Stardew Valley: How to “Catch A Squid” Quest Guide

How to "Catch A Squid" Quest Guide

Stardew valley has emerged to be one of the most popular RPG games to come out in a while. However, some might compare it to a game like Terraria; it is totally original and mainly focuses on the country lifestyle! The simple yet beautiful pixel art style of the game enticed many players in the first place.

The game has many features and mini-tasks like fishing. Many fish can be caught in the game, but catching them totally depends on the time, season, and various other factors. Some fish can only be caught when you complete specific tasks, so it can get tricky, especially when you have to catch a fish that only comes out in certain seasons.

Also, there are many fishing quests in the game that keep the fishing part of the game interesting for the players. One such quest is the ‘Catch the squid’ quest given to you by Willy. 

The goal is pretty straightforward, but acquiring the squid is a bit tricky, but don’t worry; this guide will hold your hands throughout the quest so that you can complete it!

Catch A Squid Quest Requirements

To trigger the Catch a squid quest in the game, you’ll first have to wait until the right season to arrive in the game, the winter season. When the winter season starts, on the second day of winter, you’ll get a letter from the one and only Willy. He’ll challenge you to catch a squid!

Now squids aren’t the most abundant in the Stardew Valley; they are very hard to get a hold of.

First of all, you’ll have to be in the winter season to catch one of these tentacle creatures. Secondly, you’ll have to fish only at night, that too, only at the beach near Willy’s shack or somewhere deeper.

Also, you can’t expect to go to the quest without any prior practice in fishing. You should have at least a couple of levels and the fiberglass rod to catch the squid. As mentioned earlier, squids are hard to see, so make sure you’re well equipped before doing the quest.

Catch A Squid Quest Rewards

Doing such tricky quests should require you something big. And it does; Willy will pay you 800 gold via your journal once you take your squid to him. This is enough money to make the grind worthwhile in the game, especially in the winter!

Stardew Valley: How to "Catch A Squid" Guide

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Catch A Squid Quest Steps

Once it is around 7-8 pm in the game and it starts to get dark, it is the ideal time to go out and catch a squid. Next, head down to the beach and go near Willy’s shop; this is the place where most of the squids can be seen easily, so keep at it until you have caught a squid.

Now, as mentioned earlier, catching a squid ain’t easy; you’ll have to spend a lot of time fishing, maybe you won’t even be able to capture the squid, and the day might arrive.

That’s why having a decent fishing level and equipment is a must; it will offset some of the difficulty you face when trying to catch these tentacled creatures.

Once you catch a squid after a long time, go straight to Willy and give that squid to him. He will then provide you 800 gold in return via your journal, which is just a crazy amount when you think about the effort that went into catching the squid.

Also, remember, you only get 28 days every year to catch a squid, so make sure you make it worth it and complete the quest as soon as possible.

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