The Best Minecraft Trident Enchantments (2023)

Best Minecraft Trident Enchantments

These Minecraft enchantments on your trident = 🔥🔥🔥. Minecraft is a vast game, due to which every player has his/her way of playing it. Some prefer to follow the storyline laid out by the game, some make up their own, and some just don’t care and build great houses and bases.

The goals may be different, but one thing every player has in common is the use of armor and tools.

No matter what you do in Minecraft, weapons will always be needed, and the game gives you options viz the ranger and the melee class. You can either get a bow and become a long-range shooter who likes to kill in silence.

Or you can go the complete opposite way and become a hard-hitting melee combatant.

Regardless of the class you pick, you need some tools at your disposal to dispose of the enemies in sight. Though the game doesn’t differentiate between two different classes in Minecraft, you can have both weapons on you.

Once you get enchantments, the effectiveness of your weapons will increase as well, giving you the much-needed boost.

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Unlike the bow and the sword, the trident is a much versatile tool. It can be used as a long-range weapon as well as a melee weapon. Ever since its introduction in the update aquatic, the trident has become the go-to weapon for many players, and rightfully so.

In addition to its versatility, the trident has some amazing enchantments that will drastically boost its effectiveness. Enchantments such as loyalty and riptide make the trident an overpowered piece of equipment.

So today we take a look at all the enchantments you can use on the trident, and pick the best for your trident!

How to get a Trident In Minecraft

The trident is an excellent weapon that can be used as a long-range weapon or a melee one. But this weapon can’t be crafted but can only be obtained by killing an underwater zombie, i.e., the Drowned mob, which was added to the game’s aquatic update.

Also, only the naturally spawning drowned will drop a trident.

1. Bedrock edition

In the bedrock edition of the game, the trident can be obtained by killing a drowned.

A drowned has a 15% chance of spawning with a trident in his hand. And only an 8.5% chance of dropping a trident when killed. This percentage can be increased by using a looting sword.

2. Java edition

In the java edition, the odds are pretty much the same, but in the Java edition, the trident has a chance of being enchanted. 

Also, when a drowned throws a trident, it gets stuck into the ground or the wall, but it can’t be picked up. But a trident thrown by a player can be picked up and used. Due to the minuscule odds of getting a trident from a drowned, many build farms to kill drowned.

But you can quickly get a trident if you swim around killing drowned for a while. Making an entire farm for a single trident is not feasible.

Best enchantments for the trident in 2022

The trident allows a lot of enchantments, which change the way you use it. Some enchantments increase the damage from your trident while some literally help you fly. Let’s explore each one of them in detail!

1. Loyalty

The name speaks for itself, the trident allows the player to get back his trident once he throws it. Simply put, the trident will return the owner after hitting somewhere. So basically you’d never lose your trident ever again as it will just keep coming back to you!

The enchantment has 3 levels and is a must-have for every trident user!

2. Impaling

The Impaling enchantment increases the damage done by the trident, but this is only effective against aquatic mobs, the overworld mobs will not be dealt with extra damage.

This is because the trident is an aquatic weapon, and it only makes sense to have this enchantment affect the aquatic mobs the most. The enchantment has 5 levels, each level increasing the damage!

3. Riptide

The riptide enchantment is arguably the coolest of the bunch, it allows the player to fly without the use of an elytron! A trident enchanted with Riptide will launch the player with it, with this the player can reach great heights in a couple of minutes!

For this to work though, the player should be in a biome where it’s raining or snowing, or else the riptide enchantment is of no use. It has 3 levels and can be a game-changer!

4. Channeling

Best enchantments for the trident in 2021

Channeling will make sure your enemies get incinerated with lightning! The channeling enchantment harnesses lightning in the rainy weather and hits the mob or block the trident lands on.

Channeling is a single-level enchantment and helps in clearing large hordes of zombies or other mobs. A trident with the channeling enchantment will turn a normal pig into a zombie piglin on contact.

5. Unbreaking

Unbreaking reduces the chances of an item to reduce durability when in use, due to which the durability of the item increases exponentially with every level of unbreaking.

The max level of this enchantment is 3 and can be used on a lot of gear including the trident!

6. Mending

Mending restores the durability of any item in exchange for some experience. This enchantment is one of the most useful ones in the entire game as it drastically reduces the chances of us breaking our favorite item.

It only has a single level to it, but this single level is enough to get your item restored back to its original state on a whim.

7. Curse of vanishing

Best enchantments for the trident

The curse of vanishing causes the item to despawn from the world when the player dies. Due to this, the enchantment isn’t liked very much in the community, but if you’re playing in a PvP setting this enchantment can help your cause, as once you die no one gets your gear!

Which enchantments are the best for the trident?

All the enchantments are useful except the curse of vanishing. Though some of the enchantments like riptide and channeling are only useful during rain, they still are pretty fun to play with.

How to get the Trident In Minecraft?

As of the latest update, the only way to obtain the trident is by killing a lot of drowned. There is a slim chance that the drowned will drop a trident on dying. Though the chances are slim, you can eventually get one if you keep trying for an hour or so.

If you need a lot of tridents, try building a drowned farm, they are not that hard to build and there are a lot of tutorials available on the internet. Most of these drowned farms are great at farming drowned, giving you a lot of tridents in the process.


The trident is a great weapon and is pretty fun to play with. You can fly with items you can incinerate mobs or players with the channeling enchantment. Loyalty will help you to recover the trident as soon as it hits the target.

All of these enchantments combined will make you feel like Zeus, you’d be able to kill mobs and players from great distances. This alone should give you the reason to take this great piece of weaponry and make it your own in the game.

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