The Best Minecraft Crossbow Enchantments (2023)

Best Minecraft Crossbow Enchantments

Crossbows made their way into the game in the 1.14 update, and since then, they have been a fan favorite. Though the bow still exists and is a much more viable weapon in combat, the crossbow is just more fun, and you can even shoot rockets with them.

The bow might be better, but nothing beats hitting your friends with a celebration rocket!

The crossbow is a useful weapon in combating monsters when on an adventure in Minecraft; the crafting is pretty straightforward; the materials needed to make a crossbow are readily available in the game. Also, you can get tons of crossbows when you defeat a raid and save a village.

Winning a raid is very easy, and you can get a lot of other loot as well.  Alternately, you can also get crossbows when a piglin is killed; these bad boys wield crossbows and have a slight chance of dropping a crossbow when killed.

Crossbows are great, but you know what, they can be better by buffing them up with some super cool enchantments. The crossbow has access to six different enchantments in the game, which is enough to turn this simple yet effective weapon into a monster-slaying machine.

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How to make a crossbow deadlier

The crossbow can be enchanted making the weapon even deadlier than before.

There are six different enchantments in the game, and some of them are utter trash, so make sure what you want from the crossbow when enchanting it.

To enchant the crossbow, simply place it on an enchanting table or use an anvil and an enchanted book to enchant the crossbow. (When using an enchanting table, you don’t have the privilege of selecting an enchantment, you will get one at random).

Best Minecraft Crossbow Enchantments (Ranked)

Here are some of the best enchantments for your crossbow in Minecraft.

6. Curse of vanishing

The enchantment is mainly used in PvP situations on servers where players battle it out. The enchantment is pretty straightforward; when you, the player, dies for some reason, instead of floating there, the crossbow quill disappears, never to be found again. The crossbow will just disappear out of existence and will leave no trace behind.

This is both a good and a bad thing. If you died and wanted the crossbow back, well, now it’s gone, you won’t be able to get it back. On the other hand, if you wish for the crossbow to disappear because you fear someone else will steal your stuff and gain an advantage, then the enchantment suddenly becomes more viable.

But as there are not many in-game uses for it when playing alone in survival, the enchantment is at the bottom of the list.

5. Unbreaking

Best Minecraft Crossbow Enchantments

Unbreaking is a necessary enchantment that every tool and piece of armor should have. It reduces the risk of your tool/enchantments breaking by reducing the durability spent every time you use it.

Simply put, the enchantment will make sure your crossbow lasts longer than before. And the best part is that the enchantment has three levels; the higher you go, the better it gets.

It may not make the bow deadlier than before, but it’ll make sure your deadly bow lasts longer with you. Without unbreaking, you will end up destroying many crossbows which are known to have less durability to begging with, so having durability on your crossbow is a must!

4. Multishot

Tired of shooting one arrow at a time, want something new and exciting? Then this enchantment will be enough to satisfy your hunger for deadly weaponry.

The multishot enchantment is pretty self-explanatory; when you release an arrow, multiple arrows will be fire valuable; to be precise, three arrows will be fired. But don’t worry; only one arrow will be used from your inventory when shooting. Because of this, the number of arrows you shoot triples!

There is no infinity enchantment on the crossbow. The number of arrows you have is significant; they are precious, so why not use an enchantment that makes them triple every time you fire?

Apart from that, the enchantment also is potent when dealing with a large horde of enemies; it is like having a machine gun in Minecraft (Note – the durability decreased faster when using multishot).

3. Quick Charge

The crossbow has a very major drawback when compared to the standard bow. It takes a lot of time to load, and this time is enough for zombies to come and get your brains. Because of the slow reading speeds of the crossbow, the players just stay clear from using it.

But after using the quick charge enchantment, this worry will go away, and your crossbow will be superior to the bow.

The enchantment effectively decreases the reloading time (level * 0.25 seconds), making the reload speed faster and the crossbow better.

And that’s not it; the higher the level you can get on the weapon, the lower the reload time, and thankfully, the enchantment has four levels, so the highest level should make the process of reloading and shoot pretty fast!


2. Mending

Mending is, by far, the best enchantment you can get on your crossbow or any other piece of armor or tool. It is the best enchantment in many player’s eyes; it revolutionized the way players approach the game. What mending odes are pretty simple yet very effective.

When your weapon’s durability goes down, you can go and repair the weapon in exchange for some Experience points or EXP. So basically, if you have a mob farm set up in your base, you can improve all your tools and armor for free every time they’re at the brink of shattering into pieces. 

If you time it right, you can basically never go mining again; you can use the same tools and armor forever if you keep repairing them. And for this reason, we’ve held the mending enchantment on the number two spot on this list.

1. Piercing

And finally, the number one spot belongs to Piercing! Piercing is one of the best enchantments that you can get on your crossbow. The enchantment allows the arrows released from your crossbow to keep fighting even after hitting an entity and successfully pierce their way through a large horde of enemy mobs.

The enchantment makes the arrows super sharp; your arrow will now hit an entity and another one after that. The enchantment is typically used for crowd control when many mobs are trying to attack you.

The enchantment also works great in mob farms where you need to get rid of many mobs quickly. And you know what the best part is, the enchantment has three levels to it; the higher you go, the more potent the shot. (level + entity)


So the ranking should’ve pretty much summed up the strongest enchantments in the game, and you should have a good idea of what enchantments are the best for your crossbow when playing the game.

The crossbow can hold up to three unique enchantments that decrease the pool of enchantments you can enchant with a small number, almost half of all the enchantments a crossbow can get. 

So if you’re trying to play it safe, we suggest you try getting Piercing or multishot on your crossbow first, followed by unbreaking and mending as they both are essential enchantment and will make your crossbow almost invincible and unbreakable as well, which is more important than having a deadly weapon which breaks after a couple of uses.

Minecraft is a game about having fun adventures and building epic stuff; you shouldn’t waste your time on things like grinding for iron or other materials, that’s why we suggested you get mending and unbreaking first so that you can enjoy the best parts of Minecraft without having to worry about the consequences.

After all, who likes to go out in a strip mine and mine iron ore for hours and hours!

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