How to Make Maki Roll In Stardew Valley

How to Make Maki Roll In Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of the most relaxing games out there. If you’ve never played then you’re in for a treat. You live as a farmer in Pelican Town where you mingle with its residents.

You can be friends with them and in some cases even have romantic relationships with them. 

However, this game is not just about having appropriate or inappropriate relations with virtual characters. You can build farms, have plenty of farm animals, even fight with creatures in caves.

Honestly, there is so much to do that you’ll often end up losing track of time while playing this game. 

While there are quests and concrete objectives throughout the game, it does offer you a level of freedom that gives it a certain distinction from other games of this genre. 

Apart from fishing in Stardew Valley, one of the most interesting aspects of this game is cooking. The player should always need to be aware of their health in this game, also their energy levels. 

How to Make Maki Roll In Stardew Valley

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While you can eat raw food to sustain yourself, in other words, you can choose to be a savage. Or you can learn the delicate art of cooking delicious virtual food. 

And much like in real life, cooking good food is not easy in this game. In order to cook food, you’ll need a recipe, the ingredients and of course a kitchen.

Once you obtain a place to cook, you’ll discover tasty dishes such as the Maki Roll which we will discuss in this article.  

Pre-Requisites to Make Maki Roll in Stardew Valley

The First thing that you’ll need to cook this dish is of course a place to cook it. While the ideal place would be a kitchen, you can also do it in a farmhouse or a cookout kit. 

Before I get to the ingredients and recipe I must say that this is one of those dishes which you can obtain without actually going through the trouble of cooking.

On a lucky Saturday, you’ll come across Maki Roll in Krobus’ Shop or in Stardrop’s Saloon (I’m not even kidding when I tell you that it can also be found in the Garbage Can outside it).

But if you don’t end up finding this gem of a dish in these locations then you’ll need the Recipe and the Ingredients. The Ingredients are quite simple to obtain, they are; Fish (Any type), Seaweed, and Rice. 

There’s two ways to get the recipe.

The easier way is to just buy it from the Stardrop Saloon for 300g, which in my opinion is a complete rip-off. The second affordable yet annoying way is to watch TV, specifically the Queen Of Sauce in which new recipes are introduced. 

How to make Maki Roll in Stardew Valley

Once you’ve obtained the recipe and ingredients, you can cook the Maki Roll in the kitchen.

Use the stove to see the special crafting menu (in which every recipe that you have learned will surely appear).

If you do have all the right ingredients with you (or it’s inside the refrigerator) you should be able to craft the Maki Roll. 

Maki Roll Uses and Features

Eating a Maki Roll will result in 100 Energy boosts, and 45 health will be gained. However, if it has a Qi Season then you’ll end up with 180 Energy boost and 81 Health gain.

Maki Roll can be sold for 220g. Sadly, it’s not used in any quests. However, you can use it in Tailoring. It’s used in Sewing Machine to create Shirt. It also acts as a black dye.

Most of the Villagers will have a positive reaction if you gift them a Maki Roll. However, Emily and Evelyn will absolutely hate it so I suggest you gift it to them the first chance you get.

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