Unusual Hilichurl Locations In Genshin Impact (2024)

Unusual Hilichurl Locations Guide

Genshin Impact is an ARPG, featuring an anime-style Open World environment where vicious enemies are floating worldwide to find and defeat you.

The game introduces a unique action-based battle system that lets you use elemental magic and character switching to make victory possible.

There are dozens of enemies available, and Unusual Hilichurl is one of the unique common enemies that makes its appearance wearing a mask. Defeating the said enemy may award you the following things: 

  • Adventure EXP – x18
  • Mora – x233
  • Cabbage – x2. 
Unusual Hilichurl in Genshin Impact

What is Unusual Hilichurl in Genshin Impact? 

If you are new to the Genshin Impact, getting information about Unusual Hilichurl may go in your favor. Unusual Hilichurl is an enemy released with Update 1.1. While defeating enemies may give you 233 Mora currency, along with 18 Adventure Experience and 1 to 3 heads of cabbage. 

These enemies are holding suitcases and seem non-aggressive at first glance. When you encounter Unusual Hilichurl, you aren’t in danger until you attack first.

Once you attack the weird creations, they are labeled as “Unusual Hilichurl,” subtitle “Menace of the Mansion,” they will start throwing Primogems at you along with two other attacks as follows: 

  • Suitcase Knock Back
  • Primo Gems and Cabbage as Damage Projectiles
  • Home Doll Toss.

Unusual Hilichurl Locations Guide 

After knowing about the wired critters, you will learn about sixteen different locations where you can discover them at any time of the day.

Many players worldwide have assumed that their Unusual Hilichurls make their appearance at specific locations and come on the scene at a particular time frame. Still, it doesn’t appear to be the case.

Sixteen locations have been highlighted, eight of whom are in Liyue, and the rest of the 8 locations are in Mondstadt. Once you discover and defeat one Unusual Hilichurl, others will spawn in one of the other fifteen areas.

The game employs a 12-hour cooldown time whenever you kill the second enemy, and the next hilichurl will spawn after that. In short, the possibility of finding two Hilichurls at the same time is almost impossible; however, you can farm Hilichurls in the Co-op mode of Genshin Impact.

Furthermore, you are limited to killing ten enemies per day to receive drops in all over the area. The possible locations are given below:


You can discover the first Hilichurl right outside the Shrine of Depth in the Stormbearer Mountains. To reach the targeted location, you need to use the Teleport Waypoint found in the same region and go to the Northside.

However, the locations you need to explore are the following: Stormbearer Mountains, Storm Terror’s Lair, Windrise, Wolvendom, Dadupa Gorge, and Cape Oath.

  • Head to the North-East of Cape Oath at the very edge of the cliff.
  • Waypoint in Dadaupa Gorge.
  • Next to a Shrine of Depths in the Stormbearer Mountains.
  • First in Wolvendom: the North of Arena.
  • Second in Wolvendom: Entrance of the Arena.
  • First at the big tree in Windrise: To the left of the Statue of the Seven.
  • Second at the big tree in Windrise: To the right of the Statue of the Seven.
  • Visit the Southwest of the archon statue on a bridge near Stormterror’s Lair.


If your search for Hilichurls has just brought you to the Liyue, we suggest using the Waypoint to reach the Qingce Village and head to the Flower Fields.

You can find Hilichurls in eight different locations as mentioned above, and their names are the following: 

Liyue – Bishui PlainAt the Peak mountain east of Stone Gate Waypoint
Liyue – Qingce VillageLying down near the flower fields in
Liyue – Mingyun Village South of the Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula Domain
Liyue – North of Liyue HarborOverlooking Liyue Harbor and the sea.
LiyueNear the Nine Pillars of Peace World Quest entrance in Cujiue Slope
Liyue – Qingyun PeakWest of the teleport waypoint, near a floating rock platform
Liyue – Tianqiu ValleyOn the broken bridge leading to the ruins
LiyueOn a hill south of the Lingju Pass Waypoint

Explore all the locations to discover your enemy and defeat them one by one to claim your rewards.

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