Stardew Valley Sunfish Location (How to Catch It)

Stardew Valley Sunfish Location

You’ll find people on the internet who have the audacity to label certain tasks as “menial” while considering other tasks to be important.

I do understand their sentiment. Most games have an end goal, and while farming simulators such as Stardew Valley have a blurred sense of goals, it is still hard to classify things.

Some gamers (such as myself) would argue that there are no menial or unimportant things, especially in a game like Stardew Valley where your creativity has free rein wherever goals are considered.

While there is no central objective to this game. It does offer quests with several tasks which can be considered linear. In the infamous Pelican Town, there lies a Community Center which has seen better days.

The Player can voluntarily decide to restore this rundown building to its former glory. However, in order to restore it, you must be willing to subject yourself to some fairly annoying task of gathering the required materials.

There are these bundles that you need to complete and they cover almost every facet of this game. The incentive is that you will be sufficiently rewarded for each said bundle.

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This brings us to the main topic of this article; Catching the Sunfish. The Sunfish is vital to completing the Bundles for the Community Center. I’m afraid there’s no significant use for this fish other than that.

Fishing Requirements For Stardew Valley

If you’re new to fishing in Stardew Valley, I must inform you that you can’t just fish in any water body and at any time you fancy. If you have the intention of actually catching a fish in this game, there are some things you need to know.

There are certain conditions that need to be met when you’re fishing in Stardew Valley.

These conditions are; The season, the weather, Time of day, and of course the location. If you’re looking for a rare fish, these conditions will be weirdly specific and at times quite annoying. 

However, since the Sunfish is a quite common fish in Stardew Valley, it will be fairly easy to catch.

Sunfish Location in Stardew Valley

Since it’s a common fish, You will find the Sunfish in the river of Pelican Town. You can also buy it from the traveling cart for 100-1000g which I must tell you is way too expensive. 

It can also be caught in the Hill-top and Riverlands Farm.

How to Catch Sunfish In Stardew Valley

Make sure you have the ol’ fishing rod with you and go to any of these above locations during Spring or Summer. And keep in mind that the weather has to the Sunny or Windy.

A foolproof way to catch this fish is if you have Magic Bait. Magic Bait will enable you to catch the Sunfish regardless of the weather, climate, season, or time of day. 

As I’ve said before, The sunfish is only useful if you’re in pursuit of the bundles for the Community Center. Which I must remind you is not an insignificant thing if you really intend to restore the Community Center.

You can sell for a meagre price. The Health effects are also not that attractive, which honestly makes it a bit of a waste of space. Also, don’t gift it to any of the villagers. Most of them will dislike it and Evelyn, Pierre, and Haley will particularly hate it.  

It can be used in some food recipes such as the Maki Roll, Sashimi, and Baked Fish. It can also be requested in the Item Delivery and Fishing quests.

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