Iron Giant MultiVersus Moves, Abilities, Stats (Guide)

Iron Giant MultiVersus Moves, Abilities, Stats GamesBustop

The Iron Giant is an iconic character that shaped the childhood of many generations of children. Although originally from a novel called ‘The Iron Man’, he is better known for the animated adaptation from 1999.

One of the most memorable things about the character is that he is similar to Superman in the sense that it came from the sky – and thus he relates himself to the superhero. And in MultiVersus, he finally gets to meet his hero after all!

He belongs to the Tank class, but he’s pretty unique compared to everyone else in the game due to his size.

According to the developers, it took three times longer to develop him than anyone else. So, he’s equipped with a lot of interesting moves and abilities that players need to understand to fully utilize him.

So, let’s not take a second further and jump into our guide of moves, abilities, and stats for the Iron Giant in MultiVersus! Once you’re done reading, you’ll know both how to play as him and against him.

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MultiVersus Iron Giant’s Moveset

First of all, let’s go over Iron Giant’s basic moves. Before we get started, it’s worth noting that he doesn’t have a double jump but he does hover when you press the jump button second-time mid-air.

Then we have the fact that he has a fuel meter that gets consumed, so make sure to use his resources carefully. And lastly, whenever he or his partner takes damage, his Rage meter fills which can then be entered and it changes some of his moves as we’ll explain below.

Iron Giant Neutral Attack

His Neutral Attack for the ground is Car-Lateral Damage which has him smash a car and then sit on it. For air, it’s Booster Barage which lets him fire his rocket boots. In Rage Mode, the ground Neutral has him shoot multiple shots of lasers.

Iron Giant Side Attack

His Side Attack is Metal Eater, in which he eats on some metal that breaks armor in the ground version. In air, he shoots his rocket boots forward and hits them multiple times. In Rage Mode, the ground Neutral has him charge multiple shots of lasers.

Iron Giant Up Attack

His Up Attack is Caution: Flying Metal, in which he charges and then hurls a scrap metal item inward for the ground version. For the air variation called Superman!, he shoots upward with his fist. In Rage Mode, the ground fires 3 missile projectiles.

multiversus iron giant gameplay

Iron Giant Down Attack

For the Down Attack called That… Is Art! He plants an artwork item and knocks nearby enemies downwards.

Any ally who picks it up gets a Thorn Buff too. In the air version called Blast Radius, he ignites his rocket boots towards the ground, which creates a fire projectile that acts as a trail. In Rage Mode for the ground attack, he charges and then slams his foot in a motion that creates a shockwave.

Iron Giant’s Abilities (Special Moves)

Now that we know everything about his core gameplay, let’s talk about Iron Giant’s special abilities.

MultiVersus Iron Giant’s Neutral Specials

His Neutral Special is Bolt Friends, in which he summons bolts to circle him which act like armor and can be summoned while doing other moves too. It functions the same way both in-ground and air, and in Rage Mode, he fires a powerful electric projectile. He will eat any item that he picks up, and that will refresh his cooldown for the bolts.

MultiVersus Iron Giant’s Side Specials

His Side Specials ground version is Carry On, in which he grabs a nearby enemy, who gets stunned, and then he can carry them across the map. In the air version, called Rocket Boost!, he fires his rocket boots back and shoots forward. In Rage Mode, he fires an energy orb that stuns enemies.

MultiVersus Iron Giant’s Up Specials

His Up Special is called Systems Are Go! In which he spins a beat-up hot rod around himself, and it can block projectiles and attack enemies. In Rage Mode, he summons an electrical strike to his body. Both the ground and air versions of this move are the same.

MultiVersus Iron Giant’s Down Specials

His move Down Special is called Cannonball! In which he jumps into the air and then cannonballs to the ground. And before he jumps, he can target a specific part of the ground where his cannonball-ing would land too.

In Rage Mode, he fires a downward laser blast projectile, and charging it increases the range too. This move is the same both in-ground and air, but there’s a slight difference in the air which has the Iron Giant transition immediately downwards without aim.

multiversus iron giant gameplay stats

Iron Giant’s Stats & Gameplay Tips

Let’s talk about Iron Giant’s strengths, weaknesses, and some gameplay tips that should get you started.

Starting with the tips; The Iron Giant is pretty straightforward to play as and he’s not that difficult to adjust to when playing against either. When he was new, people found him very difficult to fight against because of how overwhelming his moves can be.

But fortunately, just learning his weaknesses gives a whole new perspective to the situation.

For playing as him:

You should always keep his charged moves in mind because they are very helpful in the long run, especially those like his Neutral Special Bolt Friends, which cover him from nearby attacks for some time.

Then we have the fact that he can grant a Thorn Buff to an ally and to himself too if gray health is active, and enemies are damaged when they try to attack a thorn-buffed character with the wrong moves. His Down Attack That… Is Art! Is a good option for this as not only does it knock back enemies, but your ally can also then pick up what you drop.

The one thing, as mentioned above, that you should always watch for is his fuel. If you use too much of it, you won’t be able to execute some of the better moves in his arsenal. So, as long as he has fuel, you utilize his Rage Mode correctly, and charge attacks every now and then – you should be good to go as this entertaining Tank class character.

There’s not too much to say about the Iron Giant’s stats. The developers have done a good job at making him a very strong character without breaking the game since his weaknesses balance the experience out. If your opponent doesn’t know your weaknesses, you’ll have a great time dominating them.

But if they know how to counter most of your moves, then you’ll constantly experience losses.

Iron Giant MultiVersus Moves, Abilities, Stats GamesBustop

When playing against him:

There’s a good reason that most tier lists are ranking him very low right now. He seemed broken at first due to bugs, but most of them have been patched out by now.

His hit box is so large that you can easily juggle him off the map if you use the right moves. Of course, you can launch him like any other character in the game too.

Some of the Iron Giant’s moves like Cannonball leave him vulnerable once dodged, and he doesn’t do that well in smaller stages since a lot of his gameplay revolves around using rocket boots for traversal.

The only real trouble comes in when he’s teamed up with another player. Because if they have someone like Taz or any of the unpredictable characters, you might find it difficult to juggle between the Iron Giant and his partner. However, 2v2 means you have a partner too!

So don’t worry too much, the right teamwork will get you the victory you deserve.

multiversus iron giant

We hope that you found this guide useful! 

As always, it’s important to keep in mind that this guide is based on our personal experiences, opinions, and the data that we take in from the community. A character we consider weak might suit your playstyle way more than a character we consider strong – and vice versa.

So, it’s always a good idea to experiment and see what suits you best.

We’re just here to provide you with the right direction and save your time! While you’re still here, make sure to check out some of our other helpful MultiVersus guides too, such as a tier list of all the characters.

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