10 Best Action-Adventure Games like Tomb Raider

games like tomb raider

Tomb Raider is by far one of the most immersive video game franchises, with some of the best action-adventure platformer landscapes in gaming.

It has, over time became a beloved classic, with Lara Croft and more so surreal graphics that make it an even better experience with every new iteration in the franchise.

But, if you have played all Tomb Raider games, or just can’t wait for the next Tomb Raider to come out, then you are in the right place.

List Of Games Similar to Tomb Raider

Here’s a list of Tomb Raider alternatives to play if you’ve completed Tomb Raider or want more action.

1. Horizon Zero Dawn

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The first game that comes to mind, whenever Tomb Raider is mentioned, nowadays is Horizon Zero Dawn. Both of these games have a strong female protagonist and are entirely based around exploration and just pure adventure.

And to add, just like Tomb Raider, Horizon Zero Dawn revolves around going through old ruins, lost caves, and other such areas. 

While Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the closest games to Tomb Raider, the next entry on the list is also no stranger to action-adventure, with some of the best gameplay mechanics in the genre.

2. The Last of Us Part 2

Now despite all the criticism The Last of Us part 2 got last year, it is by no means a bad game. Although it is definitely not as good as its predecessor, but as an action-adventure title, The Last of Us Part 2 definitely takes the cake as a gold tier game that is a must-play at this point. And to that, you will love Last of Us Part 2 as a standalone title, rather than a The Last of Us sequel. 

If you enjoy Tomb Raider and love the thrill that it has to offer, then The Last of Part 2 will be a treat for you to go through because of its stunning, breathtaking graphics and immersive play mechanics. Plus, the game design is nothing to scoff at, which speaks volumes about just how much detail and care the developers have put into its making.

3. Control

If we are to talk about strong female leads, taking the helm into dangerous and uncharted territories, then Control is a game that deserves to be on your next “games to play list”.

Control has some of the most Bizarre, yet fun premises out of all the games on this list; and Yes, even more so Last of Us Part 2. 

It has some of the most stunning visuals, combined with innovative, extremely well-balanced gameplay that is surprisingly fun to go through.

4. Uncharted

Now, Uncharted as a franchise is not a surprising entry on this list. Uncharted and Tomb Raiders have an extremely similar play style, and even more so approach to the game design is also quite similar.

Although Tomb Raider came before Uncharted, the last three Tomb Raider games have definitely taken inspiration from Uncharted and have started to go in its direction, in terms of gameplay at the very least.

So, if you want to play something that has a very similar Indiana Jones style play to Tomb Raider, then Uncharted is a definite play for that experience.

5. Assassins Creed Franchise:

If there is one game franchise that has as big of a legacy as Tomb Raider in the action-adventure genre, then the Assassins Creed definitely comes up as a strong contender.

Especially in the last two games; Assassins Creed Odyssey and Assassins Creed Valhalla, the franchise has cemented itself for having some of the best all-rounder action-adventure games out there. 

Heck! the gameplay and game mechanics have also started to follow a similar path as Tomb Raider. So if you have stayed away from the Assassins Creed Franchise, then with the latest Assassins Creed Valhalla you can expect to get a great Tomb Raider like play, in a Viking ridden world.

6. The Witchers 3: Wild Hunt

If there is one game that deserves the title of the King of Action-Adventure games, then The Witchers 3 is a definite pick for that title. While Tomb Raider definitely makes it for the thrill, The Witchers 3 is a much slow-paced game, even more so inspiring, and has fun elements, with a more exciting story to go along with its unusual gameplay.

However, despite the disparities, Tom Raider and Witchers 3 also have a lot of similarities; making both titles have very similar gameplay experience, to say the very least

7. Metro Exodus

Now, if you were to compare Metro Exodus and any Tomb Raider game, you could easily deduce out that both titles have a very similar style of gameplay and, other game mechanics.

Metro Exodus is a title that offers a true open-world experience that is essentially a treat for Tomb Raider fans. It is also a very much slow-paced game, with exploration embedded into its game philosophy.

So, if you like walking simulators, with mystery elements spread throughout a nuclear wasteland then this game was made for you.

8. Far Cry

Now, if you are one of those Tomb Raider fans who would like some more action, rather than just stealth in your Tomb Raider games, then the Far Cry games are a perfect pick for you.

Especially with Far Cry: New Dawn; despite the stealth mechanics, you have the option to head right in the enemy base and have an excellent time going on a rampage. While you can also do that in most of the other games on this list, Far Cry is a lot more chaotic and a must-play for a thrilling gaming experience.

9. Quantum Break

But, if you are still more into cinematic story-driven action, then Quantum break is a great game that is packed with action and unique abilities like, time-stopping that make this title stand out from others on this list.

Although Quantum is still more of a sci-fi thriller than an exotic climb, it is still a great game to check out if you are looking for some more diversity in your action-adventure games.

10. Ghost of Tsushima

And for the last one, we have, Ghost of Tsushima from the land of the rising sun. Now, rather than being an Indiana Jones style game that Tomb Raider is known for, Ghost of Tsushima is a much more calming game with a Samurai setting.

But, despite being set in medieval Japan, Ghost of Tsushima is one of the best action-adventure games of 2020 that will give you your Tomb Raider fix and then some more with its excellent game design and more so just stunning visuals.

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