Fallout 76 Cryptids: How to Kill Them

Kill a cryptid Fallout 76 guide

Cryptids are nasty creatures whose origins are unknown. Only folklores about them are what keeps them alive in the memory. But many have sighted these mystical beasts in America, and even before the War, there were a significant number of cryptid sightings that were hidden from the masses.

The word Cryptid comes from the Greek word Krypto which means ‘hide’ or hidden.’ This description doesn’t apply to the other existing animals/creatures in the game, which are known to exist and have been spotted.

Most of the time, these creatures will blend into the background; their skin color blends really well in the dystopian landscape of the game. The cryptids are even rare to find when you really need one, but if you follow this guide, you’ll get your hands on one of these nasty beasts real soon.

This guide will give all the information needed to find Cryptids and kill them efficiently every day to complete challenges!

Kill a cryptid Fallout 76

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To ‘Kill a cryptid everyday’ is a challenge in Fallout 76, which rewards you for killing a cryptid every day, i.e., every 24 hours, one cryptid should be slain for you to complete this challenge. Cryptids are a group of creatures, not just one species, so there are a lot of them.

The creatures considered Cryptids are as follows – Aliens, the beast of Beckley, Chupacabra, Flatwoods monster, ghosts, Grafton Monster, Jackalope, Loch ness monster, Mega sloth, Mothman, sasquatch, Sheepsquatch, skinwalker, snallygaster, and Wendigo.

All the creatures mentioned above/monsters are cryptids, and killing anyone of them will be considered as killing a Fallout 76 cryptid. But trying to find one cryptid every day will be an exhausting task; for that, we have a quick trick.

To accomplish the challenge, you should take up the Queen of the daily hunt quest; a sit is a daily quest; you’ll be able to do the quest again in 24 hours. To initiate this quest, read the terminal at the hunter’s shack, and it will take you to random parts in the Mire.

These sites can be Site Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, or Epsilon. You’ll find a cryptid on the site that you can kill with ease as they are not so strong. Doing this will complete the daily quest, And doing so every 24 hours will also help you achieve the Fallout 76 kill a cryptid challenge.

Kill a cryptid Fallout 76

The daily quest method is the most efficient, but if you’re keen on trying out new things, you can also try out some alternative methods. A Grafton Monster can be found in Charleston Trainyard. Snallygasters can be found in the Toxic dried lakebed and the Charleston Canal.

Now the daily quest method is the best one. Still, we also have another way that is as effective as the daily quest method. You won’t even have to change your location every day. The Wendigo cave is filled with a lot of Wendigoes.

So you get a spot where the cryptids are concentrated in a large number, giving you a lot of time to kill one. These caves are filled with the Wendigos, so no matter when you come here, they’ll be there.

If you’re completing Fallout 76, Kill a cryptid challenge. And for killing the cryptid, you can use your weapon of choice, but the cryptids are most of the time weak, so an ax is enough. For the big ones, you might want to keep some heavy ammunition. 

And that’s how you complete the daily challenge. Hope the guide was helpful.

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Featured Image: Snallygaster by SPARTAN22294 via DeviantArt.

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