11 Best Anime Games For Android & iOS (2024)

Dragon Ball Legends - Best Anime Games for Android

Anime. Love it or hate it, it’s undeniably a massive part of our culture irrespective of what corner of the world we live in.

From the anime itself to manga spin-offs, novel adaptions, merchandise, and video games – it has become one of the largest and most profitable mediums of our time and continues to grow every single day.

When it comes to video games, it started with the times when it was just licensed video game adaptions that already took an already existing anime or manga series and turned it into something new; but these days anime has become such a beloved art-form that we even have original works that follow that aesthetic despite not having any pre-existing reference!

Naturally, you’ve got a smartphone. And you want to play the best anime games for Android and iOS that you can find for 2024.

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Top Anime Mobile Games 2024

We’ve handpicked the 10 best anime mobile games that you can play in 2024, and to make it even more convenient we have attached gameplay videos and direct store links – so you don’t have to worry about downloading the wrong games.

1. Azur Lane

If you’ve been mobile gaming in recent times, you’ve probably heard this name already. Well, it’s time to hear it once more because Azur Lane is still one of the best anime mobile games right now and it’s easy to see why.

It’s a unique genre-combining game that offers simulation elements in the form of its endless customization, tactical elements in the sense it’s an RPG and you need to form a good fleet, and a 2D side-scrolling shooter because you get to engage in fun battles that can be quite large in scale as you progress further.

And what sets it apart is the fact its story is about battleships… Which are anime girls.

The anime girls you play with are representations of real-life battleships is what I’m trying to say. It even got adapted into an anime series due to how popular it still is to this day and its unique storyline.

[appbox googleplay com.YoStarEN.AzurLane&hl=en&gl=US]

2. Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball is pretty much a household name at this point and a part of many of our childhoods growing up, so it’s not surprising that a DB game is one of the best anime games for Android and iOS that you can play in the next few years.

DB Legends is a fully 3D action RPG game that has a lot of depth within the gameplay despite its simple touch controls meant for the player’s convenience.

The game combines card-collection mechanics which is a great thing for fans of the anime and also includes a gacha element that is fairly balanced, and they basically act as the way to use special moves.

Additionally, the game has an all-original storyline and a new character designed by Akira Toriyama, so if you’re a hardcore fan you definitely wouldn’t want to miss this aspect especially.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, the game also has real-time PVP battles so the stronger you get, the more you’d be able to have really satisfying battles in high-definition graphics.

[appbox googleplay com.bandainamcoent.dblegends_ww&hl=en&gl=US]

3. Pokemon Masters EX


While Pokemon GO is essentially the talk of the town, people often overlook the extremely well-made Pokemon Masters EX RPG.

The game has a great progression tree that lets you rise through the ranks of its world just like how the console games work but has enough mobile-game elements that make it work with a free-to-play model.

The game has a pretty good story and brings back many different trainers and characters that you have seen in the previous games, and of course, there’s all those Pokemon to catch and create perfect teams with!

If you’ve been looking for that classic Pokemon experience and didn’t get your fix with Pokemon Go, this is the right game to get into right now. And with its recent EX update, it will definitely have a very active player-base for the next few years to come.

[appbox googleplay com.dena.a12026418&hl=en&gl=US]

4. Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order is all about giving you a great story, just like the anime it has been adapted from – as it brings the popular characters from the Fate franchise together for fun and engaging missions as well as special world events which will push you to your limits in its intense turn-based RPG gameplay.

It also has over 60 professional voice actors, a great soundtrack that includes tunes from the anime, and the gacha mechanics of the game are not persistently annoying if you’re not willing to pay – which alone makes it one of the best anime games.

Fate/Grand Order has made over $2 billion of revenue in just the first two years of its release, so you can trust the game to be consistently updated for the next few years and to have a very active community.

[appbox googleplay com.aniplex.fategrandorder.en&hl=en&gl=US]

5. ONE PIECE Bounty Rush

ONE PIECE Bounty Rush is one of the newcomers in the anime games space and is gaining a lot of steam with over 349,000 reviews on the Google play store alone.

One of the most fascinating things about this game is the concept it was built on which involves taking loot you acquire as a pirate in amazing battles with up to 4 vs 4 real-time PvP action that’s just insane.

In addition to that ONE PIECE Bounty Rush also offer different modes including the already mentioned PvP battles, co-op mode, and team battles. Discover different class characters to help level up your gameplay on this one.

[appbox googleplay com.bandainamcoent.opbrww&hl=en&gl=US]

6. Fire Emblem Heroes

If you’ve ever owned a Nintendo console, then you must have heard of the Fire Emblem series and how good those games are. Luckily, the mobile spin-off Fire Emblem Heroes is true to its roots and features the same beautiful anime art style that we know and love.

