Black Desert Mobile Grandmaster Build Guide

Black Desert Mobile Striker Grandmaster Guide

Black Desert Mobile is an open-world game for those who want to take part in an online battle and put their fighting skills to the test. It is a critically acclaimed MMORPG that enables you to set for an adventure to the dark world where you will face the scariest of the monsters.

With more than 13 different classes and many subclasses, choose your favorite class and take the role of a sorcerer or a paladin. It is time for you to push your boundaries and indulge yourself in a fast-paced, action-packed battle against monsters from the depths of hell.

If you think that your character is underpowered, increase its damage-dealing ability and other stats to make it stand out in any battle. Enjoy the same high-quality Black Desert graphics on your small screen device.

Pet a horse or some other animal and train them in your camp for your upcoming adventure.

What is Grandmaster in Black Desert Mobile?

After the ascension of the Striker Class in Black Desert Mobile, you transfer all the mental and physical abilities of the Striker class to a more powerful version. It is known as the Grandmaster version of the original Striker Class, which is a nightmare for enemies.

Enemies don’t have anything to defend themselves from the wrath of the Grandmaster of martial arts, who deadly combos in his arsenal to deal with every situation. Grandmaster is a melee class that was first introduced in the Black Desert Mobile in the year 2020.

Equipped with a Gauntlet as the primary weapon and Vambrace as the secondary weapon, a Grandmaster can win the hard battle in the correct hands. If you are a hand-to-hand combat lover, you should go for Grandmaster class as there is no better hand-to-hand fighter in Black Desert Mobile.

With unmatched strength and the ability to take on many enemies at the same time, Grandmaster class has become an all-time favorite of most players. It is the best option for close combat situations and can deal serious damage to all the enemies around in a few blows.

Grandmaster class is the first choice of solo players as they don’t need support from their teammates in common battles. The only thing that stands between a Grandmaster becoming high damage dealing class from a tank class is the time a player takes for the ascension of the Striker Class.

Black Desert Mobile Striker Awakening Guide

This class is regarded as one of the hardest classes to play in the whole Black Desert Mobile, and those who are new to this class often get frustrated. But once you master the tempo of the Grandmaster class, it is just you who will rule the battlefield because you can adapt to any given situation due to the skills.

Practice as much as you can with Grandmaster skills and learn to use skills at the right time for best results.

Use the Shoulder thrust skill and the Knee Hammer skill to block attacks while dealing some damage to enemies. If you outplay other players, you will get rewards using the Grandmaster class that you will never be able to get your hands-on with some other class.

How to unlock the Grandmaster Class?

To get your hands on the Grandmaster class, you need to go for the ascension of the Striker class, which in simple terms is the up-gradation of the class.

If you have successfully leveled up the Striker class to level 56 in Black Desert Mobile, this is the time to unlock the Grandmaster class.

After the ascension of the Striker class, you will be able to use the Grandmaster as your primary class and enjoy all the extra stats with little to no effort. Ascension also unlocks some new skills that you can replace with your existing skill to land more martial arts combos on your enemies.

Grandmaster Build Guide

In Black Desert Mobile, a build is generally referred to as skills and weapons that a player uses for player-vs-player, player-vs-environment, and other situations.

Your build can change the fate of a battle resulting in you emerging as the ultimate winner at the end of the battle. To be in full force, you only need a few skills of the Grandmaster class unlocked and upgraded to the highest level possible.

Full Force, Shoulder Thrust, Gale Force, Cheap Shot, Knee Hammer, Energy Vacuum, Hell Sweep, Spiral cannon, Disrespect, and the Rising Uppercut are some Grandmaster class skills that you should focus on for best results. Below are Grandmaster Builds for PVP, PVE, and farming.

PVE Grandmaster Build

This Grandmaster build for player-vs-environment fights features the level 8 Full Force skill, level 9 Shoulder Thrust, level 9 Gale Force, and level 9 Hell Sweep as the main hand combo. The off-hand combo features Knee Hammer, Shoulder Thrust, Grandmaster Skull, and the Energy Vacuum.

The benefit of adding the Shoulder Thrust skill two times to your build is that you can make the ai use this skill way often when you turn on the auto-battle function and let the ai take over the fight.

PVP Grandmaster Build

The Grandmaster build for player-vs-player fights includes the Knee Hammer, Shoulder thrust, Gale Force, Health Sweep, Energy Vacuum, Disrespect, Grandmaster skull, and Spiral Cannon.

For players who have recently unlocked the Grandmaster class, Knee Hammer is the best melee skill.

Basic Knee Hammer skill features three charges meaning that you can attack a person three times when you use the Knee Hammer skill once. Your character will also travel some distance so you can dodge attacks of nearby enemies and focus on one enemy at a time. 


This Grandmaster build is tested by professional Black Desert Mobile players, but not everyone will achieve all their goals with this build.

You should keep experimenting with other skills of the Grandmaster class because who knows that you discover a new build that is better than all the previous ones.

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