Genshin Impact: 20 Powerful Female Characters, Ranked (2023)

Genshin Impact: 15 Powerful Female Characters

Video games have long been a medium that has acknowledged and contributed to women’s empowerment, from classic icons like Samus and Chun-Li to an even more significant amount of modern-day female characters.

Genshin Impact alone has so many powerful female characters that it’s hard to pick the best as well as the strongest ones from them.

Some of the women of Genshin Impact are arguably the most powerful characters in the game. Because it is one of the most versatile games of its type, the strength of its female characters mainly depends on the players and their playstyles. 

It’s important to note that this is not an A-to-Z tier list of all the latest updates to Genshin Impact’s meta. This is an opinion piece in which we kept gameplay capability, lore, and overall character appeal in mind.

Thus, while these characters are indeed strong gameplay-wise in the game, this ranking is not about finding every SS tier character in the game and squeezing them into the list. With that in mind, let’s get right into our ranking for Genshin Impact’s 20 powerful female characters!

Strongest Female Characters in Genshin Impact 

Here are 20 of the most powerful Genshin Impact female characters and scale their powers in terms of both the gameplay and the canon.

1. Ayaka

ayaka genshin impact

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Ayaka belongs to the Kamisato Clan, and she oversees most of their affairs. Not only is she incredibly beautiful and dignified, but she’s also a powerful combatant that can deal a massive amount of Cyro-specific damage.

She’s considered one of the top characters who can deal the most DPS with Cryo as her primary Element, which is very useful for many situations in the game. And if you think she looks familiar – you’re not wrong.

She is the younger sister of Kamisato Ayato, who is known for his Hydro skills and reputation.

2. Kokomi


Kokomi is a descendent of the Sangonomiya Clan, and she is referred to as a young Divine Priestess of the Watatsumi Island.

As you can tell, she bears a very strong responsibility upon her shoulders to oversee all affairs of Watatsumi. And though she is not a violent person, she does have to use force to keep the peace of her land too.

Her primary Element is Hydro, so she can deal a lot of damage through some of her strongest attacks. She can spam Hydro attacks like no one else and her DPS is pretty good too – which is always to be expected from characters that consistently show up on the SS list on tiers.

3. Diona

Diona Genshin Impact

It’s easy to confuse Diona for a child because of her lighthearted personality and the fact that her job is that of a bartender at Cat’s Tail. Hilariously, despite her job, she loathes alcohol and wishes to destroy the Wine industry.

Her primary Element is Cyro and she works excellently as a support character for strong carries like Eula – which makes her a great team player.

And fans particularly like using her for the Abyss Floors since she’s a healer and a shield-breaker.

4. Yelan

Yelan Genshin Impact

Unlike other powerful women in Genshin Impact who have specific roles in life, Yelan’s mysterious nature adds an extra layer of charm to her personality. She claims that she works for the Ministry of Civil Affairs, but it is later revealed that she is not in their records.

And then she lies further that she works for the Yanshang Teahouse – but that’s again another front as her true job is that of an intelligence agent who collaborates with Ningguang.

Her primary Element is Hydro, with her Elemental Skill being excellent. And even in general, she deals a lot of damage to her enemies which includes a focus on AoE too.

5. Mona

mona genshin impact powerful female characters

Mona is an extremely knowledgeable astrologist and is a character that many people in Mondstadt rely on. She moved there because she does not want to get into trouble with her master because she read their diary – which is, of course, a violation of privacy.

Though she may have a funny story, she shouldn’t be confused for a weak character because she’s one of the best users of the Hydro Element in Genshin Impact.

She works very well with other characters, especially those who have Freeze skills in their arsenal. And she’s considered one of the easiest characters to build in the 5-star range, which is especially great for newcomers.

6. Beidou

beidou genshin impact

The Uncrowned Lord of the Ocean is one of the game’s most esteemed characters. She’s fearless enough to not even flinch against Ningguang, the Tianquan of the Qixing. 

Beidou is an exceptional Electro option. She can create an Electro shield around a nearby party member with her Elemental Burst. Wielding Claymore also allows her to use her sword for both aggressive and defensive purposes.

7. Madame Ping

madam ping genshin impact

Since Madame Ping isn’t playable, very little can be said of her strength. It’s instead the fact that she’s held in such a regard that ranks her above some of the other Genshin Impact women.

She does display a lot of strength during the fight with Osial, some of which she also lends to the Traveler. The power she lends allows the Traveler to conjure shockwaves strong enough to break through Fatui shields.

Another skill of hers is making a dimension of her own through the teapot. She may be very aged during the game’s events, but she must definitely have been one of the strongest characters of the franchise in her prime. 

8. Traveler (Lumine)

lumie genshin impact

While she (and her twin Aether) has the potential to be one of the most powerful characters in the whole game, what puts her so far below in the ranking is her canonical nerfing caused by the story’s main antagonist. 

Before being sent to Teyvat, the twins were literally gods of their realm. Their canonical nerfing aside, they’re also commonly listed at the bottom of gameplay tier lists too, but that doesn’t change the fact that no one else in Teyvat can possess control of multiple elements.

The twins are also supposed to get buffed in the future in terms of both the gameplay and the lore, which may boost Lumine to an even higher rank. 

9. Eula

eula genshin impact

Eula, a descendant of the tyrannical Lawrence Clan, wants to dissociate herself from her family’s notoriety. She despises her clan to the extent of being vengeful toward anyone who associates her with it. 

