Catch Rainbow Trout: Stardew Valley Fishing Guide

Catch Rainbow Trout Stardew Valley Fishing Guide

In order to escape your boring and monotonous 9 to 5 job, you take up your deceased grandpa’s farm in a pelican city called Stardew valley.

Here you decide you will revive this shabby, run-down farm, but not alone. You have a community full of people to help you with whom you form relationships and develop the town together.

There’s an old decaying building called the community center and with the help of the town, you can revive it into a flourishing community. Most importantly, there’s Abigail, a villager at Pierre’s general store that you keep trying to win over while flirting with others behind her back of course.

This is the premise of Stardew Valley. At face value, farming games seem like they shouldn’t be so popular. After all, why would you want to be in a simulation of mundane and laborious activities of farming, harvesting crops, mining ores, fishing, etc.?

It’s the spectacle of being able to create something beautiful, forming friendships and relationships along the way. Stardew Valley is a combination of RPG, a life sim, and a farming tycoon.

Fishing Ponds In Stardew Valley

The fish pond is introduced in version 1.4, it’s a unique way of raising animals on your farm. You would require 5000 gold, 200 stone, 5 seaweed, and 5 green algae to make one.

Once it is up and running all you have to do is catch your fish and throw it in the pond for it to grow. There are 83 kinds of fish in the game, each one has its value. The value of these fish can be determined by the items they can produce. 

Catch Rainbow Trout Stardew Valley Fishing Guide

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The “better fish” take longer to multiply and fill up the pond, making it longer to make back the money invested in them. You can make money and get rare and cool items through fishing.

Every day that you use the fishing pond it produces an item. The most unusual of these is Roe. Roe sells for half of the fish’s base price and 30 gold in addition. So the more expensive the fish is, the more expensive it’s Roe.

Catching The Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout can be found in any of the rivers, the mountain lake at 6 am to 7 pm, during summer. The weather has to be sunny for rainbow trout, and the difficulty level is 45.

In a fish pond, Rainbow trout reproduce every 2 days. Although the initial capacity of the pond is 3 fish, it can be increased up to 10 by the completion of quests. The larger the population, the higher is the daily chance. 

Starting at population 9, these fish produce a number of valuable items including the prismatic shard – one of the rarest minerals in the game. The most basic and common product of this fish is the orange Rainbow Trout Roe.

Catch Rainbow Trout Stardew Valley Fishing Guide

You could make Maki rolls, with seaweed and rice, which could sell at 220 gold. With some algae, you could make trout soup, or simply slice it into thin pieces to make sashimi.

The fish also produces an orange dye, you can access dyeing pots at Haley and Emily’s house at 2 Willow Lane. By using it in the spool of the sewing machine it can be used to create a dyeable fish shirt.

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