How to Make A Concrete In Minecraft

How to Make A Concrete In Minecraft

Minecraft is a vast game, there are so many possibilities and the only limit is the player’s imagination. So to capitalize on this fact the Minecraft team added a whole new range of colored blocks in the 1.12 update. The update was themed around bringing bright and fun colors to the game.

This introduced to the player’s various types of new blocks, many of which are still being used by players while some haven’t been able to become famous. But the concrete blocks are on the popular side of the spectrum!

The concrete blocks have bright and opaque colors which are ideal for any funky build. Many players use it to build skyscrapers and modern houses which look great, to say the least. Using some concrete and stained glass you can make some wicked-looking underground lakes.

The concrete blocks come in various colors ranging from red to blue and everything in between. There are a total of 16 concrete colors in Minecraft. That’s enough of me blabbing about how great the block is, and let’s dive into the juicy stuff you’re here for!

What are concrete blocks?

As the name suggests, the blocks are made up of concrete. But there are two variants viz. Concrete powder and concrete.

There is a lot of difference between the two types. The concrete powder block is affected by gravity and is just like sand. When water is added to this concrete powder it becomes hardened concrete. The colors become more produced and look better.

How to obtain powdered concrete and concrete blocks?

The powdered concrete can be crafted with some sand, gravel, and the dye color of your choice, there are a total of 16 different dyes in the game as of 1.16 so there are 16 different powdered concrete blocks as well.

How to Make A Concrete In Minecraft

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The recipe is pretty simple and is shown in the image above!

Once you get your hands on the powdered concrete block, get ready with a water bucket and a pickaxe because it will take a long time to convert all of those blocks into concrete.

To make concrete, simply place powdered concrete in water or pour water on them and they’ll turn into concrete!

The end result has to be mined by hand so the process will take a long time if you want to build big bases concrete isn’t the way to go unless you know how to make giant TNT machines!

How to obtain concrete in bulk?

The concrete block is one of the most beautiful blocks in the game has many uses, and its versatility makes it the first choice for any player. But building something big with concrete is like trying to teach an old dog tricks. It will take a long long time!

So the easiest way out of this is to use a TNT chamber that automatically converts powdered concrete into concrete. They are really hard to build though and only some Redstone genius might design his own. But fear not, Minecraft is extremely popular, there are many Redstone wizards out on youtube who’ve already found a solution to this problem.

We suggest you check out ilmango’s design, it is one of the best and all the top players use it. He explains in detail the process so don’t worry about missing any step.

The next thing is to just enjoy building whatever you desired. Happy mining and crafting!

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