Stardew Valley Albacore Fishing Guide

Stardew Valley Albacore Fishing Guide

Fishing can be a relaxing activity, especially if you’re doing it in a game. Who wants to go outside, get dirty, and possibly get bitten by a snake if you can just fish in the comfort of your home.

Fishes are an important resource in Stardew valley. They can be used as ingredients when you’re cooking and of course, if you want to fill your local community center fish tanks.  

The Albacore fish is one of the best fishes you can find in the game. It awards a good amount of XP and it can also be sold for a good price. However, while it may not fall under the category of rare, you can’t just find it anywhere. 

There are also a number of quests associated with this particular fish such as in which in order to advance you need to catch this fish to get a reward. I will talk about these quests in detail below.

Following are some of the things that you should keep in mind before fishing (not just for the Albacore fish) but fishing in Stardew Valley in general. 

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Things to Keep Mind Before Fishing in Stardew Valley:

While it does play a smart part in your gameplay, fishing is not a major component in this game.

The game has not been optimized for you to specifically catch a fish( particularly fish like the Albacore )and it’s not uncommon to not catch anything if you manage to get even a small thing wrong.

There are a few components that influence your chances of catching a fish in Stardew Valley. 

These components are location, time, season, and climate. If you get even one of them wrong, chances are you’ll end up not catching your desired fish and end up frustrated. 

Bottom line is, read the instructions carefully and don’t miss a thing.

Albacore Stardew Valley Location

It’s very common for players to miss the precise timing to catch this fish. As I’ve mentioned above we need to make sure that every component of fish is met. One of these components is the location.

You can find the Albacore fish in the Ocean, which as may know is located to the south of Pelican Town. 

Albacore Fish Stardew Valley Catching Guide

You need to make sure that you attempt at catching at the right time and season.

The important thing that you need to know is that your timing will vary from season to season. Unfortunately, there are only two seasons in which this particular fish can be found; Fall and Winter.

In the Fall season, you can only fish for it from 6 AM to 11 AM. In the Winter Season, it can only be found in the ocean from 6 PM to 2 AM. Luckily, for the Albacore fish, you do not need to worry about the weather. 

Information About The Albacore Fish

To put it mildly, the Albacore is one of the more common species of fish in Stardew Valley. It doesn’t particularly have a lot of uses. It’s used as an ingredient in some recipes such as Sashimi or Maki Rolls.

It is also used as an ingredient in Fertilizer. You can also make a dyeable Sailor Shirt using the Albacore Fish. 

However, the Albacore fish isn’t unimportant. You need this for a number of quests in the game. This fish is requested by Gus, which you have to deliver via mail for a reward of 400g and a friendship heart.

It is possible that Willy will ask you for a handful of Albacore fish during winter or fall, you’ll get a reward of 75g/fish for this quest.

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