Where to Find Treasure Hoarders Genshin Impact

Where to Find Treasure Hoarders Genshin Impact

Many playable characters are available in Genshin Impact, and players worldwide are required to battle against a team of bandits, known as Treasure Hoarders, to obtain a particular ascension material that helps them ascend specific characters.

Several methods have been introduced to make in-game progress, and battling against Treasure Hoarders is one of them.

If you are one of those players searching for a way to find Treasure Hoarders in Genshin Impact, you are at the right place where you will learn about five different spots. 

Before starting your struggle, you should learn about the Adventures Handbook, which holds information regarding Treasure Hoarders and reveals the location of Liyue where you can find the most.

Furthermore, to level up your character, you need experience materials. Upon reaching level 20, your character requires seeing items found across the world to ascend the characters. 

Treasure Hoarder’s Location in Genshin Impact

Did you know? Earning Treasure Hoarder Insignia is essential for character ascension and leveling up your weapons like Blackcliff, Fillet Blade, Crescent Pike, and more.

However, to obtain Treasure Hoarder Insignia, players must find and battle a horde of bandits, known as Treasure Hoarders. As the name implies, members of Treasure Hoarders are always searching for treasures.

Therefore, you might find them around the ruins holding several mining towns and ancient buildings, where the possibility of getting their hands-on treasure is very high. 

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1. Liyue

Usually, the group of bandits can be discovered in ruins found in the South of Liyue.

We suggest you explore the said location first if you are pretty fast and smash enemies within no time. In case you smash all enemies near the Guili Plains, then these are the locations that would be in your favor when it comes to farms, such as: 

  • South of Lisha – This is the most important area for farming Insignias. Once the player is done, he becomes able to move ahead to face off Qingxu Pool to confront more bandits. 
  • Qiongji Estuary – Here, players can face several bandits looking for Treasure Hunter. Almost fifteen groups are dispersed across the area, and players need to work hard to drive them out from the area. 
  • East of Luhua Pool – Players confront mobs and defeat them to complete the quest while searching for a place to farm Treasure Hoarders Insignia.

Furthermore, you can check the map given above to find the Spawn Points. 

2. Mondstadt

Besides Liyue, enemies are roaming Mondstadt in groups for treasure hunting. The said location is situated on the Northside of Springvale, and you can reach it during the Raptor Quest.

Furthermore, you should keep in mind that Mondstadt is the area where you find bandits lesser than any other region. 

3. Inazuma

Upon examining the map, you will know that Insignia can be collected from almost everywhere across the map. Find bandits in Inazuma and defeat them to move on.

Finding Treasure Hoarders isn’t a problem anymore as dozens of guides are floating across the web to help you get that; the main point is how to take them down to survive longer. 

Types of Treasure Hunters

Usually, there are seven different Treasure Hunters types; each one has unique abilities and drops insignia during battle. Their names are given below: 

  • Marksmen
  • Pugilist
  • Seaman
  • Gravediggers
  • Crushers
  • Handyman
  • Potioneers.

How to Defeat Treasure Hoarders In Genshin Impact

It would help prevent Potioneers from creating nasty reactions during the fight as they can damage your character a lot; therefore, they should be your first target during battle.

It’s that easy.

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