Palworld: Best Ore Farm Locations

Best Locations for Ore Farming in Palworld

Ore farming, like coal mining in Palworld, isn’t just a side activity; it’s a fundamental part of progressing through the game. Whether you’re crafting items, building bases, or upgrading your gear, you’ll find that ore is a resource you can never have enough of. However, finding the best spots to farm this precious resource and understanding how to optimize your efforts can be challenging, especially for new players.

This guide aims to shed light on the most efficient ore farm locations in Palworld. We’ll explore which areas of the game world offer the richest ore deposits and how you can maximize your mining output with the help of your Pals—those faithful companions with special abilities tailored for tasks like this.

Best Locations for Ore Farming in Palworld

Identifying the prime locations for ore farming in Palworld is crucial for players aiming to streamline their resource gathering efforts. The game’s expansive world offers numerous spots rich in ore deposits, but not all are created equal. Among these, certain locations stand out for their abundance of resources and strategic advantages.

Desolate Church Vicinity

One of the top locations recommended for setting up an ore farm is in the vicinity of the Desolate Church. This area is renowned for its dense ore deposits, making it an ideal spot for players looking to maximize their mining efforts.


  1. High concentration of ore deposits.
  2. Relatively safe area from aggressive Pals.
  3. Proximity to water sources for farming and survival needs.

Setting Up a Base

  1. Choose a flat area close to ore deposits for easy access.
  2. Construct a base with essential facilities such as a Palbox, chests for storage, and beds to keep your mining Pals rested.
  3. Ensure there’s enough space for a furnace to process the ore and craft items on-site.

Strategic Tips

  1. Regularly scout the area for respawned ore deposits to keep your supply consistent.
  2. Consider setting up secondary bases nearby to expand your mining operations and cover more ground.

While the Desolate Church vicinity is a prime spot, other locations within Palworld are also worth considering for ore farming:

  1. Frozen Caverns: Rich in rare ores, but challenging due to the cold environment and aggressive Pals. Proper preparation is key.
  2. Volcanic Fields: Offers unique ores not found elsewhere. However, the area is hazardous, requiring careful navigation and heat-resistant Pals.
  3. Misty Highlands: A balanced location with a decent amount of ore deposits and moderate environmental challenges.

Maps and coordinates for these locations can be found on various Palworld community forums and guides, providing players with precise spots to start their farming endeavors.

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Best Pals for Ore Farming

Having the right Pals for mining is as important as choosing the best location. In Palworld, several Pals possess mining abilities, each varying in efficiency and skill level. Here’s a rundown of the most effective mining Pals:

  1. Anubis: Known for its impressive work speed and Level 3 Mining skill. Anubis is particularly valuable mid-game and remains active the entire day.
  2. Astegon: The only Pal with a Level 4 Mining skill, making it the top choice for mining operations. Catching Astegon may require time, but its efficiency is unmatched.
  3. Cattiva: While not as efficient in mining as Anubis or Astegon, Cattiva plays a crucial role in transporting ore to storage, enhancing overall efficiency.

Special Mentions

  1. Astegon stands out for its superior mining capabilities, making it a must-have for serious ore farming operations.
  2. Anubis is also highly recommended for its durability and ability to mine effectively over long periods.

Incorporating these Pals into your mining operations can significantly boost your ore output. It’s essential to equip your team with the right Pals for the job, considering factors like mining level, work efficiency, and their suitability for the environment you’re farming in.

This strategic approach will ensure a steady and efficient ore farming process, laying the foundation for your success in Palworld.

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Tips for Maximizing Ore Yield in Palworld

To ensure your ore farming efforts in Palworld are as fruitful as possible, it’s crucial to employ strategies that maximize your yield. Here are some essential tips for getting the most out of your mining operations:

Strategies for Deploying Pals Effectively

  1. Focus on Specific Tasks: Assign your Pals to focus solely on mining activities instead of multitasking. This ensures they dedicate all their energy and skills to extracting ore, increasing the efficiency of your operations.
  2. Use Pals According to Their Strengths: Place Pals with high mining levels, like Astegon and Anubis, in areas with dense ore deposits. Use other Pals for tasks like scouting for new mining spots or guarding the mining area from hostile creatures.
  3. Rotate Your Pals: To prevent fatigue and maintain a constant mining output, rotate your Pals between mining and resting. This keeps them fresh and productive.

Importance of Beds, Food, and Transportation Pals for Efficiency

  1. Ensure Adequate Rest: Build enough beds in your base to allow your Pals to rest properly. Well-rested Pals are more efficient and can mine for longer periods without needing breaks.
  2. Provide Sufficient Food: Food boosts your Pals’ energy levels, making them work faster and more efficiently. Keep a steady supply of food to keep your mining operations running smoothly.
  3. Utilize Transportation Pals: Pals like Cattiva are excellent for transporting ore from the mining site to your storage facilities. Efficient transportation reduces the downtime between mining sessions and ensures a steady flow of resources.

Managing Resources Across Multiple Bases

  1. Strategic Base Placement: Place your bases strategically across different ore-rich locations. This maximizes your mining reach and reduces travel time for your Pals between mining sites.
  2. Resource Allocation: Allocate resources wisely across your bases. Ensure each base has enough supplies, such as food and tools, to operate independently. This minimizes the need for resource shifting and allows you to focus on mining.
  3. Central Storage System: Establish a central storage system where the majority of your ore is kept. Use transportation Pals to move ore from satellite bases to this central location for easier management and processing.

Additional Tips

  1. Upgrade Mining Tools: Regularly upgrade your Pals’ mining tools to improve their mining efficiency. Higher-quality tools can significantly increase the amount of ore mined in a given time.
  2. Monitor Ore Respawn Times: Keep track of ore respawn times in your chosen locations. Timing your mining operations around these respawns can lead to a continuous ore supply.
  3. Engage with the Community: The Palworld community is a treasure trove of information. Engage with other players for tips on hidden ore farming spots or strategies for optimizing your mining operations.

By implementing these strategies, you can maximize your ore yield in Palworld significantly. Effective deployment of Pals, ensuring their well-being, and smart management of resources across multiple bases are key to establishing a successful ore farming operation.

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