What Is The Enchanting Table Used For In Minecraft?

What Is The Enchanting Table Used For In Minecraft?

Enchanting is a big part of the Minecraft experience, though enchanting being such an integral part of the game, many players still don’t utilize it.

The enchanting table gives players the much-needed power upgrade to take on the game. Playing with enchanted tools will drastically up your game!

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How to craft the enchanting table?

What is the enchanting table used for in Minecraft?

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The recipe for crafting an enchanting table is pretty straightforward. You’d need 2 diamonds, 1 book, and 3 obsidian blocks to craft this magical table. The recipe is shown above.

What is it used for?

The enchanting table is used for enchanting your gear. It can enchant books, tools, and armor. These enchanted items are unique and will help you out in various ways. There are many useful enchantments in the game which will make your experience even better.

For example, there is this Fortune enchantment which increases the number of diamonds you get from a single block!

How to use the enchanting table?

The enchanting table is pretty complex for newer players so we will break down the procedure in simple steps that are easy to follow.

Step 1:  You’d need some lapis lazuli to get started, so make sure you have a good amount of it available at your disposal. Along with Lapis you’d also need some levels, 30+ levels will give you the highest tier of enchantments.

Step 2: Once you have all the necessary items, put your item that you want to enchant in one slot and the lapis in the other. The enchanting table UI is pretty simple so you’ll get a grasp of it soon.

Step 3: You can’t get an enchantment of your choice, the enchantments are random and you might get any random enchantment. So make sure to use your levels cautiously. There are 3 tiers of enchantments you can get, you’d get the highest level if you have 30+ levels.

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