NBA2K22: How to Earn Gym Rat Badge (Current-Gen, Next-Gen)

NBA2K22: How to Earn Gym Rat Badge

The Gym Rat badge is one of the most crucial badges in the latest NBA 2K22. Without the badge abilities, the player will have to grind continuously for hours to elevate the player stats.

The Gym Rat badge allows an escape from this unfulfilling activity.

NBA 2K22 was recently released for all the major consoles out there; this includes the current-gen of consoles and the next-gen consoles. Like the previous releases, the new NBA 2K22 has also added new and exciting features to the game that make it worth playing!

The Gym Rat Badge

The Gym Rat badge is an item that effectively provides a boost to the player’s stats permanently so that you never have to work out ever again. Like real-life NBA, the game also has realistic mechanics; the player has to follow a strict workout regiment to stay on top of his game.

But thanks to the gym rat badge, it has become straightforward to permanently boost your attributes. As the game is available on both the new and the current gen, acquiring the item has different ways. Though once acquired, these items will have the same effect. 

This difference might be the hardware limitation of the current-gen consoles or simply the company’s tactic to get the players to switch to the next-gen as fast as possible.

In the current-gen, obtaining the gym rat badge is a bit difficult, whereas, in the next gen, you can get the badge in an hour or so if you’re lucky.

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How to get the Gym Rat Badge on Current Gen 

In NBA 2K22, the career mode is similar to many other sports games, so nothing new there. But thanks to the gym rat badge, it has become straightforward to permanently boost your attributes.

To obtain the Gym Rat badge on the current gen, you have to simply win the NBA championship, and that’s it. It’s pretty straightforward but time-intensive.

This time problem can also be avoided by using the simulate feature wherein you won’t have to play the game to win or lose. To maximize your chances of winning, make sure to choose a team that you think would do good on its own if you’re going to simulate most of the matches.

How to get the Gym Rat Badge on Next-Gen

In the next-gen console, in addition to the customize feature in the My Career mode, the next-gen console also lets the player roam freely throughout the open-world city and also do the various city quests in the city that are useful in progressing in the game.

You can obtain the Gym Rat Badge in NBA 2K22 on the next-gen console by completing a simple quest.

The quest is also conveniently called the Gym Rat. This quest will take you to a Gatorade gym, wherein you’ll have to finish a total of 50 3-star workouts to get the gym rat badge as a reward.

This may take some time as the gym sets a limit of only 5 workouts per week. So even if you maximize your workouts, you’ll still take almost 10 weeks to complete the quotes and get your hand on the gym rate badge.

This can be easily skipped by going to the Gatorade Science Institute, where you can do all the workouts without worrying about the limit like in the other Gatorade gyms.

If you complete the quest fast, this will allow you to get the Gym Rat badge in an hour or so.

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