Black Desert Mobile Musa Class Guide

black desert mobile musa class guide

In Black Desert Online, Musa is a character class loaded with Horn Bow and Blade. Musa uses the blade as the primary weapon and the Horn Bow as the secondary weapon.

The awakening weapon unlocks as the class reaches level 56, revealing the Crescent Blade. Furthermore, it serves as the male counterpart of Maehwa, possessing the same pre-awakening skill set.

Musa is for you if you love playing with fast-paced character classes.

Before starting, keep in mind, it is a bit challenging class to master. The performance in Player versus Player matches is fantastic, as well as it is also considered the best and fastest clearing class in low-end Player versus Environment.

Black Desert Mobile Musa Guide Pros and Cons

Indeed, every character class has its unique advantages and disadvantages regarding the battlefield. Similarly, Musa class has some pros and cons that you must know before putting yourself into action. 


  1. Fast-paced Combat
  2. Large AoE Skills
  3. Strong performance in small PvP 
  4. High Mobility
  5. Flexible Class.


  1. No Grab
  2. Low Defense
  3. Stamina Issues
  4. Reliant on Gear score.

Musa PvP Class Matchups

Musa comes with the ability to choose the fight and when to engage because of dashing powers. With Musa, players with high skill levels can learn when their opposing players start opening their skills and react to the attack.

Musa is a perfect class against grab classes since they depend on super armor dash when it comes to Player versus Player Matches. We’ve compiled a list of some classes that Musa can struggle with: 

1. Valkyrie

Valkyrie uses blocks and can prove hard to deal with. However, they start to move and grab you after finding a good opportunity. It is fully loaded with Suck or Vacuum skills that Valkyrie can catch you.

Upon fighting, your priority should be ongoing in and out of the battle and not trade damage.  

2. Lahn

Lahn comes with lots of protected mobility and a long-ranged grab that makes it a challenging class to deal with; therefore, you should be active whenever fighting against Lahn. 

3. Warrior

The warrior could be a tough competitor because it usually stays in their block and use Sola Flair and Grab abilities whenever they notice an excellent opportunity to engage in battle. 

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Optimal Musa Combos

Here’s a guide with all the short keys to help you perform combos during the fight. Keeping all keys in mind would be difficult for everyone; therefore, you should start with the easiest one, practice, and move on to the next one.

Currently, there are two types of combos, Optimal and Strongest Combos. Optimal combos have been written in two different types like Pre-awakening and awakened. 

I. Pre-awakening

  • S + LMB -> W + LMB + Space -> Shift + Q -> C -> Dash Slash -> Shift + LMB -> F
  • S+LMB -> W + LMB+ Space -> LMB (x1-2) -> LMB+RMB -> C -> Dash Slash -> Shift + LMB -> F
  • Shift + RMB -> S+LMB / Shift + LMB + RMB -> Shift + Q / LMB+RMB -> C -> Dash Slash -> Shift +LMB -> F
  • Shift +RMB + A/D -> W + LMB + Space -> LMB (x1-2) -> LMB+RMB -> C -> Dash Slash -> Shift + LMB -> F

II. Awakening

  • W+F -> Shift + LMB -> A/D+LMB -> Q -> Shift + RMB -> Shift + F -> F
  • W+F -> A/D+LMB -> A/D+RMB -> Space -> Shift + RMB -> Shift + LMB -> F -> Dash Slash
  • Musa’s Spirit -> A/D+LMB -> A/D+RMB -> Space -> Shift + RMB -> Shift + LMB -> F -> Dash Slash
  • A/D+LMB -> Q -> A/D+LMB -> A/D+RMB -> Space -> Shift + RMB -> Shift + LMB -> F -> Dash Slash

Strongest Possible Musa Combo

Try this combo.

  • S+LMB / W+F -> A/D+LMB -> A/D+RMB -> C -> W + Space -> LMB (2x) -> LMB+RMB -> C -> Dash Slash -> Shift + LMB -> F.

Musa Class Skill Addons

  • Dragonbite
  • Blooming
  • Gale
  • Rising Storm
  • Stub Arrow.

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