Black Desert Mobile Best PvP Classes Ranked (2023)

Black Desert Mobile Best PvP And PvE Classes

Black Desert Mobile is an online multiplayer game that lets players enjoy the ultimate MMORPG experience on their mobile phones.

It is the mobile version of the famous Black Desert game that offers all characters of the original game, familiar settings, and similar-looking graphics.

Black Desert Mobile is regarded as one of the most popular Android games, all thanks to its futuristic gameplay. It is a complex game, and not every player knows what to do until it’s too late.

To avoid being in such a situation, here is a guide to help you choose the best character class in Black Desert Mobile so you can defeat enemies effortlessly.

Black Desert Mobile Classes

The global version of Black Desert Mobile offers 13 character classes with the ability to transform the majority of these classes into ascended or awakened versions.

After awakening and ascending base classes, the total number of classes goes all the way to 34, giving a variety of classes to choose from. The Korean version of the game features some exclusive classes, but this guide features classes available in the international version only.

ere are all the Black Desert Mobile classes with their potential awakened and ascended versions.  

  • Warrior: Berserker: Gladiator
  • Ranger: Windwalker: Huntress 
  • Witch: Invoker: Archmage
  • Giant: Destroyer: Titan
  • Valkyrie: Lancer: Paladin
  • Sorceress: Reaper: Raven
  • Dark Knight: Phantasma: Void Knight
  • Striker: Grandmaster
  • Hashashin
  • Tamer: Spiritwalker: Lupa
  • Maehwa: Primrose: Lotus
  • Musa: Warlord: Blade Master
  • Nova

Best Classes in Black Desert Mobile

The class you choose in Black Desert Mobile depends on your priorities and your play style, but each class has a different effect on the gameplay. Below are the best classes that you can choose to get the most out of the game.

These classes are divided into 4 tiers, with S being the best tier and C being the lowest tier.

Black Desert Mobile S-Tier Classes

S-tier is the highest tier featuring three of the best character classes in the game, which are:

  • Striker
  • Musa
  • Warrior
CharactersStrengthsWeaknessesTier Level
StrikerFast and efficient PvE
Built-in magic resistance, high damage, and control
Easy to pick up and learn 
Struggle in higher-level PvE
Focused duringGuild v Guild
Struggles against dedicated dueling classes
Warrior  PvE power and resilience
Built-in magic Resistance and high durability
Overwhelming attacks and Awakening abilities
Outshined/DPS’d by Ninja/Kunoichi in duels
Can be Kited in PvP by ranged classes. 
Not as Durable as other classes for Guild Vs Guild
MusaWide attack range and high damage for PvE
Capable of wiping groups of weaker players in Guild V Guild
Adaptable and capable of combat regardless of situation/Environment
Read Musa class complete guide.S

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1. Striker

Striker is an old one that comes with fabulous powers and stunning abilities; however, it carries a few lacks and comes with a slow speed issue.


  1. Slow Speed
  2. Skill Powers are mechanically complicated
  3. Passable when comes to Solo Player versus environment.

2. Musa

If you love fast-paced games, then Musa is designed for you as it shares lots of base pre-awakening skills. It is suffering from dynamic and fast-paced burst damage play-style.


  1. Lack of Resource Management
  2. Hard to understand when it comes to overcoming enemies
  3. No Grab Abilities
  4. Low Base Defense.

3. Warrior

Though Warrior is the best damage dealer, it is a bit clunky when it comes to level. However, it offers one of the best blocking abilities that work perfectly and enables you to dominate Player versus Player encounters.


  1. Clunky Level
  2. Awkward when it comes to Solo PvP and PvE Battles
  3. Lack Mobility.

Striker is ranked as the overall best class of Black Desert Mobile for player-vs-environment situations. The warrior class is similar to Striker in terms of performance, and it can increase your chances of survival in PVP and PVE battles.

Musa class deals the most serious damage in player-vs-environment battles, so there is no chance that dark world forces will win over you. All the classes in the S tier also provide you an opportunity to enjoy the game to its fullest without worrying about anything.

Why Play S-Tier Class

When it comes to leveling in Black Desert Mobile, S tier classes feature a balanced setup, for now, meaning that you can level up faster than your in-game friends.

S-tier classes also benefit in the later stages of the game because you can farm with the base, awakened, and ascended versions of these classes. Dodge basic enemy attacks with ease due to the high mobility of the ranger class.

