Tiger Trout Stardew Valley: How to Catch It

Tiger Trout Stardew Valley

Stardew valley has been one of the most popular RPG games of the past year, and rightfully so. Why wouldn’t people like to have their own virtual farms and make a living out of them? It doesn’t sound like much, but stardew valley, though a simple game on the surface, can get really complex quickly.

Fishing is one such activity in Stardew valley that’ll get really complex, really fast. You might say fishing is straightforward, you just have to follow a technique, and once you get the hang of it, you can catch any fish in the game.

Yes, that’s true, but there’s more to it than just technique. If a fish isn’t available to be fished at  a specific place, then no matter how hard you try, even if you’re a fishing expert, you won’t be able to catch the fish because it’s not there

So in this article, we’ll show you how to catch the Tiger trout fish, where to find it, what’s the best time to fish for it, and the climate and the season!

Fishing in stardew valley

Fishing in stardew valley depends on four major factors The climate, the seasons, the location, and the time. If you know all the details mentioned above about a fish, catching it will be as easy as sliding a hot knife through a brick of butter!

Also, you need to practice a bit before we jump into the guide to catch the tiger trout.

If you don’t know how to fish, now is an excellent time to get good at it, as it will only save you a lot of time in the long run, and also get you a lot of fish, which we know are a good source of income!

Tiger Trout Stardew Valley Location

Stardew valley’s best fishing spots

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The tiger trout is a fish in a stardew valley that is brown and can be caught in a river. This is important because players go fish at the wrong rivers and get frustrated when they don’t catch the tiger trout!

But not just any river, you have to be at the river in the main town, where the bridges Client Blacksmith shop is.

Tiger Trout Stardew Valley: How to Catch It

Before paying the river a visit, you’ll have to check your surroundings.

By that, I mean the season; the Tiger Trout is only available to be fished in the winter or the fall season, so don’t show up at the river in the summer and expect to catch one; that would be a waste of your time.

Also, the timing is key here; the Tiger trout has a generous fishing window. It can be caught from morning 6 am to evening 7 pm. That gives you a lot of time to catch this fish. As for the weather, there is no restriction on the weather; you can catch the trout in any weather you please.

Tiger Trout Stardew Valley Uses

Apart from being a fish that you can use to get gold or silver from, you can also use the Tiger trout in various recipes that’ll help you progress in the game.

The Maki roll is a fish and rice wrapped in seaweed delicacy that you can enjoy by crafting the maki roll with a tiger trout, rice, and seaweed!

The sashimi can also be crafted using tiger trout. It is a bunch of raw fish sliced into thin pieces that are delicious. The selling price for this recipe is 75g.

You can also get quality fertilizer which helps grow quality crops.

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