Dark Souls 3 Greirat Unlock And Merchant Guide

Dark Souls 3 Greirat Unlock Gude

Dark Souls 3 has a great world that is filled with everything that makes a hardcore RPG great. Whether it is with allies, foes, factions, gear, weapons, magic, or NPCs – there is no shortage of variety in this game and there is a lot of choice in how you interact with and change this world.

One of the most interesting things in Dark Souls 3 are the merchants, as they are pretty different from one another and some of them are only unlocked under specific conditions. Not only that, but some merchants even come with their own set of questlines that the player can complete – which is a great way to experience more in this game’s addictive world.

One of these merchants is Greirat, as he is both very useful to have on your side and the player has to unlock him first before they can buy anything from him.

The method to unlock him is something that players can easily miss if they focus too much on the main quests of the game – so we’ve taken the time of creating a thorough guide on how you can unlock Greirat and benefit from his existence without wasting any of your precious time!

So, let’s get started.

How to Free Greirat in Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 Greirat Unlockck

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The first thing that you need to do here is to locate Greirat’s cell key. You can find the key inside a workshop which is located below the Pus of Man that erupts on the rooftop.

Walk down the ladder in front of you and defeat the Lothric Knight – which then allows you to follow the stairs by the end of it.

Then you have to either fight or avoid several Starved Hounds and Hollow Soldiers who are always guarding the area, and the Cell Key that you’re looking for will be found at the back wall of this place, which is also in the way of the aforementioned enemy type.

Once you have a key, head to the closest Bonfire that is located on The Tower on the Wall. From this Bonfire’s location, go down to the outer stairs and kill the knight guarding the place – or let him walk out and make your way out of there stealthily.

Kill The Enemy

You have to go to the lower floor and you will encounter two more enemies, and then you will come across a wood that is placed over a gap for you to cross. Once you kill the enemies and walk the gap, you advance to a different room that has one enemy.

Kill the enemy, walk through the doorway, and there will be a room with explosive barrels and an enemy that throws bombs in your way.

Greirat of the Undead Settlement Merchant Guide

After that, you must go to the room that is waiting for you and go to the right side from there which will take you to a corridor and Greirat will be visible on a cell at the end of this place.

Then, using the key, you can free him after you accept his request and from that point on, he appears at the Firelink Shrine as a merchant from whom you can buy some useful things.

Greirat of the Undead Settlement Merchant Guide

Once you free Greirat and accept his request, he will begin selling you some very useful items that you can use in the game at the Firelink Shrine location.

Sometimes he’s not ready to sell things, and in that case, you need to skip your clock forwards so that he becomes available again. And additionally, reloading the game’s world or killing a major boss tends to do the trick too.

Greirat of the Undead Settlement Merchant Guide

Greirat can be sent on expeditions as well, which results in him bringing back some very useful and interesting items that players with all different kinds of character builds can make use of.

However, the expeditions can be a bit dangerous and you have to make sure that a few characters like Siegward are not killed off as he tends to save Greirat whenever his expeditions can turn deadly.

And that’s it for our guide on the Greirat merchant in Dark Souls 3, which covers both how to unlock him and what are the best ways to interact with him.

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