Dragon Tooth Stardew Valley Location

Dragon Tooth Stardew Valley Location

With the kind of wide variety offered by the creators of Stardew Valley, one could easily lose track of things.

It might be discouraging for players who find it difficult to get their hands on certain materials but the satisfaction is worth all the effort, hang in there. One of the rare materials to get in Stardew Valley is the Dragon Tooth. 

In the following guide, we will be taking a look at how you can find a Dragon Tooth. The game item will help you in your journey to 100 percent perfection. The only catch is Dragon teeth can’t be found easily. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

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Dragon Tooth In Stardew Valley Explained

A dragon tooth is one of the rare items in the Stardew Valley which can be only found on Ginger Island. The island is a new addition to the game, but you can access Ginger island only after you finish the community center storyline. 

Once the community center storyline is completed, you will receive a mail from Willy regarding a boat in the back of his shop. The boat needs to be repaired with some resources like 200 hardwood, five battery packs, and five iridium bars.

Once the boat is repaired, you are ready to sail. You can reach the island by sailing in the boat to start your conquest for dragon teeth. 

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The game describes the dragon teeth to be the actual teeth of ancient serpents that are made from iridium. As we all know how valuable iridium can be, finding teeth made of pure iridium will not be a piece of cake. The Dragon teeth being ancient and valuable becomes very rare.

How To Find Dragon Teeth In Stardew Valley

You can find Dragon teeth within the Volcano Dungeon. You can locate the dungeon in the northmost part of Ginger Island. 

There is a 15 percent chance that you will get Dragon teeth as a loot from the Lava Lurk enemy. You can find the enemy swimming in the lava pools and then kill it to receive the loot. Once a Lava Lurk is killed, the loot you receive goes directly to your inventory. 

You can get Dragon teeth from Lava Lurks, but it can be a long process and the chances of success are just 15 percent. Another way to find Dragon teeth is by searching for them on the ground near Dragon Skeletons. 

The Volcano Dungeon has a total of 10 floors. There’s a possibility that each floor contains one of the dragon skeletons. Be aware while on the lookout for the skeletons, because near the skeletons there’s a high chance of getting between one and three dragon teeth. 

How to Find Them Effectively

The most efficient way to find dragon teeth is to search each floor of the dungeon one by one. When you reach a floor, look for either a dragon skeleton or lava lurks. If you do not see either of them, quickly move to the next floor. 

There’s one more way of finding Dragon Teeth. You can find them in a fish pond, you read that right. 

Fish ponds can be one of the best passive sources for different materials. If you have at least nine stingrays in your pond, then there’s a 5 percent possibility that they will produce a dragon tooth. 

You can buy stingrays from the Pirate Cove on Ginger Island. Once you build the island resort, you will be able to unlock this area towards the east of the main beach. We wish you the best of luck on your quest for the dragon teeth and hope our information will help you in your pursuit. 

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