League of Legends Tier List 2023 (Best Champions Ranked)

League of Legends Tier List

As one of the very best MOBA games out there, if not the best in 2022, League of Legends boasts a hefty roster that can be quite confusing for both new players and pros alike as there are over 150 champions to choose from.

This League of Legends tier list aims to simplify it all by ranking the best of the best characters in the game so you’re able to make an informed decision when playing.

Choosing the right champion will drastically change the way you approach the game and level up quickly. It is also very important to have a Champion that suits your style of play, especially if you’re a newbie to League of legends or MOBA games in general.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s get to it.

[HOT] League Of Legends Best ARAM Champions


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I know; this one is pretty obvious. Darius is probably the most overpowered Champion in the game; his Hemorrhage Passive is especially lethal.

You’ll have to deal with ranged opponents. Make sure you heal him responsibly so that he can get close enough to them. 

Darius has a very high 14.1% ban rate, along with a win rate of 49%. Darius also has a popularity of 7.0%. You’ll reset his Ultimate Ability if you kill an opponent who will enable you to kill multiple opponents. 


Shen is an ideal Champion if you like to keep cool and don’t want a lot of responsibility. Shen has an incredibly high winning rate of 55.25%; he’s also improved his Ultimate. His popularity rating is 5.5%, and his Ban rating is 1.4%

Shen is an all-around Champion and is ideal for all of the stages in the game. Shen is notorious for destroying players in lower Elos. 


Yes, I know that Morgana was recently nerfed, but she is still one of the best Junglers out there. She also heals passively and deals massive damage to the camps. 

Morgana also has a pretty high win rate in almost all elos. Morgana’s Dark Binding ability is an absolute nightmare, and you should consider yourself lucky if you’ve never encountered it. 

Morgana’s ultimate stuns enemies ruthlessly. However, Morgana has a shocking 22.2% ban rate in the game, along with a Popularity rating of 6.5 and a win rating of 49.9%. 


In my opinion, Morgana is better than Zac. If you find him appealing and insist on playing him, then don’t let me stop you. And just because he’s not as good as Morgana, it doesn’t mean he’s not a solid Jungle Champion.

Zac’s Elastic Slingshot makes you jump ahead quickly on enemies rendering them helpless. His range is no joke; his poor 1v1 skills can be forgiven because it’s straightforward for him to escape difficult situations. 

Zac has some pretty balanced statistics; his popularity is 6.3%, his win rate is 51.1%, and his ban rate is 3.2%. 

You can occasionally revive yourself with the help of Zac’s Passive, and who doesn’t like a good revive? Zac was created for longevity, and if you have any experience with him, you’ll know why. 


I know, Not a lot of Mid Champions on the list, and I swear I’m not being a hater; it’s just not my playstyle. Katrina is a common choice for mid, and that’s not changing anytime soon, especially after the recent buffs. 

With a 7.0% Popularity, Katrina has a win rate of 49.1% and is mained by 1.5% of the players. She also has a shocking 7.9% ban rate. 

Katrina is a bloodthirsty champion; it is tough to stop her once she gets the ball rolling. She’ll tell everyone in her lane and switch to a different one, so if you do encounter her after she’s had a few kills already: just run. 


As far as Bots go, Tristina will always be my favorite. She has an excellent win rate, and you can also play mid with her if you wish to. However, she can be a little dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Just don’t do anything stupid and make use of her jump if your life is in imminent danger.

Except for a few tweaks here and there, this is pretty much the gold standard for champions in League of Legends. Tristina has a win rate of 50.6% and is mained by only 0.4%, whereas her pick rate is 6.0%. 

And as I’ve mentioned before, you can have with any champion if you’re low elo and even in high elos if you’re determined. Just do your research correctly and be patient. 


Thresh is one of the most all-around champions in the game. She can pretty much do everything, and she’s a common suggestion for beginners who want to learn the game. 

Thresh has a win rate of 47.2% and a surprising play rate of 0.1%. She has also been mained by only 0.9% of the players in the game, so if you want something unique in your arsenal, this is your chance. 


Most people consider Karthus a Bot Lane Champion. However, he is also a pretty good Jungler. 

Karthus has been preferred by Professionals recently, the recent nerf to ADC champions being the main reason, I think. In any case, he’s a solid champion to have. He offers very significant damage, especially his Lay Waste attack. 

Karthus has a pick rate of 0.7%, a win rate of 54.37%, and quite a low ban rate of 2.1%. 


Soraka is probably the healing champion in the game. This obviously means that she’s a supporting Champion. 

She offers an endless supply of health; her “Astral Infusion” is a perfect evasion tool if you find yourself in a tricky spot. 

Soraka has well-balanced stats. Her Pick Rate is 7.7%, her Win Rate is 52.86, and she has a Ban rate of 4.9%


Last but not least, we have a Mid Lane Champion. Zilean is mainly known for his Ultimate ability to inflict damage over a large area. 

I must warn you that Zilean will not be a very effective Champion until you’ve unlocked all of his abilities. Abilities such as his Chronoshift (dead teammates can be revived) are genuinely game-changing. 

Zilean has a low Ban rate of 1.4%; his win rate is 54.07% and a very tiny Pick Rate of 0.5%.  

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