Meave Paladins Character Build 2023 

Meave Paladins Character Build

Shooting games are a dime a dozen, especially when so many of them are free to play. Let me just start by stating the obvious yet not so obvious truth about Free-to-play shooters: None of them are perfect.

As far as I know, there is no shooter game in the market that people don’t complain about. And if you think I’m lying, you’re on the internet so it won’t take you a long time to find these people. 

That being said, I’m not a fan of Overwatch. And no offense to the Overwatch Fans but what can I say? I just prefer Paladins. And one of the reasons that I prefer Paladins is that there are cards in it.

Cards enable you to customize your Champion however you like, for example, your champion’s health can be increased or your champion can deal more damage.  

In this article, I will guide you on how to build the flank Champion Maeve.

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Maeve In Paladins Overview

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If you prefer keeping your distance from enemies, then Maeve is the right champion for you. She’s a particularly fast Champion because of her dashing and double jumping abilities. 

Maeve’s daggers can inflict considerable damage if your aim is true. It’s very hard to deal with a Maeve player who can manage the cooldowns that the champion can take advantage of. 

Maeve Lore

Maeve was famous, or shall I say infamous for being a very talented thief with a penchant for knife-fighting. Maeve became a mercenary during the war. She also can dash through shadows, courtesy of her magical long coat which she got from the Magistrate’s fortress keep. 

Maeve Skills

Although she’s ranked low in our Paladins tier list, here are some of Maeve’s best skills and how she stacks up in the game.


They can deal 400 damage every second. One of the main advantages of Daggers is that they’re infinite so you don’t have to worry about running out of them.


Pounce deals a direct 500 damage. You essentially dash into the enemy in an instant. However, there’s an 8-second cooldown so use it wisely. You can also combine this with a double jump to skilfully evade attacks. 

Nine Lives

Your cooldowns for Prowl and Pounce are reset by using Nine Lives. Which enables you to use both skills at the same time.


Prowl increases your speed by 65% and a higher jump rate for 4 seconds. Prowl can be very useful if you wish to evade someone or escape your surroundings. 


Midnight is Maeve’s Ultimate. It is a very powerful blinder if appropriately used. 

Legendary Card for Maeve

The Legendary card you’ll want for Maeve is the Rogue’s Gambit card. This card enables you to reset the Cooldown and Prowl skills. These skills are essential for your build, so make sure you have this card. 

Best Maeve Loadout in Paladins

There are a lot of load-outs you can use for Maeve in this game. At the end of the day, it’s mostly a personal preference. I’d suggest you cover Maeve’s speed and mobility. Example: Cut and Run, Featherlite, Scamper, etc.

Items Ideal for Maeve Build

I wouldn’t say that buying stuff from the item shop is essential for your Maeve to build; you can invest in other aspects.

But if you do end up browsing the item shop, don’t just buy anything. Make sure you buy items that enhance your Attack (Maeve is covered in other aspects).

Here are some items that you should consider having:

  • Chronos (Utility)
  • Cauterize (Attack)
  • Kill to Heal (Healing)


Maeve is a tough Champion to beat if you’re good at using her skills. However, there are a few Champions, such as Tyra (with her Hunter’s Mark) who can cause you trouble.

So make sure you use those skills wisely and don’t be shy to throw those daggers as much as you can. 

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