Best Google Snake Menu Mods 2023

Google Snake Menu Mods

Everyone had a Nokia phone at some point and almost all of them came with the Snake game, especially the iconic Nokia 3310. That made it one of the earliest video games that we’ve all played and it appealed to millions of non-gamers as well.

Whether you played it to pass some time by yourself or competed with others based on your high score, it was a very fun game to have in the palm of your hands.

Although we no longer have those old cell phones, Snake is a game that refuses to die. Most recently, Google has integrated the game into its search engine and you can easily play it at any time by simply searching up ‘Google Snake Game’.

One of the most fascinating things about Google’s Snake game is that it comes with several different options that let you change some gameplay-related and visual things too. But if you play the game often, it’s only natural if you feel like you’re getting a bit bored of what’s being offered.

That’s where the Google Snake Menu mods come in, which allow you to add more options to the game. So, how do you install those mods, and which Google Snake Menu Mods are the best? 

Let’s answer both of these questions right away!

How to install Google Snake Menu Mods in Google Chrome

Since this game is from Google, it’s best to play it on the Google Chrome browser since that’s what you can install the mods on as well.

Step 1 – Head over to the Google Snake Menu Mod page and download the ‘MoreMenu.html’ file.

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This step is pretty simple, just click on MoreMenu and it will automatically download the file.

Step 2 – Import the ‘MoreMenu’ file as a bookmark in Google Chrome.

Click on the three dots on the top right of your web browser. Then, hover your mouse to the ‘Bookmarks’ button which will open the menu of bookmarks.

Then, click on ‘Import bookmarks and settings’.

You’ll see a pop-up and here, you have to select ‘Bookmarks HTML File’ in what you will import and then click on ‘Choose File’.

Now, give it the ‘MoreMenu.html’ file and click ‘Open’. The mod will be added to your browser. 

To make things easier, make sure to click on ‘Show Bookmarks bar’ if that isn’t already enabled for you. It will allow you to access the mods quickly, as compared to finding them individually every time.

Step 3 – Rename the mod file

If you followed all the steps properly, the ‘MoreMenu’ bookmark will show in your browser. It will either be outside or in a folder called ‘Imported’. If it’s in the Imported folder, you can just easily drag it out onto the main bar.

Now, right click the ‘MoreMenu’ bookmark and click Edit.

Rename the bookmark to ‘Google Snake Menu’ and then save it as such. The renaming step is not always required, but it’s better to take a minute to do this just to be safer than sorry.

Step 4 – Launch the Google Snake Game and Access the Mods (Final Step)

Go to Google and search for ‘Google Snake game’. Once it shows up, click on ‘Play’ to launch it.

Before you start playing, click on the Settings (cog) icon and you can see the officially available gameplay and visual settings.

Here, you can see there are only three terrains available and some of the other options are limited too.

So, all that you have to do now to activate the Google Snake Game menu mods is to click on the bookmark that we placed earlier on the top side of your browser. Once you click it while the game is open, you will immediately see new options added to your game.

Now, you have successfully installed mods in your Google Snake Game and all that you have to do now is to have fun!

Keep in mind that the mod has to be activated each time you launch the game again, so simply open the game and click on the bookmark option to add new mods to your game.

The Best Google Snake Menu Mods

At the moment, there are not too many different menu mods that you can install to your Google Snake game. It’s important to make sure that you don’t install any unsafe files on your browser, so it’s good to stick to what you know.

Picking the top 10 Google Snake menu mods is not an easy task because there is no way to call one of them better than the other! All of them are meant for different types of playstyles, such as new rules in the game and visual combinations.

My personal favorites are the ones that increase speed and give bizarre appearances to in-game items, such as bullets and nuke fruits. You might like something else, so it’s up to you to try every Google Snake game mod out and find out the top 10 best ones for yourself.

You will have to try them out manually because there are no words to describe what certain combinations do. And if you’re feeling a little bold, hit that randomizer (Dice) button and see what chaos comes your way.

That’s everything that you need to know about the top best Google Snake Menu Mods and how to install the Snake Menu mods in your Google Chrome browser! 

We hope that you found this guide useful and it’s incredibly fun playing this game in 2022 and trying out all the different mods that come with the Google Snake Menu.

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