Cities: Skylines; How to Get American Buildings (2023)

Get American Buildings in Cities Skylines

Wondering how to bring American builds to your map in “Cities Skylines?” If so, then we’ve compiled a guide to help you learn everything you are willing to transform your buildings into American-style.

The game tasks players to build the metropolis of their dream from the empty ground and get control over all aspects, ranging from tax collection to public transport. Purchasing the base game will enable you to create or style of your powerhouses, such as:

  • Europe
  • The United States.

Although the results are awesome sometimes, switching between easy isn’t as easy as players from worldwide are considering.

If you are one of those players who are willing to get American-style buildings to their city, then here’s a guide to help you change the architectural designs of your City.

After getting dozens of choices in Cities Skylines, the possibility of missing a few things isn’t a big deal; however, here’s the way you can utilize it to set a district’s style.

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How to Change Buildings to American Style In Cities Skylines

In Cities Skylines, as players plan to grow their settlements, they will discover thousands of customization options.

A few of them are pretty cool and easy to wrap, while some are tricky and difficult to understand. Keep in mind that setting up the style of others’ buildings is a feature the game introduces to you at the start of the game.

Knowing is good that there are two different types of buildings in the base game, American and European.

Get American Buildings in Cities Skylines

Furthermore, using the “District Menu” may help you get American-style buildings. Firstly, the player must paint the area; so the default name can appear.

Next, interact with the default name and bring the District Menu up, where you can spot the District Style drop-down menu found at the bottom-right of your screen. The given method is easiest when choosing the desired style of building, including the American style.

If you downloaded the game from the Steam Workshop with enabled Content Manager in Main Menu, then options will appear in the District Style Sub-menu under the District Menu.

  • Firstly, start building your District.
  • Paint the area to highlight the default name of the district.
  • Make your interaction with the name to discover the District Menu. 
  • Now, hit the District Style button and select the “American Style” from the given options that appear from the Dropdown Menu.

As you start the game, you don’t need to pay attention to the architecture style as it is represented around you in the name you have selected.

Usually, the game mixes both Us-style and European buildings, making a weird hybrid city, but you have an option to sort the list down a bit more to start your career with a particular structure and decide what your city should look like.

Using the built-in way, you can easily handle American or Europe style buildings, but they are tricky for Menu System.

Get American Buildings in Cities Skylines

Select American-style Buildings

To modify how your city grows, you need to start your career with a new district area. Painting your area to display the default name is mandatory as it is the first step to unlock the option of American-style Buildings.

Having said that means the district name will appear on the spot, and you can change it with your favorite one. Once you successfully unlock the “District Style,” head to the American Style option from the Drop-Down Menu.

Selecting the said option will switch all of your models to USA-style and include high-rises and skyscrapers.

How to add more American-style Buildings using Mods

If you bought the game from Steam Workshop, you surely have discovered thousands of mods with an option of adding to your game after turning the Content Manager on from the Menu.

Upon analyzing, you can learn about other users and what kind of American-style Buildings they are using in their areas.

Keep in mind that all can be done using official Downloadable Content Packs; however, most DLCs are paid, but free ones are also available that may improve your game further. The DLCs usually include Airport Park, Stadiums, Snowfall, Mass Transit, and more.

 New Styles are obtained following the steps given below:

1. Purchase Expansion Packs

Cities Skylines come with a collection of expansions that let you add different items to make your cities green, build hi-tech buildings, and add different means of transport.

2. Mods

Surely, you would be familiar that Cities: Skylines is a moddable game, and all the best mods are already listed in Steam under the Workshop tab.

Using mods, you become able to transform your city into almost everything you could ever have in your land, including American-style Buildings. The only thing you are supposed to do is filter the content by “District Style.”

How to Add Mods in Cities Skylines

If you are looking for the best way to get what you are willing to find is the “Steam Workshop.” I’m saying on behalf of mods available in thousands.

Therefore, adding extra buildings of American-style become possible, thanks to modding support being introduced for City Building Game.

As mentioned above, there are thousands of styles available for buildings, and you only need to tap the Aforementioned section of Steam and search for the right list. To find all the mods, you must check out the “District Style.”

  • Once you download the content of your choice from the Steam Workshop, tap the “Content Manager” from the Main Menu. 
  • Select the “Styles” tab to let the game show you all downloaded content.
  • Now, select the buildings you want in your Cities by ticking them.

So, that’s almost everything you should know to get American-style buildings in your cities and add more unique structures following your playstyle.

Now, you can design your American-themed buildings your way and call up your friends to impress them, showing your work.

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