Where to Find Lotus Heads Genshin Impact (2023)

Where to Find Lotus Head Genshin Impact

Before knowing about Lotus Heads, you should understand why you need them and the best way to farm them.

In this article, you will know what Lotus Head is, and everything related.

Before starting, it is good to know that players in Genshin Impact are always in search of several resources that can be discovered across the world for making powerful alchemy recipes, along with other certain items, including Dandelion Seeds.

Lotus Heads is one of the most required items players need as they come from the Adventurer’s Guild. 

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Where to find Lotus Head – Genshin Impact? 

The two most prominent areas are highlighted whenever it comes to finding Lotus Heads, and they are the following: River Banks and Lakes, located in Liyue Region.

We’ve compiled a guide holding the best locations that are cited as the best places where you can farm Lotus Heads without any issues: 

  • Ponds, Liyue Harbor
  • Qingce Village
  • Luhua Pool
  • Hidden Places, Guizang Formula
  • Dunyu Ruins.

If you are new to the game, here’s a brief description of what Lotus Head is. It is an aquatic plant that grows in pairs, such as Bitter and Fragrant. You can use Lotus Head to make herbal medicine, and it can be found near Lakes and River Banks. 

1. Lugua Pool

If you are searching for Lotus Heads, keep Lugua Pool in mind as Lotus Heads grow in the shallow waters. Furthermore, you can discover the Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula in its east direction.

Players can use this as a teleport waypoint and reach here to find Lotus Heads speedily. 

2. Ponds, Liyue Harbor

In the downtown area of Liyue Harbor, you might find Lotus Heads in a huge quantity as they grow in the ponds.

Players can use the northern teleport waypoint to access the area and head to the north side if they love to go to Bubu Pharmacy. During the journey, players will discover Lotus Heads on the side of the trail. 

3. Dunyu Ruins

Visit the Dunyu Ruins Lake to discover several Lotus Heads on its east side. To reach the area, you have to find the teleport waypoint, the “Statue of Seven,” situated in the south of the area. Players can start their journey from the waypoint and head northeast to the Lotus Heads. 

4. Huaguang Stone Forest

Huaguang Stone Forest is one of the best locations to find Lotus Heads easily as they spawn everywhere. To reach the said area, the player must use the Teleport waypoint in south Mt. Aocang and slide to the waters below.

Players should avoid tall pillars during the journey while searching for the surrounding lake. 

Other Ways to get Lotus Heads

Here are some other creative ways to find lotus heads in Genshin impact.

1. Go On Lotus Heads Expeditions

For those players who aren’t intended to get Lotus Heads by hand, we have other ways to help them reach their hands-on. The first method to get Lotus Heads in great numbers using Expeditions.

In short, the player needs to dispatch his character from the Expedition Menu to Dunyu Ruins and Guili Plains. An expedition of 20 hours in one of the said locations may bring you 8 to 12 Lotus Heads. 

Lotus Heads – Purchase them from Bubu Pharmacy

Besides expedition, you can purchase Lotus Heads from Bubu Pharmacy. Spending 300 Mora, players can get 10 Lotus Heads.

Once the purchase is made, the player requires until the pharmacy restocks to let you buy once again. Genshin Impact is available to play on multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Mobile Platforms, and PC.

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