Largemouth Bass Stardew Valley Location (Catching Guide)

Largemouth Bass Stardew Valley Location

Stardew Valley has been one of the most popular simulation RPG games to come out in recent years.

The concept of playing a farming simulator isn’t anything new. Still, Stardew Valley has somehow managed to make the game even more fun by adding a ton of features.

Stardew Valley is an open-ended game, meaning you can take on any job or role you want and go ahead with it. When you choose the path in the game, the progression seems really satisfying. Hence players keep coming back to the game.

Fishing in stardew valley

As we mentioned earlier, Stardew Valley isn’t exclusively a farming simulator, it has a ton of unique features that set it apart, and Fishing is one such feature that many players in the game like to indulge in as it provides them special loot which can either be sold or used in recipes.

Fishing in Stardew valley can be tedious for newbies, but once you manage to get the hang of it, you’ll be catching fish left and right without any hassle.

There are a lot of aquatic creatures that you can fish in Stardew Valley; each fish will provide you unique uses and also money in exchange.

That being said, catching a specific fish can be hard as the fishing mechanics in stardew valley depend upon four factors, time, the seasons, the climate, and the location of your fishing spot.

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Largemouth Bass Stardew Valley Location 

The Larger Mouth Bass is a big green fish that can be caught with a fishing rod. But as we mentioned earlier, you’ll need to check the four factors in order to get this fish. First, let’s find where the fish is available in an abundance.

The Large Mouth Bass can be caught in Mountain lakes. If you want to know the exact location, go to Mountain Lake near the mines, this will lead you to the fishing spot that we’re looking for to catch the Large Mouth Bass.

Alternately, you can also catch the Bass on the wilderness farm. It can also be randomly found in Garbage cans or the traveling cart, so make sure you check them out before fishing. 

Largemouth Bass Stardew Valley Catching Guide

Apart from the location, you also need to go to the fishing spot at the right time and season. Luckily, the fish we’re trying to catch is available All year long, so you don’t have to worry about the season or the climate at all in this case.

Next, you only have to go to the fishing spot between 6 am to 7 pm, which is most of the daytime, so that shouldn’t be a problem either.

So make sure you go catch the fish in the time slot given above, or you’ll get nothing. If you want to see the fish regardless of the time, try using a Magic Bait to eliminate the time problem.

Though available all year long, the Large Mouth Bass can be caught at different rates in different seasons. The fish can be caught at a rate of 20% in the Spring and Fall seasons, whereas this number drops to 15% in the winter season, not a big difference, but just something to keep an eye on.

The fish can be caught faster if you manage to cast the line of your fishing rod as far as possible; many players use this technique to get the Large Mouth Bass faster.

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