Thanks to her Elemental Skill and Burst, she’s one of the strongest DPS units of Genshin Impact. She can strike every enemy in the AoE and can consume every Grimheart stack with her Icetide Vortex. She also has the ability to hit five times in a row.

10. Jean


Jean is the elitest of The Knights of Favonius. Following the departure of the previous Grandmaster of The Knights of Favonius, she is currently their acting Grandmaster, which alone makes her highly credible. 

The status of being a grandmaster has put the entire region’s army under her control, which has only added more to her strength. Not to forget that she’s a Vision controller too.

11. Klee


While discussions regarding her power levels are often sarcastic, that doesn’t make her any less formidable. The fact that she can level the Stormbearer Mountains is a good example of her power.

Aside from an absentee God from Liyue, no one in the lore has ever accomplished such a feat.

12. Hu Tao 

hu tao genshin impact

The 77th director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor is generally known for her offbeat humor, an example of which is how she sells her funeral plans to even the most infallible people. She may not enjoy fighting, but that’s in no way an indication of powerlessness.

If anything, Hu Tao is one of the game’s most desired Pyro users. She can summon flame spirits to attack every enemy in the AoE at the expense of some of her HP through her Elemental Burst, Spirit Soother.

She can also increase her attack depending on her HP through her Elemental Skill, Paramita Papilo. 

13. Ganyu

ganyu genshin impact

Blessed with exceptionally long life, Ganyu is a candidate to be a deity due to her being half-Adeptus. As of the current lore, she works for the leader of the Adeptus Zhongli, the Rex Lapis.

Despite Ganyu not wanting to engage in action due to her preference for her administrative work, she’s a strong fighter but falls short compared to other Adepti like Xiao.

What fundamentally ranks her higher than many other Genshin Impact women is her immortality.

14. Alice

alice genshin impact

Very little is known about Alice’s powers due to her not being playable, but from what we know, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Much like her daughter Klee, she’s a fairly overpowered mage. 

An impressive ability of hers, as seen in the recent in-game event, is to enchant islands and discover hidden island chains. Why we aren’t ranking her higher is due to there being few feats from her. Regardless, those we’ve seen are worthy enough to cement her placement on this list.

15. Ningguang


Ningguang, the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing, is the wealthiest in Teyvat. She maintains Law in Order in Liyue and is a symbol of fortune and wit for the entirety of Teyvat. Diluc is also known for his wealth, but even he doesn’t compare with Ningguang. 

She’s one of the most powerful Geo-using characters in the game. Her Elemental Burst produces projectiles that deal a great amount of damage. For her next attack, she rallies seven Star Jades and charges them at the enemy for prominent damage.

Unlike the Adepti, she may not be immortal, but her sheer strength and status put her ahead of most of them.     

16. La Signora

La Signora

La Signora is the strongest member of Snezhnaya’s elite and is the current leader of the Fatui Harbingers. Forces like the Knights of Favonius are also extremely powerful, but even they’re outmatched by the Fatui Harbingers. 

La Signora is easily one of the game’s most hellish bosses and has access to both Cryo and Pyro. She’s such an overpowered Vision user that she was able to steal Venti’s Gnosis with ultimate ease. 

17. Vennessa


Vennessa, last known for undergoing a trial in Celestia, was even a candidate for godhood due to her legendary rebellion against the tyrannical Decarabian. Even keeping that aside, she was a Mondstadt royalty. 

What elevates her position in this list to this extent is that it’s extraordinary for a mortal to be a godhood candidate. Lore-wise, she was so powerful for a mortal that even the gods of Celestia were astonished.

It’s a bummer that a character so powerful may never be playable, but from the lore alone, she’s easily one of the franchise’s strongest mortals, to say the least.

18. Shenhe


For someone who nearly turned into a monster after being cursed by their own father, Shenhe is extremely overpowered. While most of her powers reached their peak due to her foster-mother Cloud Retainer, she’d been toughening herself ever since she was cursed. 

She deals a lot of damage through her use of Cryo. She can even buff other Cryo characters via her Elemental Skill, Spring Spirit Summoning. Her Elemental Burst creates a Tailsman Spirit that deals heavy cryo damage to enemies and helps decrease their Cryo resistance.

Only recently, she was able to defeat a being as strong as Beisht, who’s the wife of Osial.

19. Yae Miko

Yae Miko

This may be a relatively controversial placement because Yae has always held her skills and powers back. She had to Scaramouche via trading Ei’s Gnosis even while saving the Traveler. And despite her Electro Catalyst use being tremendous enough, her builds are so versatile that it’s a hassle to choose from them.

What places her so high on this list, however, is that she’s able to even break into the Raiden Shogun’s Eternity plane when she utilizes her full potential. 

20. Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun

While Ei, the current Raiden Shogun, may not use her powers to their full potential, the mantle still provides her the same amount of power as her sister, who was the original Raiden Shogun. A swing of her sword alone can reshape the landscape of Inazuma. 

She’s arguably the most powerful Electro user. Her Elemental Burst allows her to deal serious damage even when off the field. The same skill recovers HP for her team too.

Her being an Archon lets her go toe-to-toe with not just other Archons but also the most fearsome beings in Teyvat.


Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with this ranking, we hope the list was able to cover the strongest facets of all the listed characters.

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