked Takedown mode. In this particular model, teams of 3 will compete against each other in almost the standard deathmatch format.

Splitgate Ranked Playlists, Ranks, Points, Rewards

However, with each kill, the respawn timer will lengthen and the players will take a longer time to respawn. The goal of the mode is to eliminate the entire team before one of the players respawns.

It is also a round-based game mode in a best of 7 matches, where winning each round will give you a point, first to four points will be the winner.  

Ranked 2v2

Ranked 2v2 is the final Ranked Playlist, which offers the traditional Team Deathmatch mode and the King of the Hill mode. However, they are based on smaller simulation-based maps which makes it a much faster experience overall and more compatible for 2v2 matches.  

Splitgate Ranks

So, the ranking points system is much like any other game, with your basic Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond ranks. However, Bronze is not the lowest rank in Splitgate, in fact, Brass is the lowest one.

Not to mention, there are ranks above Diamon, known as Master and after Master, there is the Champion rank. Here is the list of ranks in accordance with the points.  

  • BRASS: 0 – 999  
  • BRONZE: 1000 – 1499  
  • SILVER: 1500 – 1999  
  • GOLD: 2000 – 2499  
  • PLATINUM: 2500 – 2999  
  • DIAMOND: 3000 – 3499  
  • MASTER: 3500 – 3999  
  • CHAMPION: 4000+

Each of the ranks has its own sub-ranks as well, which are divided into 100 rank points. For example, Bronze 1 will be 1099 while Bronze 2 will be 1199 Bronze 3 will be 1299, and so on.

The highest-ranking point that you can achieve currently within the game is a maximum of 5000 points. There is no number higher than that, it is the maximum your ELO will be reaching.  

Splitgate Ranked Rewards

The subject of Ranked Rewards has been circulating within the Splitgate community for a while. However, as of yet, there are no proper rewards directly related to earning a specific rank other than your rank badge.

However, contributing to ranked playlists does give you a significant increase in overall XP, which helps you in completing challenges and unlocking a ton of cosmetic items off of challenges alone.  

However, there aren’t any specific unlocks related to a player’s rank as of yet within the game. Though worry not, Season 1 is on the horizon and will be bringing tons more content to Splitgate.

This update will likely include rank rewards as well as changes to the rank systems that will benefit the players greatly.  


This is all the relevant information that you need to know about Splitgate’s competitive side.

The ranking system in Splitgate is still within its adolescence and is going to be greatly improved upon with future updates and patches.

For now, the system is quite streamlined and works best for the benefit of the player. For more information on anything Splitgate, check out more of our articles and guides! 

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