Zhongli Genshin Impact: Best Build, Weapons, F2P Options

Zhongli Genshin Impact

The arrival of Zhongli to the roster of Free-to-play RPG games just changed almost everything.

When players used only one thing to equip their character, Zhongli landed, keeping unique abilities at his disposal. Yes, a male character can be turned into a deadly machine if you know about the right tools and weapons.

Furthermore, improving the Geo Abilities of the character is possible, making him potentially a massive character in the game. Like we’ve done with Diluc, we’ll help you understand this character and use him to his fullest potential in the game.

Before starting, you should keep in mind that Zhongli is a DPS Geo Polearm character who can rapidly attack enemies using his physical damage that releases with the help of Polearm.

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Furthermore, he uses Elemental Skill to summon “Geo Constructs” that helps him block upcoming attacks and enemies themselves by creating a protective shield surrounding the character and his members.

Synergizing the constructs of your character is possible with other Geo Constructs to deal damage. Besides, you have two possible options with Zhongli’s Build, such as: 

  • Keep your concentration on improving your physical abilities
  • Keep your focus on Geo Abilities to make Zhongli a better asset to your team.  

Equipped artifacts to Zhongli are only the difference between these two builds. Similarly, damage Driven build needs the Gladiator’s Finale set, and in case you are willing to be more Geo-centric, then getting the Archaic Petra Set is mandatory. 

Zhongli Best Attributes

Here are some of the unique things that set this character apart from everyone else:

  • Zhongli generates a resistant shield surrounding his party that can withstand enemy attacks. 
  • Using Elemental Burst AoE DMG petrifies enemies for a while. 
  • Zhongli can drain GEO Energy from enemies by smashing the shield. 


  • Using Normal Attacks, you can’t damage the enemy well.  
  • It comes with a low generation of Energy Particles. 

Best Weapons for Zhongli in Genshin Impact 

As mentioned above, Zhongli comes with a powerful shield that offers additional time to deal with enemies. This build maximizes the damage and helps your character improve the absorption of the skills you need to drive out enemies.

We’ve compiled a list of weapons that help you understand everything perfectly. 

The staff of Homa

This is the best weapon that helps the character increase HP by 40%. Additionally, the weapon offers an ATK Bonus based on 1.6% of the Wielder’s Max HP. In short, when the HP of Wilder goes less than 50%, the ATK Bonus will increase it by an additional 1.8% of HP. 

Engulfing Lightnin

This helps you increase your attack by 28% over the base with 100%.  Furthermore, using the said weapon may help you obtain the bonus of 80% ATK, along with 30% energy Research for 12 seconds.   

The Catch

Using the Catch weapon may help you increase the Elemental Burst DMG by 16% and Crit Rate by 6%. 

Vortex Vanquisher

If Zhongli gets his hands-on Vortex Vanquisher, the CRIT Rate increases by 8%, and your Normal Attack Speed improves by 12%. Apart from that, both Normal and Charged attacks hit enemies with at least 50% potential, and the Vacuum blade deals 40% of ATK as damage.

Zhongli Best Team Builds

Before making any team composition, you have to learn about characters first and then dig out their element and role. The best team build for Zhongli is given below: 

Main DPSHu TaoPyro
SUB DPSZhongliGeo 
Elemental Reactionarou AlbedoGeo

Furthermore, Zhongli’s Skill means you should grab another Geo Character in your team.

It means Geo Traveler is a good option for building Geo Constructs, but they aren’t useful. Therefore, we recommend Ningguang if you already have it at your disposal.  

Besides, you need a primary DPS as we recommend it to you with good AoE attacks to make the character powerful. Apart from that, select someone that matches the Elemental of your DPS in the fourth slot.  

Zhongli Materials 

Usually, Materials are required to level up, including Basalt Pillar, Cor Lapis, and Slime Items. For Talents Ascensions, you need a Gold-series Book, additional Slime Materials, and more. 

After having all information, you need about Zhongli, struggle to obtain the best weapons, items, and builds.  Make your perfect team compositions and embark on a journey to defeat enemies and complete challenges.

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