Walleye Stardew Valley Location & Fishing Guide

Walleye Stardew Valley Location

To be frank, In Stardew Valley there’s no ideal pathway to do things in Stardew Valley. There’s no end goal to be had for that matter. But there are a few things in the game that I would suggest you do unless a hefty reward is not something that is enticing to you. 

One of such things is the bundles. Bundles are essential items that you collect and donate to Junimos in the Community Center. Once you complete a specified number of bundles, Juminos will reward you accordingly for your services. 

And once you manage to complete every single bundle in the game, you will unlock the much-coveted Local Legend achievement. 

This brings me the Walleye Fish, which is required to complete the night fishing bundle.

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Fishing in Stardew Valley

To the uninitiated, Fishing in Stardew Valley can seem like an annoying task. Common fish are easy to get your hands on, you don’t have to meet specific conditions for them. 

But for a fish like Walleye, you’ll need to be aware of some conditions that the game demands you to meet. To catch a particular fish you must look for it in the right location.

The weather, time of day, and also the season have to meet the requirement for the specific fish that you have in mind.  

Location of Walleye Fish in Stardew Valley

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The Walleye fish can be found in Pelican Town. If you don’t encounter it in Pelican Town, then it can also be found at Mountain Lake and the Cindersap Forest. However, you’re most likely to find it in the Cindersap Location.

If you’re lucky you might also find it in Garbage Cans. There’s always the option of buying it off the Traveling Cart, which is a good option if you’re impatient and rich.

How To Catch Walleye Fish in Stardew Valley 

When you reach any of the above locations, make sure that the timing is between 12 pm to 2 am.

Go for it only when it’s fall unless you have a rain totem in which case you can catch it if it’s winter. Also do not forget that the weather has to be rainy.

Get any of this wrong and there’s a good chance you’ll be looking for this fish for hours with no success. 


As I mentioned above, Walleye is part of the Night Fishing Bundle. It can also be used as an ingredient in recipes that require any type of fish such as Sashimi and Maki Roll

You can make a hideous Fishing Vest if you want to, You can also use it as a Yellow Dye. Do not try to gift this fish to any villager in the game, They universally dislike it. In the fish pond, you can get some yellow Walleye too.

As far as quests are concerned, there’s only the Item Delivery Quest. You might be asked to produce one Walleye Fish. You will be rewarded 325g for your troubles.

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