The gameplay follows an RPG structure and besides the main quests, you’ll find yourself partaking in gacha elements through which you will get new heroes and collect more resources.

While Nintendo is known for making in-game items quite expensive in most of their smartphone games, this one’s an exception because it follows a fairly positive gacha structure and they even offer you a 5-star hero to start off with once you download it.

[appbox googleplay com.nintendo.zaba&hl=en&gl=US]

7. Honkai Impact 3rd

Never heard of Honkai Impact 3rd until very recently? Well, don’t worry because despite Genshin Impact taking over as a spiritual successor – Honkai Impact 3rd is still one of the best anime mobile games and has a very active community that will keep the game alive for the years to come.

The game features gorgeous graphics, amazing gameplay, and has a large number of unique weapons and skills that you unlock as you go.

While the game can be enjoyed solo, it also has co-op capabilities so you can get your squad-based gameplay fix as well. The role-playing elements are very well done and just like Genshin, the game’s gacha aspect is not annoying either.

The best part is the fact the game is not just the ‘older game’ down the line, it still has a unique identity that sets it apart from Genshin and has more modern-based gameplay in comparison with things like guns and lasers.

[appbox googleplay com.miHoYo.bh3global&hl=en&gl=US]

8. RWBY: Amita Arena

RWBY is very popular for being a western anime instead of a Japanese one, but the art-style, quality, and writing are just as good as you’d expect from an Asian origin.

RWBY: Amita Arena here is a worthy video game adaption that combines hack ‘n slash gameplay with card-collecting mechanics so that you will have to collect the best cards and use them to become stronger and then fight your enemies with actual engaging combat.

It’s not a particularly complex game but it’s very fun and one of the best anime games on mobile that you can find with such an active player-base.

[appbox googleplay com.nhnent.SKRWBY&hl=en&gl=US]

9. Sword Art Online: Alicization Growing Steel

Sword Art Online is one of the most divisive anime due to its ever-growing popularity – but Alicization Growing Steel is a great game through and through.

It has a well-written storyline that follows a JRPG structure and has turn-based gameplay that has a unique twist called the Spirit-based system which is directly taken from the anime.

You can link different moves in the game’s battle system and it creates cool combos for you to pull off – and as you progress in the story or use some of the really powerful moves there are cool animations of you and your opponent fighting each other as well.

Most of the mobile game elements that you expect are here such as the ability to collect your favorite characters from the show, combo mechanics which are possible only by having the more powerful characters and even collecting the special weapons and objects from the original story.

It’s a solid adventure that is currently one of the best anime games for Android and iOS that you can get your hands on.

[appbox googleplay com.bandainamcoent.saoars&hl=en&gl=US]

10. Naruto: Slugfest

Whether you like Naruto or not, you can’t go wrong with a 3D open-world action RPG that lets you play with some really cool and powerful characters which you can then use to explore the game’s large and beautiful world and play through the storyline with.

The game features four different classes to play as and a lot of different gameplay modes to immerse yourself in.

While the game encourages you to build your own adventure, you can of course still collect the iconic Naruto characters and play for them because that’s honestly why we’re here, to begin with.

On top of that, the game has all of the MMORPG elements you’d expect to see here – so you can meet thousands of new people in lobbies, befriend them, play with them, or even fight them in real-time PVP.

Admittedly, the game has a few issues as of now because it just recently came out, but they will definitely make it more stable with time and you can easily expect to play it for the next couple of years.

Isn’t it amazing that we can have full-fledged MMORPGs on our mobile devices now?

[appbox googleplay com.narutoslugfest.cubinet.android&hl=en&gl=US]

11. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact came out a few months ago and made more headlines than we can count – it’s just the best anime RPG with MMO elements that the mobile platform has ever seen.

The game immediately catches your eye as soon as you look at it – it’s beautifully detailed and features a relaxingly gorgeous world that you would enjoy just trekking through even if you avoid the quests.

The gameplay is amazing and is being updated almost daily, and new characters are being designed and added as time goes as well so the game is rich with content and there’s so, so much more coming in 2024 that will make the game even better.

The game’s large open world is full of things to do outside of the main quests such as fishing, cooking, climbing mountains, helping out NPCs, and more.

And when you’re ready to take things to the next level, you can play co-op with your friends and help each other out against the game’s cleverly designed foes that will need both brains and brawn to be defeated.

Thanks to how amazing the game is and the fact it has cross-play with PC and console platforms, you can spend hundreds of hours of your time in it and it still won’t feel like a bad investment!

That’s it for our list of the top 10 best anime mobile games for 2024. Don’t hesitate to try out any of them because their support will continue for a long time, so go ahead and invest your time in some fun adventures.

Did your favorite games make it to the list? Did we miss any out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and don’t forget to check out some of the other helpful lists on our website.

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