The Witcher III Game Max Level Cap Stats (2023)

The Witcher III Game Max Level Cap Stats

The latest addition to the Witcher series known as the Wild Hunt features hundreds of quests and dark-world creatures that you can kill to increase your character level.

Geralt is the protagonist of this RPG and there will be some point in your leveling journey when the question about the level cap will raise in your mind.

This Witcher 3 leveling guide features everything that you need to know about how the leveling system works in the game along with the maximum level cap

The Witcher Maximum Level Cap Explained

On paper, the game doesn’t restrict you to how much you can level up Geralt. But the sky is the limit isn’t the case with Witcher because you can’t keep leveling up indefinitely.   

In Witcher 3, you can kill enemies on the map and complete quests to get experience points and use those points to increase the character level. You want the same amount of experience points every time because they depend on enemies you kill and quests you complete. 

The experience points decrease as you kill the same enemy, again and again, to encourage you to take on new challenges and don’t get stuck on the same point for leveling.

There is a recommended character level for each quest and you will only get one-fifteenth of the original experience if you are six levels above the recommended level. 

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Pro players advise beginners to complete a quest once or twice and upgrade their gear to tackle more high-level quests for speed leveling. At the later stages of the game, you would have completed all the quests once and you won’t receive the same experience again from those quests because of your character level. 

This puts a cap on leveling because no one has got the time to complete a quest hundreds of times to get enough experience to reach the next level because these require millions of experience points.

In technical terms, this is known as a soft level cap because you will get experience points but they won’t be enough to reach the next level. 

The Witcher 3 Ability Points

Compared to normal leveling, ability points work differently in Witcher 3 because you need to grind to get your hands on too many of the time.

The maximum ability level is seventy and you can get these ability points from places of power or level your character. You have the option to increase the level cap to hundred levels but it requires you to buy Blood DLC, Wine DLC, and the New Game+.

These DLCs increase the level cap of your character at the same time so they are worth the money. 

How to get experience points

Here are two creative ways to earn more experience points in The Witcher 3.

1. Questing Experience

The Witcher 3 content features a limited number of the main storyline and side quests and you will complete them a few months into the game if everything goes according to plan.

The leveling slows down once you reach the max recommended level of a quest because the experience points dropdowns. 

2. Kill Experience

To increase your chances of reaching the max level, get your hands on all the experience points that you can by killing every enemy on the map.

You don’t have to worry about collecting experience points by yourself if you equip the Roach before setting on your adventures as it automatically collects experience for you as soon as you kill an enemy. 

You should also activate the enemy upscaling at the start of the game as it increases the enemy level as you level up your character. If you go to a low-level area on the map, the game will automatically increase the level of all the enemies in it according to your character level. 

Once you reach level hundred in Witch 3, you won’t be able to get too many experience points because the maximum level cap of monsters is level 105.

There is no way to get past the soft level cap of a hundred even if you restart the game and try with a different approach. You won’t encounter any marked enemies after the soft cap restricts you from going with usual enemies but their experience points decrease with time. 

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