Stardew Valley Catfish Fishing Guide

Stardew Valley Catfish Fishing Guide

As far as farming simulators go, there’s no match for Stardew Valley in the industry. I don’t know if this is true for you guys but there’s this simplicity in its graphics and characters that give you a fuzzy feeling that can’t be explained. 

While there’s a considerable amount of freedom that the game provides you in regards to what profession you wish to follow, even who you wish romance amongst the villagers.

There are some aspects that are present in the game that is consistent with other farming simulators. And much like other farming, gathering resources for various purposes among them.

If you’re just starting out in this game then you should know that fishing is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling aspects of collecting resources.

The fish you catch can be used for a lot of things. To give you a perspective, you can use it in tailoring, for dyes, in some quests and you can also gift the fish to a villager or two that you fancy.

Stardew Valley Catfish Fishing Guide

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Guidelines for Fishing in Stardew Valley

The first thing that you’ll need to fish in Stardew Valley is of course a fishing rod. Now the other thing about fishing in Stardew Valley is the number of things that you need to get right before you actually go fishing. 

What that means is things like when and where you go fishing is very important in Stardew Valley. There are a few factors that you should be aware of and they change depending on the type of fish that you are trying to catch.

The location in which you’re fish is important. The weather conditions need to be corrected, you also need to fish in the right season and a specific time of day. 

This of course depends on what you’re trying to catch, for example; carp is found in every season and climate but that’s not exactly the case for catfish)

Catfish Location in Stardew Valley

Fortunately for you, finding catfish in Stardew Valley is not that hard. It can be found in the river which you’ll find near Pelican Town.

You can find it in the Secret woods and the Witch’s Swamp but only in the Fall and Spring season in rainy weather. In the Hill-top and Riverlands farms, you’ll need to be in the Fall or Spring season in rainy weather. 

If you use a Rain Totem you can also get it in the winter season. There’s a chance you’ll obtain it if you randomly go through the Garbage Can.

If you have more money than you have used for, buy it from the Travelling Cart which should cost from 600-1000g.

And if you find this whole precise weather and season thing, you can use a magic bait that will enable you to catch it no matter what weather, season, or time it is.

Stardew valley catfish fishing guide

Stardew Valley Catfish Fishing Guide

There are no time restrictions that you need to follow to catch this fish. So follow the correct seasons and weather conditions that I’ve mentioned above and then you’re good to go. 

If you wish to use magic bait (which is honestly the most easier and less time-consuming way). You’ll find the Magic Bait in Qi’s Walnut Room for 5 Diamonds whereas the recipe will cost you 20 diamonds.

If you decide to give a catfish to the villagers, unfortunately, only sweet Willy will have a positive reaction. The rest of the villagers will dislike it and Evelyn, Haley, and Pierre will absolutely hate it.

Catfish can be used in generic recipes such as Sashimi, Quality fertilizer, and Maki Roll. You can also use it to make a Fish Shirt.

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