Stardew Valley Ginger Island Guide (2023)

Stardew Valley Ginger Island Guide

The new addition to the Stardew Valley map is Ginger Island, launched in the 1.5 updates.

The late-game addition is worthy of giving you an extra dozen hours of content. Ginger Island is not only just a place in Stardew Valley. Still, it has several additions that will need some exploration. 

Stardew Valley players are used to the usual Pelican Town settings. But, the new update of Ginger Island will take you to a tropical paradise which is something different than anything the players have experienced before.

The island is divided into four major parts; let’s look at them.

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South Stardew Valley Ginger Island

When you arrive at Ginger Island, you land on the southern side. You will find a beach resort, a mini-store where you can buy alcohol, and a tropical pumpkin recipe. You can win a free Mead each day by arriving in a Pirate Hat or the eye patch at the Pirate Cove. 

You can even go fishing in the southern region of Ginger Island. You can catch fish like Flounder, Lionfish, Pufferfish, Stingray, Super Cucumber, and Gourmand Statue.

You might even find the mermaid on the south coast on rainy days if you are lucky.

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East Stardew Valley Ginger Island

You will meet a villager named Leo on the island’s eastern side. Leo has a talking parrot who will tell you about the Golden Walnuts left to find in the area. 

On the entire island, you can forage only in the eastern region. However, you will find nothing other than Fiddlehead Ferns. 

In the jungle of the eastern region, you will find a Gem Bird shrine. You can earn five Golden Walnuts from the shrine. Random gems will be dropped by birds on the island; you need to find them and place them on the shrine to earn the Golden walnuts. You can use Rain Totems to attract the birds, as they appear only when it is raining.

North Stardew Valley Ginger Island

The majority of buildings on Ginger Island are located on the north side of the island. You will find the Island Trader, where you can buy various goods in return for foraged items, and the Island Field Office, where Professor Snail is known to take your fossils.

To free Professor Snail, the broken bridge must be fixed for 10 Golden Walnuts, further opening up a dig site. Rocks, Bone Nodes, Mahogany seed Trees, and Clay Nodes are spawned in the dig site. 

Along with many other locations, you will also find the Volcano Dungeon on the northern end of Ginger Island. 

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West Stardew Valley Ginger Island

The west side of Ginger Island has the most number of little areas or buildings. You will find a farm, similar to the one in Stardew Valley, that can be used to grow crops. The farm will need to be cleared of logs, weeds, and other debris on your first arrival before you start anything else. 

You can build a sleeping hut on the farm for 20 Golden Walnuts. Soon the Gourmand Frog will come and tell you about various crops. You will be rewarded with Golden Walnuts if you bring the mentioned crops to Gourmand Frog. 

You will meet Birdie, another villager living on the island, on the western end. You will receive the Pirate’s Quest from her.

You can locate a shipwreck nearby to find a Golden Walnut inside it. A green whack-a-mole game is inside the shipwreck; you can win a Golden Walnut after you hit it with a watering can for the first time.  

You will find the Southern region just above and to the left of the docks. The east is in the middle of the area, near the path. You will find North on the right and up from Island Trader.

The West is located on the right side of the pond.

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