Genshin Impact: Where to Find White Iron Chunk

where to find white iron chunks

Newly introduced areas of Genshin Impact have started offering you different places for locating White Iron Chunks, a valuable ore that is the requirement of thousands of recipes.

It’s pretty cool to keep a steady supply, so you get your hands-on ore whenever you need them to craft weapons or improve what you already have in your inventory. Currently, you can discover White Iron Chunk in almost every area surrounding you, including Enkanomiya.

In short, Genshin Impact is a game where players from worldwide require to collect resources and craft weapons they need.

Therefore, we jump in to help you with our Find White Iron Chunk Guide that highlights locations to discover more and share some tips, so you complete the process quickly.

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How to find White Iron Chunk in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact comes with a rich crafting and looting system where players struggle to find valuable resources, loot them, and then utilize them for crafting weapons to progress through the game.

Keep in mind that White Iron Chunk is a valuable resource that grants you craft powerful weapons. Furthermore, the player must mine the ore as they are spread across “Tevyat,” The player using their elemental sight can easily find them.

Moreover, the ore can be highlighted in orange tint as you use your sight. Besides, the White Iron Chunk seems like white boxes that you can mine by merely attacking using a weapon.

It has been proven difficult to find White Iron Chunk locations for many players; however, this guide will help you figure out White Iron Chunk Location. You can find the ores in the following areas:

  • Vendor at Liyue Harbor
  • Mt. Aozang
  • Spiral Abyss
  • Wolvendom
  • Stormbearer Mountains.
Genshin Impact: Where to Find White Iron Chunks

Throughout Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, and Dragonspine, you can discover over 228 White Iron Chunks. Another 21 chunks are hidden in Enkanomia, which makes your total haul 249 per day. Usually, the game requires almost two days to reset them.

So, we suggest you farm half one day and the second half on the second day, as it helps you keep them rotating.

LocationsAmount of White Iron Chunk Nodes
Tsurumi Island33
Narukami Island18
Seirai Island17
Musk Reef8
Watatsumi Island1
Yashiori Island18

1. Mt. Aocang and Surrounding Area, Liyue

Genshin Impact: Where to Find White Iron Chunks

Surely, it would be your first stop or location to start collecting White Iron Chunks. Discover the mountain on the northwest side that contains up to 21 nodes for you. All nodes can be an easy hit since you only need to teleport to the highest area and work your way down.

2. Lingju Pass and Lisha, Liyue

More than 10 White Iron Chunk nodes are featured, and you can break them easily near the Lingju Pass. Furthermore, we suggest Qingxu Pool as the best place to start farming Ore.

3. Musk Reef, Mondstadt

You can find 8 White Iron Chunks to explore Musk Reef. Exploring the area populated with fewer ores won’t be in your favor; therefore, you can skip it to explore the area the possibility of finding a stack of White Iron Chunk is possible.

If you want to go there, use the teleport at Cape Oath and head to Musk Reef. Upon reaching, you can mine the clusters of ore across the location.

4. Brightcrown Cayon, Mondstadt

After reaching Brightcrown Cayon, you can get your hands-on up to 14 White Iron Chunk nodes. We suggest you take the Cayon Waypoint and head north.

Genshin Impact: Where to Find White Iron Chunks

5. Tsurumi Island, Inazuma

In Tsurumi Island, you can get almost 33 White Ore Chunk nodes, and keep in mind that the area is pretty suitable for farming.

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