Lingcod Stardew Valley Location (How to Catch It)

Lingcod Fish Location in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is arguably one of the best farming simulators ever made. It doesn’t matter how you initially came across Stardew Valley, whether it was a streamer or a random article that popped on your screen, you decided to check it out liked what you saw. 

And while it is truly enjoyable, there are a few things that require you to go a little above and beyond. Something that you won’t be required to do in a usual farming simulator game. 

Fishing is one of such things in the game. While fishing is not exactly rocket science, there are a few things that you should be aware of before you go fishing. 

Below are a few things you know before you start looking for the Lingcod Fish in Stardew Valley.

Fishing in Stardew Valley

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Having a fishing rod isn’t the only thing that will be required of you to start fishing in this game, although it’s definitely the first thing that you’ll need and you’ll easily acquire so don’t worry about that.

There are a few factors that you’ll need to consider before you go fishing in Stardew Valley, these factors will vary depending on the fish. 

You’ll need to look for the fish in the correct location, you won’t find it in just any water body in the game. The time of day when you’re trying to catch the fish will be crucial, the season and the weather in which this is happening will also be very important. 

It is very easy to forget or misinterpret any of these factors which will always result in you not getting the fish that you want which eventually leads to frustration and giving up entirely.

And while this may seem a bit complicated at first, making sure that these four factors are correct will become second nature for you once you catch enough fish in Stardew Valley.

Lingcod Fish Location in Stardew Valley

The Lingcod fish is a pretty common river fish in Stardew Valley. This means trying to get it will not be a painful process for you as some of the rare fishes can be. 

You can easily find the Lingcod Fish in the river in Pelican Town. And if by some bad luck you’re not able to find it there, head to the Mountlake. 

If you’re very rich and like to waste money on unprofitable stuff just for the fun of it. You can buy the Lingcod Fish at Krobus’s Shop for 200g or at the Travelling cart for 360-1000g. But if like me you value the money you earn in games, you should try to find it in the River or the Mountain Lake.

Lingcod Fish Catching Guide Stardew Valley

To drown this fish on dry land, go to the Pelican Town River or the Mountain Lake with your fishing rod in the Winter Season. If you’re not in the Winter Season then too bad, this fish is only available in the Winter Season so I guess you’ll just have to wait.

But the good news is that you can catch it in any weather and time of day.

If your yearning makes you unable to wait such a long period for this fairly insignificant fish, then I’d suggest using a magic bait that enables you to catch a fish regardless of any season, time, or weather. 

Don’t try to gift the Lingcod fish to any villager except for Willy, they will not like it to say the least. The Lingcod can be used to make Sashimi, Quality fertilizers, or Maki Roll.

But more importantly, you can be asked to produce the lingcod fish in the Aquatic Overpopulation quest and Willy can also ask you for it.

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