Genshin Impact Barbatos Complete Guide (2023)

Genshin Impact Barbatos Guide

Multiplayer and co-op gaming have come a long way. Multiplayer games have always had some storytelling, but games like Genshin Impact took things to a new level. It’s one of the most detailed games in terms of lore, and arguably has better storytelling than even many single-player games.

Genshin Impact features such a diverse range of characters, with every character having intricate lore. Almost every character has an interesting story, improving the game’s storytelling.

Barbatos (also known as Lord Barbatos or the God of Freedom), too, is one of Genshin Impact’s most intriguing characters and adds further mystery to the game’s lore. He’s one of the two founding members of The Seven still alive at the game’s beginning.

Mortals in the universe of Genshin Impact know him as the playable character Venti, who is certainly not his first disguise. The strength of a member of The Seven depends on how much control and worship they have over the nations they rule.

Barbatos, who believes in individual freedom, is undoubtedly the weakest member. He is such a mystifying figure that even some of his few followers doubt his existence.

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Who Really is Barbatos In Genshin Impact?

Barbatos was initially an elemental spirit. The strong faith of the people of Old Mondstadt during their rebellious charge against the God of Storms, Decarabian, who was also the founder of Mondstadt.

Barbatos attained Godhood as the Anemo Archon following the defeat of Decarabian and recreated Mondstadt in its current form. Even as Venti, he mostly only dwells around Mondstadt.   

In the current canon, he continues to be a free-spirited, music-loving entity, which can at times annoy those around him. Despite his love for music, his friend and fellow founding member of The Seven, Morax, calls him a ‘disgrace’ to all art.

Regardless, he has won the title of “Most Popular Bard of Mondstadt” three times for his musical talent in his current mortal form. 

Barbatos is an extremely exceptional God since unlike all the other members of The Seven, he refuses to rule over nations. He does, however, involve himself whenever the freedom of his people is threatened in any way. He has devoted followers despite being the weakest of The Seven and rarely making public appearances. 

The History of Barbatos

The History of Barbatos

He was merely a wisp of wind in Old Mondstadt about 2,600 years ago. But things changed when he bonded with the Nameless Bard, who desired to go beyond the storm that surrounded Decarabian’s capital.

He decided to join the Bard in his rebellion against Decarabian, and following a lot of bloodshed (including the Nameless Bard’s death), victory was achieved. Decarabian’s death left a power vacuum in Mondstadt, and both Barbatos and Andrius were worthy of becoming an Anemo Archon.

However, Andrius believed that he was undeserving due to doubts about his love for humanity, which led to Barbatos’ choosing. The first use Barbatos made of his powers was to take up the Nameless Bard’s form in his memory. 

He then recreated Mondstadt in its current state. The Golden Apple Archipelago was created by the mountaintops he cut and threw into the ocean. The new Mondstadt was also protected by the dying Andrius’ powers, who would later take an icy form in Wolvendom and become one of the Four Winds of Mondstadt. 

In the Archon War, which happened 2000 years ago, Barbatos was among the original Seven, who were victorious. That is also when he bonded with Morax, the Geo archon and the ruler of Liyue. 

About 500 years ago, an undisclosed event caused his relationship with the Tsaritsa to shatter. Following that, he declared freedom for his land and chose to depart. He has consistently opposed the idea of ruling an area. 

During the same era, Xiao was saved by a person playing the flute, who he believed was Barbatos since his pain could only be diminished by one of the Seven. 

The Era of Aristocracy

The Era of Aristocracy

While Barbatos established freedom for Mondstadt, perpetrators who took over the land did show up. The Lawrence Clan was the most tyrannical and corrupt force in Mondstadt in 1600 years (since Decarabian’s death).

Due to their increasing tyranny, Barbatos had to return to Mondstadt. For the sake of his people’s freedom, he aided Vennessa in her rebellion against the Lawrence Clan. This not only led to Mondstadt finding peace again but also to the formation of the Knights of Favonius.

This time, Barbatos decided to stay a little longer to evaluate the results of the rebellion but departed after being satisfied with Vennessa’s work. 

The Cataclysm

The Cataclysm

The cataclysm happened 500 years prior to the events of Genshin Impact. Barbatos was a part of the defense force that fought the dark dragon Durin. There was a sudden increase in monsters in this era.

The alchemist Rhinedottir (known as “Gold” at that time) was responsible for creating several destructive monsters that decimated various parts of Teyvat. Durin was the dark monster that attacked Mondstadt, and there was no one strong enough to defend it.

This also happened after the Knights of Favonius had suffered many casualties (including Rostam) during their expedition against the monsters in Khaenri’ah, thus Arundolyn, the grandmaster of that time, could do nothing about the situation. 

Somehow, the sounds of his people’s suffering got to Barbatos, and that led to him returning and summoning Dvalin. The two then defeated Durin at the mountain now known as Dragonspine. 

While in his current mortal persona Venti, Barbatos revealed that the reason for Khaenri’ah’s destruction was its practice of the Art of Khemia, a type of alchemy that could create new life. It was during this era that the incident that led to Tsaritsa cutting ties with Barbatos happened. The two were extremely close before that, and very little is known about what happened. 

The most bizarre bit about this arc was that no one in the coming 500 years would remember Barbatos’ heroics against Durin. After he returned to slumber, all memories of the cataclysm and the Four Winds were forgotten by those who lived in Mondstadt. 

Who is Venti In Genshin Impact?

How to Get Venti

Venti is Barbatos’ current mortal form. He took this form only a few months before the events of the game, quite around when the Traveler emerged. The first thing Venti sought to do was heal Dvalin, who was still corrupted by the Abyssal magic that infected him during the fight against Durin.

This almost turned catastrophic since Venti was also infected with the Abyssal magic, but the Traveler and Paimon interrupted them before things could get worse. Thankfully, he was able to get rid of the poison with the great oak tree of Windrise. 

He then joins forces with Diluc, Jean, and the Traveler and succeeds at saving his old friend after an intense face-off at Decarabian’s tower, where the infected Durin found rest.

He then encounters Fatui, an organization started by Tsaritsa after the cataclysm. He is initially suspicious about it but eventually eases up and is then lured by Signora of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers, who achieves her mission of supplying his Gnosis to the Tsaritsa. 

Thanks to the oak tree, his injuries ease up. Following that, he explains to the Traveler about allogenes and the Gnosis and informs more on the Fatui and the Abyss Order.

He also tells the Traveler and Paimon about the Liyue’s Rite of Descension, which approaches soon, and would only be a once-in-a-year opportunity. In the Descension, they would have the chance to meet Liyue’s Archon, Morax. 

The Traveler is the closest Barbatos has gotten to having a friend since the Nameless Bard. Even after more than two millennia, Barbatos secretly mourns the loss of the Nameless Bard and hopes to continue honoring him.

Genshin Impact Venti Character Info


Venti In-Game Stats

LevelHPAttackDefenseAscension Stat
LVL. 202,12776135+100% Energy Recharge
LVL. 809,791245622+132% Energy Recharge

We hope this article was helpful and taught you all you needed to know about Barbatos and his lore in Genshin Impact.

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