Black Desert Mobile A-Tier Classes

Valkyrie and Maehwa fall into the A tier due to their beginner-friendly behavior because newcomers don’t know what to do.

These classes are weaker than other classes, but they can do wonders in the correct hands. With high burst damage, kill the enemy in one blow and increase your chances of getting legendary items.

Maehwa class relies on gear, so equip proper gear before setting on a journey, or you may get into a bad situation and get killed.

Both classes are versatile, and they can help you in getting really close to the enemy to hit the weak spot and deal more damage in fewer hits. It is a front-line warrior with the ability to deal more damage to enemies as compared to all the other classes.

CharacterStrengthsWeaknessesTier Level
MysticBalanced survivability and power
Consistent in PVP and PvE
Easy to learn and gear up.
Can be overwhelmed by powerful classes and numbers
Struggles in 1 v 1 duels compared to many classes
Comes into real power late game.
ValkyriePower balance and extremely high Burst
Durable and dependable
Decent damage once skills and combos are mastered.
Weak CC capability
Requires high skill level to shine
Weak against Ranged/Magic.
BerserkerTop Tier Crowd Control and Grabs
Immense health pool
High Mobility and versatile damage for PvP and PvE.
Takes relatively high skill to compete in Duels
Struggles to out damage classes for PvE
Very limited Ranged Options.
MaehwaTons of Super Armor abilities!
Mobile and great for closing distances
Capable of versatile builds.        
Very gear reliant
Relies on super armor in PVP
Can get burst down very quickly if improperly played.

Why Play A-Tier Class

All the A Tier classes are player-vs-player battles oriented, so you can single-handedly defeat other players on the battlefield to end their journey in the dark world. Valkyrie also features off-heal capabilities to heal your teammates after each battle and prepare for the next battle.

Black Desert Mobile B-Tier Classes

Witch, Tamer, Dark Knight, and Sorceress are all B Tier player classes in Black Desert Mobile. Most of these classes can deal insane damage to enemies, whether you are playing solo or in a group.

If you are a beginner, these classes aren’t for you as you need some level of skills to get the most out of them. For adventure lovers who want to wander around the map looking for new things to do, B Tier classes are the best Black Desert Mobile Classes for them.   

Character           Strengths           Weaknesses      Tier
WizardExtremely high PvE power
Ability to heal and buff allies better than others 
Valuable for Guild V Guild due to AoE power.
Bottom of the barrel dueling ability
Requires a high skill level for PvP.
WitchImmense CC power
Top of the line PvE ability
Potent in Guild V Guild PvP.
Targeted the most in Guild V Guild.
TamerGreat CC for small scale PVP
Highly Agile
Powerful Combat pet.
Extremely fragile
Requires high skill level
Vulnerable to mass AoE abilities in PvP.
Dark Knight        Decent at all combat roles
A strong addition to grinding teams and PvP teams
Doesn’t lack critically in any state or role.
Nerfed heavily from release
Easy to outplay and requires a high level of skill
Doesn’t excel strongly at any one thing.

Why Play as B Tier Class

Increase your field farming speed and clear bosses in less time with Sorceress and other similar classes. Most of these classes have fewer actions per minute as compared to other classes, so you can deal more damage.

Black Desert Mobile C-Tier Classes

Ranger and Giant are C Tier classes meaning that they should be at the bottom of your dream class list. Ranger is a ranged class, so you can attack enemies from a distance and stay safe from their attacks. Giant is a huge class in Black Desert Mobile in both appearance and stats.

It is regarded as a versatile class, but you need some time to master it.

SorceressHigh Magic Damage
Potent PvE clearing ability
Very wide AoEs.
Vulnerable to Dueling classes C
RangerStrong ranged damage
Good at kiting mobs and players
A good all-rounder with potential at high levels.
Outpowered and played by many classesC
ArcherExcellent Ranged fighter
Versatile and dependable
A potent Player Killer if allowed to burst from range.  
Linear attack lines make grinding Mobs hard      C

Why Play C-Tier Class

With high mobility and damage, these classes are capable of getting you out of any situation.

For player vs. player and player vs. environment situations, the giant is the best class. It is recommended to take a healer into your team to heal from damage dealt by your enemies and stay in the battle until the end.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you have all the relevant information about which classes are the best, pick your favorite class and put your fighting skills to the test.

Although this guide features the best player classes, you can still choose a player class relevant to your gameplay style.

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