For Honor vs Chivalry 2: (2023 Comparison)

For Honor and Chivalry 2 are both hack and slash games set in the medieval days of combat and allow players to participate in melee combat against other human players.

However, for all things that they have in common, they are very different games from each other and that is visible as soon as you look into them a bit deeper.

For Honor is a game that is more about personal fights, almost like a fighting game. The battles are smaller in scale and you can fight against your friends and foes with combat that has more depth in terms of melee attacks.

Chivalry 2 is an excellent war game in which the player can participate in melee combat – but that’s not the focus or what you’ll be doing the entire time. The player can choose to fight alone or they can befriend other players and fight alongside them as a team.

Both games are interesting in their own different ways. But they are, in the end, similar to each other, and buying both games at the same time to see which one suits you better can be an unnecessary hassle.

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So, when it comes to picking only one game out of the two – which one should you play? Let’s find out.

For Honor vs Chivalry 2 Graphics

Like any other comparison, we have to break things down into different points that determine how good a game is. Let’s start with what we see – the graphics.

For Honor is an eighth-gen game that came out a couple of years ago, while Chivalry 2 is a cross-generation game that is available on both eighth and ninth-gen gaming platforms.

However, their graphics do not have any major differences in terms of the visual quality and there is a big reason behind it, which is the scale.

For Honor allows players to face off against enemies using melee weapons and there can be up to 8 players on the battlefield at the time. Chivalry 2 on the other hand has dozens of players on-screen in the same matches.

Thus, Chivalry 2 cannot have particularly fancy graphics, or else it would end up being too powerful for many gaming systems and computers. So, while its graphics are pleasant to look at, the textures are not over-the-top and everything seems very eighth-gen.

For Honor, on the other hand, has a smaller scale in terms of the battlefield. And it’s also backed by the AAA budget of an average Ubisoft game – so it looks pretty good.

The character models and the environment are very detailed – and everything else looks great too. Although it’s not the most graphically intensive game that you’ll come across in 2020, it just looks a bit better than Chivalry 2 despite having the same art style.

So, if you want to pick your game based on the graphics – For Honor is the one to go for.

For Honor vs Chivalry 2 Gameplay

Now, what we’re really here for.

Let’s start off with For Honor. For Honor is an action game that has hack ‘n’ slash gameplay, and allows players to choose from different character classes that include things like the samurai, Vikings, knights, and more.

It’s similar to fighting games in the sense that it’s about playing a game of footsies, so you’ll be predicting what the enemy is doing and countering them with your own attacks.

Every character comes with their own unique set of weapons and skills, so there is plenty of variety to try out and the player can find what suits their preferences best after a few hours of playing the game.

There are a few other things in the game too, such as perks and a system called ‘Art of Battle’ in which players enter a duel with enemies who have higher health than them.

Chivalry 2 is an action game too, but it’s different in many ways. First of all, For Honor is played exclusively in a third-person perspective – but Chivalry 2 allows both first-person and third-person.

There are many different weapons to play in the game and they almost feel like playing as a different class since they control differently.

Chivalry 2 allows a maximum number of 64 players within a match and each player can be against one another or be a part of the same thing. And the game has some simpler modes too where you use silly objects to fight each other or even use the limbs of your fallen enemies as a weapon.

Both of the games are incredibly different from each other, so determining whether it’s worth your time or not comes down to two things. The first one is a preference, and the other one is how alive the game is in terms of its player-base.

For Honor vs Chivalry 2 Community and Life

For Honor originally came out in 2017 and has always seen moderate success.

Although Ubisoft did try to promote the game a lot and even held crossover events with properties like the Prince of Persia, the game always only managed to have a small player-base compared to other, larger games.

As the years pass by, For Honor’s player-base has dropped considerably and there are no longer that many people still playing it, with the count reducing every day. And as a result, the game does not receive many exciting updates anymore either.

On the other hand, Chivalry 2 came out in 2021 and is currently booming with players. Not only is it a game that has been incredibly well-received by fans and critics alike, but it also belongs to a genre that scratches an itch which not many games can.

Thus, even though it’s very much alive at the moment because it’s new and sold quite well – it’s also the type of game that lives a long life and has a loyal player-base for a long time.

For proof, the first game in the series, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, came out in 2012 and it wasn’t until nearly a decade that the second game came out – despite the success of the first one.

So, Chivalry 2 easily wins this section because it will live a long life and has a very active community too.

For Honor vs Chivalry 2 The Sound and Polish

Neither For Honor nor Chivalry 2 are known for their sound design. However, neither of them is bad on this side of things either. Both of the games have good sound effects and they bring the clashing of metal against human flesh to life perfectly.

The background music isn’t half bad either, although admittedly it’s nothing memorable. Thus, both games do a decent job in terms of sound design.

The polish, on the other hand, is a bit debatable. For Honor is fairly polished in terms of performance and technical stability – but it’s a Ubisoft game. If you don’t know what I mean by that – I’m pointing towards their general reputation for online stability.

There are difficulties in finding matches at times, and sometimes you get disconnected before you enter the game too. It doesn’t happen too often, but the fact that it’s not rare sucks too.

Chivalry 2 has better multiplayer stability – but it runs into a different problem. The game’s general polish is a bit imperfect because of the fact that it’s all about giant battles being fought.

So, it just doesn’t leave the time or resources to work every bit of the game out in development and there’s just a bit of chaos when there are dozens of characters on-screen fighting it out. So, you should always expect a glitch or three every once in a while.

So, neither of the games defeat the others in this section since they both have their advantages and flaws.

For Honor vs Chivalry 2 The Winner

Even though there’s no clear winner in this comparison – we still have to point out which game is a better investment for your hard-earned money. So, instead of looking at the ties, we’ll focus on the major differences that matter.

First of all, if you’re into smaller-scale battles and want personal battles that feel like fighting games, you should just ignore everything else and buy For Honor.

And in the same way, if you’re looking for a game about large battles and taking down enemy armies – Chivalry 2 is the game you should go for instead. And of course, this does confirm that the combat is better in For Honor while Chivalry 2 is a bit clunky at times.

But with all of that being said – if you’re looking for an all-rounder game that allows you to participate in medieval combat, has a long life with thousands of players ready to fight you, and game modes that allow both 1v1 and team-based fighting, then we’re pleased to announce that we do have a winner.

It’s not an easy decision, but the game that will outlive the other and thus be more bang for its buck is Chivalry 2!

And there we have it, our winner for this round of comparisons and the reasons as to why we made this decision too. Both are very good games at the end of the day, but one is very clearly more successful and liked in the gaming community.

We hope that you found the comparison fair and have made up your mind about what game you want to buy first. Did your favorite game win or did you like the other one more?

Tell us what you think, and while you’re here, make sure to check out many of our other helpful gaming guides too!

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