Stardew Valley Leo: Everything You Should Know

Stardew Valley Leo: Everything You Should Know

This might seem very off-topic but bear with me. Video games are uniquely fun, but at times they can be a lonely endeavor. I mean don’t get me wrong, not having to deal with people, in general, is probably one of the best aspects of gaming.

And you might disagree with me, but I’ll be anything there is contentment you find gaming alone which is mysteriously scarce while gaming with friends

That being said, I’ve felt that unexpected pang of loneliness quite a few times in all my years of gaming. And this is not a criticism of any particular game it’s quite the contrary.

A game is truly special if it can emulate the very unique human feeling of loneliness itself. However, that also means that a game that can give you the warm feeling that only good company can generate can also be considered special. 

My useless philosophical rant brings us to Stardew Valley, which is not a game that will make you feel lonely. While the game particularly encourages you to play in co-op mode, even if you do play solo, the villagers in Stardew Valley are so well written that they almost feel real.

One of such villagers is Leo, who’s initially a Ginger Island resident. Even amongst the mixed bag of villagers, Leo is a truly special guy. 

Who is Leo In Stardew Valley?

Leo In Stardew Valley

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Leo starts as a Ginger Island resident before permanently moving to the Mainland. Leo has a tragic past, his parents died at sea when he was young. 

You could Leo an eccentric, he’s initially not interested in having human friends. He’s friends with the parrots that are found all over the island though, and to be honest who wouldn’t befriend a parrot if they could?

How to befriend Leo In Stardew Valley

Unfortunately, you can’t just walk up to a guy like Leo (who has a weird obsession with parrots) and just befriend him. 

The only way to get him to talk to you is by befriending the parrots yourself. Parrots are not as complicated as humans, or fictional NPCs. To befriend these parrots all you need is Golden Walnuts. Give 10 of these Golden Walnuts to any of the parrots.

Once you’re done with that, you’re free to improve your friendship with Leo. Once you’ve managed to get 6 friendship hearts for Leo, he packs up his life in Ginger Island and decides to move to Stardew Valley.

If you don’t 6 hearts then no matter how much you try you will be unable to convince him to leave Ginger Island.

In a wholesome turn of events, Leo manages to find friends in Stardew Valley once he moves there. His preferred mode of shelter is a treehouse (no judgment from me there).

Leo’s Relationships In Stardew Valley

Leo befriends villagers such as Linus, Penny, Vincent, and Jas when he arrives in Stardew Valley. In one of his quests, it is hinted that he may or may not have a crush on Jas (I mean, who doesn’t?).

Jas, Stardew Valley

When it comes to gifts, Leo can be considered picky. He will love Duck Feather, Mangoes, Ostrich Eggs, and Poi, which to be fair are universally loved. 

I would also suggest gifting him Dragon Tooth, Mango Sticky Rice, Nautilus Shell, some Quartz, Sea Urchins, Spice Berries, and Rainbow Shells. Most of these items can be found while you’re foraging.

He’ll accept Coffee but he will not be particularly happy about it.

Gift Leo twice a week if you wish to have a good relationship with him. You’ll receive a unique dialogue if you gift him on his birthday.

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