Black Desert Mobile Striker Awakening Guide

Black Desert Mobile Striker Awakening Guide

In the latest update of the Black Desert Mobile, developers bring the awakening feature to enable players to awake their character class and increase their stats.

Striker is a martial artist with complex combos in the arsenal for hand-to-hand battle to defeat anyone who comes in his way and is even more powerful when upgraded to the grandmaster build.

Professional players are saying that this was one of the much-awaited features of Black Desert Mobile, and it will bring the mobile version to the same level as pc and console.

Customize your character with built-in tools and show your taste to your in-game friends along with your gaming skills. Experience the world like never before and complete objectives to win rewards, including weapons, stones, and experience points.

Class awakening is a simple process, and almost all the classes in the game can be awakened except for some, but the chances are that their awakening will be available in future updates.

But first, we need to learn what awakening is and what its benefits are.

Black Desert Mobile Striker Awakening

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What is Class awakening in Black Desert Mobile?

In Black Desert Mobile, you need to awake your class to use new and powerful weapons and skills singlehandedly. Awakening is the only key to growing into a more powerful version of your current class without losing your game progress.

After awakening your class, you will be able to perform some unique combat actions like never before. You need to change your current weapon for awakening and equip weapons that are suitable for awakening a class to successfully awake the class.

Awakening will give you a new way to reach the level cap without grinding, as you will be able to defeat high-level enemies without much stress.

Benefits of Class Awakening

If you want to get your hands on class-oriented special weapons, class awakening is your only option.

You don’t have to worry about your existing crystal, harmony, and breakdown status as awakening doesn’t affect them in any way.

Those who are equipped with a legendary weapon have the option to keep their current weapon and receive an equipment exchange ticket instead.

Rich players who have 10 million silver coins in their bag can buy an equipment exchange ticket from a Pearl shop scattered across the map. But to do so, players first need to reach the myth level to retain any modifications to a weapon of the previous class.

Black Dessert Mobile Striker Awakening Guide

Striker is an above-average character class in Black Desert Mobile that comes up with marital arts combos to finish the enemy. You may need some time to fully master all the combos of the Striker, but once you have mastered them all, you can do wonders like none other.

Gauntlets are the primary weapons, and Vambrace is the secondary weapon of the striker class, but you can acquire an awakening weapon after reaching level 56. Godbrace is the awakening weapon, and you will be able to summon clones of Striker to take one many enemies at once by equipping it.

Striker is proven a strong class against a majority of magic classes because they are resistant to damage dealt by magic classes. It is best against witch, wizard, dark knight, and sorceress classes but good skills will make it stand out against any class with equal stats.

Advantages of Striker Class

 Here are some advantages of the Striker class that will help you in finalizing your player class in Black Desert Mobile.

  • It is a tanky class with high damage bursts
  • Beneficial in both player-vs-player and player-vs-environment situations due to the short-range mobility
  •  You don’t need too many pots for grinding
  • It can easily take up various siege and node war roles, including defensive, frontline warrior, and flanker, etc.
  • Strong class for player-vs-player battles with few enemies
  • Features a second grab skill which can be pretty useful if you use it at the right time

How to Awake the Striker In BDM

Below is a step-by-step guide to help you through awakening any class in Black Desert Mobile, which is Striker in this case.

  • Start the game and go to the class changing menu
  • Select the class awakening option
  • Confirm your selection, and you will see an on-screen notification that you have successfully awakened the Striker class and unlocked new content

Succession of Striker

After awakening the Striker, Succession is the next step where the class will once again transform into a new character. Go to the Black Spirit on the map and talk to them to complete the Succession quest after reaching player level 56.

Succession will open new doors for you as it features a new skill tree with various high-level skills to upgrade them to the maximum and enjoy those extra stats.

After succession, the awakening weapon shouldn’t be your priority as it has little to no effect on the damage that you can deal.  

There is good news for those who love to use green or blue grade weapons after awakening the Striker, as the 30% post-awakening AP buff will also apply to the damage-dealing ability of the class after the succession.

If you have reached the end of the game, succession is best for you, especially if you want to engage in player-vs-environment battles only.

Black Desert Mobile Striker Awakening Guide

The chances are that you will get high-level loot from all the end-game spots. Succession will remove any defense and utility stats that you received with the awakening of Striker. In return, you will get the ability to deal more damage to enemies with minimum AoE skills.

It is a player-vs-environment-oriented class, but succession will make it a good class for player-vs-player battles as well.


Now that you have everything you need to know about the awakening of Striker, it is time for you to level up to the given requirement and awake the class.

You may choose succession over awakening depending on your in-game objectives, but awakening will give you a new approach to dealing with enemies.

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